The Diary of Koga's Mate...Koga and You...And now the worst pain of all...part 36

Created by AlanaNixon on Thursday, October 05, 2006


Ok...last part Mamimi gave you a potion to get your memory back. Well you got it
ok idk
It was all comin to me and was too much for me to handle. I can belive that one second I thought my life was still at home with my parents and sister...but now I found out i had been kidnapped, have kids, and my dad is dead.(me: story starts) Mamimi groaned and said, "Would you like to meet Koga, again." I wiped my tears and knodded my head. She brought me out of the room and itno the main chamber, which i remember know that I have my memory back. SHe lead me to another section that I have never been before In the castle and opened the door. Koga was inside lying on the bed. As I walked in and got a good look at him he looked pale. I was used to him tanned coplection so his palness stuck out alot. He was extreamly thin now. Before I thought he was too skinny and know it looked like he was starving. His breathing was slow and light. "He fell into a deep depression after you fainted. He refused to eat and go outside when you show no sign of waking up. But when you were captured by Heisuke it tore him apart. And now he is deathly ill. He could die anyday now and there is really nothing I can do. I can keep him alive but he told me if he is going to die let him die." I put my hand over my mouth and cried...again. sat on the side of the bed and just looked at him sick and dying body. All that was running through my head was if it wer't for me he wouldn't be like this. After about five minutes of me crying Mamimi interrupted me by saying, "Would you like to meet your children." I knodded my head curiously because I only remeber having one child. "You don't remeber your second child because you fainted while giving you wouldn't remeber that regardless." I looked at her like she was a freak of nature...was she reading my mind? She opened anothr door that was in the same room Koga was in and she went inside. She came out carring an infant boy and Izole ran right to me. I remebered her clearly. I held my infant baby boy in my arm as I hugged Izoloe with my other. And yet again I cried at the emotions of the moment. "The boy's name is Keigo." I looked at him and held him tightly to me. He was so just like izole he resembled his father. Sitori had explain to be before that there is a good chance all of my kids would resemble Koga more because his genetics are more dominant for him being such a large demon and me being a small girl. Izole looked at my cring face and pouted her bottom lip. I looked at them and then koga. Izole pointed her chubby little finger and said in the sweetest little voice, "Dada seepin?" I kissed her on her forhead...she spoke her first words but it saddened me because i diddn't know if koga heard it and she was worried and didn't understand what was wrong with Koga. Koga let out a groan and then opened hs eyes. I practicly threw my self on Koga with the childen in my hand. Koga weakly wrapped his arms around me.
He kissed Izole on the forhead when she made her way up to Koga's face to examine if he was awake. He couldn't talk, he told me days later that it was to hard for him at the time. It brought me to tears seeing him like that though, it seems like I just met him for the first time because of the memory loss i had but it still was enought to break me in two. Izole looked back and forth at Koga and my miserable expressions. It was all so much, knowing that my father is dead, knowing that i'm not a virgin, knowing that I have two kids...and still cant recall having the second one. Then I got beaten to a pulp by Hakkau....but none of that physical and emotional pain comes to this. Two broken down parents. At the one(except Mamimi as i find out later) knew if Koga was going to make it or not. I felt so depressed and ashamed, which made Koga upset to see.
Ok...for the people who are reading this story for the first time i don't know why you are still reading but her is some information.
Toal amount of days you have been with koga...1 year, 2 months, 1 week, 5 days
Koga (Wolf demon)=19
You (human)=(u r your age or you can pretend that you are a year older now)
Ginta and Hakkaku (wolf demons)=18
Koga's two handy men who have a pleasure of looking at one's suffering
(next are Koga's concubines)
Mamimi (Dog demon)=somewhere in her 700dreds(i want her percise age to stay unknown)
realize that Mamimi is the tribe's doctor and Is in second in command with Ginta and Hakkaku AND is one of koga's four concubines. She is kind of like a witch. Hse makes potions and spells for good and for bad. She has the power to tell the future and read minds though no one knows that yet.
Sitori (Wolf demon)=327
(also realize that Mamimi and Sitori look younger than they are)
Niome (twin to niame who is now deceased)=17
Katrina (wolf demon)=13
(Koga's Children)
Izole (your child)=1
she is a half wolf demon half human
Keigo (your child)=three days old at this point
Half wolf demon half human
Masami (Mamimi's boy)=1 (a day younger than Izole)
half dog demon half wolf
Mayumi/Akiko (Ayame's girl)= 1(also a day younger than Izole)
full wolf demon
since Ayame is dead Mamimi adopted Akiko and changed her name too Mayumi
such as army member(basicly all adults) children who are not Koga's, then people in the tourure chamber

Ok please message me Ideas and for heavens sake RATE

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