Mewtwo Lemon ~Mewtwo with out Hate~

this is for all the weird people that have fallen in love with Mewtwo and need some type of Lemon. ~~Inuwolf For Deila--

Created by Inuwolf on Tuesday, October 24, 2006

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-Mewtwo POV-
            For the last week I felt that my body was on fire. That nothing could smother the flames inside me. I would fly around a small village that I had taken refuge in, the flights would lesion the fire but it would not end it. Then it happened as I flew over the town I saw her, she was gazing at the stars. I landed in a tree behind her to look at her more closely. Then the wind picked up and blew her hair that twisted in the wind. Her eyes never left the stars that reflected back in her eyes. I was entranced with her; with out my permission my body began to move to her.
-Your POV-
            Tonight for some reason I need to be out side, I walked to the forest that lies outside my grandfather house that he left to me. He would always talk to me about the great Mew and the most powerful pokemon Mewtwo. " I wish Mewtwo was here." just the though of Mewtwo always put me at ease. Then the wind picked up and I decide to leave soon as I looked to the stars. Not long after the wind died down that I heard the grass crunch behind me. I stood to face my intruder to only see that it was what I wanted the most. "Mewtwo?" there he was in all his power looking at me.
            I never thought that Mewtwo would ever be here, but as I stared at him, his eyes where filled with something, it frightened me. He soon was in front of me only a few inches seriated us. He towered over me and his eyes never left me they seemed to hypnotize me. He was fast but what he did stun me he was kissing me. The kiss was deep and passionate. Then the world around me fuzzed out when I pulled away I noticed that his eyes never left mine, we were also back in my room. I was afraid that he was going to do something to me. He eyes finally left mine and when to my arm then to my shoulder on to my neck. I couldn't move my body wouldn't let me, then his hand ran up my arm over my shoulder to my neck to the back of my head. Then the rapped his other around my waist then kissed me again. His lips on mine felt so good like a first kiss that will never end. Mewtwo began to kiss your neck tenderly; I couldn't help but moan as his soft lips caresses my neck, his hand ran up the back of my shirt and unhooked my bra. Slowly he began to remove my t-shirt without leaving my neck. I couldn't help but caress his silky white fur "be ready." he whispers in my ear.
            Mewtwo laid me on to the bed as he removed my bra; he was hovering over me now. He stares at my breast and with one hand he grabs one and play with the pink nipple making it erect, I moan with pleasure. He smirked and started sucking on them. You gasped but decided to let him continue. He relished my nipple and kissed my lips demanding for entrance, I part my lips and sense his tongue enter my mouth exploring every crevice of it, unknowingly me, I began to rock my hips against his, making Mewtwo moan. Mewtwo move back way from my lips, his eyes now fixed once more on me. He looked down to my pants and began to remove them along with my underwear.  Mewtwo stood above me and I could see him again this time I could see his manhood or pokemonhood there and ready for what was next. But this was what I wanted I had always loved the stories of Mewtwo and I fell for him. He was hovering over me again and then he trusted into me. I clawed at the sheets of the bed and moaned. I almost screamed, as he pumped into me really hard. But, I didn't because he kissed you, He stayed in me till I got used to the size. The pain soon went and it was replaced by waves of pleasure. He hit my 'G-spot' almost every time. I soon found myself moaning for him to go faster and harder. He happily agreed. Soon, I hit my climax, but Mewtwo kept going, moaning as my walls milked his throbbing member. Soon after, I felt him release his seeds in side my most vide spot. His member was still inside me as he kissed me harder and with lust and he pulled out, I looked up to him and could see that he was still hard.
            I nodded to him and he kissed me as he flipped me on to all four's and without any warning he enters me hard, he has his hands on my hips but he moves them to my breasts and pinches the nipples making me moan harder "Ah! It hurts." I moan, " It'll feel better." while he pump into me softer. You both were sweaty and breathing heavy. I clawed into the bed as the pumps got faster and harder. Later I could feel his warm, white seed spill into me again. You moaned a little louder than before. I knew inside that he need more but his body was getting tired as I gained some energy. I rolled him over on to his back as
I mount on top of him sliding his manhood in me slowly, feeling his entire member in me I let out a sigh of pleasure. Then I began to move up and down letting his hard manhood goes out of me to the tip and then introducing it all in again, I repeated my motions for a while as he begins to suck on my nipples. I was almost to my climax as was Mewtwo. A couple minutes later, he cumed deep inside, all I could do was moan and he groaned deeply in his chest. I collapsed onto Mewtwo's chest. I could hear his rapid heartbeat. He stroked my hair as our bodies dripped with sweat, and I feel His fluids in me, he sighs and kiss my neck softly while I caress his back slowly, and I kiss the top of his soft fur covered head. He laid his head on my chest caressing it slowly and he wrapped his tail around me, as we fall asleep in each other arms.

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