Untitled (Harry Potter Oneshot Fanfic)

Created by DiamondMutation on Friday, October 27, 2006

This is just a little something I wrote the summer before the sixth book came out, and I've had on my computer ever since. I decided to publish it here in case any of you are interested, and also so I can delete it off my hard drive to free up space. :) Enjoy!
It had been almost 5 years. But the events were still so clear, and painful. He had been there. Right by his side, ready to do whatever it took, fighting the good fight. Willing to give his life for Harry's. It would have been worth it, too. But no.
There had been none of that. There had been no great battles. The armies assembled on each side had been redundant. It had come down to Harry and Voldemort, in the middle of the night - just them. Ron only knew because he had felt Harry's weight leave their bed, in the darkest part of the darkest night. He had followed, a sense that if he didn't, no one would know what had really happened.
Harry had walked with purpose.
He knew where he was going. Ron followed in silence, his hand ever on his wand, ready to leap to Harry's defense. They came to a clearing, Ron lagging back. Voldemort emerged from the shadows. There were no formalitites, they nodded to eachother and readied their wands. Steady determination in the two sets of eyes. One wide and green, the other cold and red.
From there, it happened so fast, and so slow at the same time. Ron couldn't remember the spells, or even hearing them, but the light... he could see it exploding from the wand tips, flowing toward eachother. Meeting in the middle, fighting to overcome the other wizard's magic. Ron willed his strength to Harry and watched with tears in his eyes. He felt like he was going to throwup. Then all of a sudden, time sped up... the light got brighter and the screaming - that horrible high-pitched, shattering scream.
Ron saw the Dark Lord fall. He who must not be named had a hole burned clean through the better part of his torso. Ron watched the charred lifeless corpse that had once been Voldemort fall disjointedly to the ground. Harry turned and saw Ron, for one instant, before collapsing.
Ron ran to Harry... he couldn't die now... he'd just won. Ron pulled him into his arms, Harry looked up dazedly.
"I... di... is he dead Ron?" he'd mumbled.
"You burned a hole clean through him," Ron replied, weeping.
"Good, good," Harry nodded. "I love you, Ron."
"I love you too, Harry."
Ron leaned down and kissed the boy who lived on the lips. While they kissed, Ron felt Harry's last breath escape and cool on his cheek.

Just as Ron's heart was about to break all over again, Dumbledore swept into the room. Ron had hardly noticed that there were several other people in the room. He recognized his siblings, of course, and Hermione, and members of the order, Neville and a couple of other classmates.
"Please, take a seat," Dumbledore said, softly.
Ron didn't sit, instead he hunched in a corner, looking at his feet.
"There is something I feel you all should know," Dumbledore started once the rest were seated. "I was not completely honest with you about Harry's destiny."
His clear blue eyes conveyed regret and just a hint of shame.
"We... I... have known Harry would die in defeating Voldemort, or that Voldemort would die in defeating Harry," there was a murmur of outrage, Ron felt himself grow numb. "You see, when Voldemort took Harry's blood in his 4th year, he connected them. One could not live without the other. I have known this all Harry's life, and I knew it was inevitable. But something unexpected happened." Dumbledore breifly flicked his gaze to Ron's corner. "They were supposed to face eachother completely alone. The cores of their wands were to explode at the same instant, each defeating it's enemy. Harry and Voldemort were to die at the exact same time."
Ron was paying attention now. Harry had outlived Voldemort, maybe for only a minute, but still...
"Someone followed Harry to the clearing that night." Now Dumbledore's eyes settled decidedly on Ron. "Ron was in the woods, contributing to Harry's magic. Allowing Harry to outlive Voldemort, for just a minute. But it was long enough."
"For what?" Ron asked, clearing his throat.
"That, Mr. Weasly, is what we are here to find out."

Ron knew they were in for a long night.
hope you liked it! Even just a little!

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