you and tsunade vol 4(naruto yuri)

thanks for reading yall!!!!! i love tsunade!!!!

Created by anime-fox747 on Wednesday, October 18, 2006

ok someone hit you and you blacked out
(you oppen your eyes to see your out side in the forest)
[voice]well well looks like you finaly wock up my dear.
[yui]hm where is this who are you?
[voice]aw you hurt my feelings yui its me orochimaru(sp?)
(you look up tosee it is him you see he has a scrool on his back.)
[yui]so your the one who took the scrool!!
[orochimaru]the Higamy scrool to be prusise.
[yui]why does that sound so formiller?
[orochimaru]Yui Higamy you dont even remember your last name how pathedic.
[yui]what thats my last name!!!
[orochimaru]what no one told you who you where?
your the last of that clan and the reson is because that clan is the most dangerose clan in the village your clan alone was able to kill over 1000 people in afue weeks by suking the life out of them your jutsu will get more powerfull it you are around a person you like and so far i see you like tsunade.
[orochimaru]heh your blushing just by the thoght of her you relly are diskusting you know that.(orochimaru slaps you and you fly into a tree)
[orochimaru]here let me read the scrool to you (he opensm the scrool and starts to read it)
[orochimau]this clan the clan of the higamy will eventualy tack over the ninja way but if there is one soal omung them that is not pure it will cause distruction and death.
(your eyes start to grow blood red and you can feel your self lusting for blood.)
[orochimaru]yes thats it i will mack you into a killing monster.
(just then a kunie flys right ant him but he uses a replace ment justu and disapers leaving the scrool on the ground.)
(you look up with hate and lust for bloode in your eyes to see tsunade she jumps down and unties you the secound the rops are gone you begen to chock her)
[tsunade]yui...what are 'cogh'you doing..
[yui]......blood......(you drop her and start to screem)
[tsunade]whats rong yui!
(anko apers next to tsunade)
[anko]huh!no you cant be!!
(you look up at them and they see your eyes)
[anko]no...orochimaru must have read the scool infront of her...
[yui]ts tsunade!(you woble over to tsunade and kiss her on the lips but this time she kisses you back and your eyes go back to normal)
(you black out agen but this time your in tsunades arms.)
thats where i leave it !
see tsunade
tsunade is starting to like you but do you like her?

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