I had a bad day (Neji) Lemon

its my first one plus i'm typing with only one hand because i sprained my other one so be nice please.

Created by pirate.princess on Thursday, November 23, 2006


Name: Takia Yumi (death dream)
age: 23 (its a time skip sorta thing)
you and neji are close friends and work together on missions.
QS~ Tired, hungry, weak, and incredibly pissed. These were the characteristics that basicly described you at the mmoment. You were walking throught the dence forest back to Konoha with the few nin that you had left. There was some problems out in the Fire country and you and a large group of nin went with you. In that group was Kiba, Gai, Kakashi, Sasuke, Lee, and Ten-Ten. Sadly only you, Kakashi, Kiba,and Sasuke made it out alive. Comming close to the clearing infront of the gate you colasped in a heap of tears. Kiba gentaly lifted you up and let you cry into his sholder. You and him were like brother and sister.
"Takai...shh. It's ok...shh." he cood soothingly. He gave you one of his comphort hugs and a sympathy smile. You and the rest of you were hurt greatly. Kakashi got kunai and shiriken wounds, Sasuke was very weak from chakra and blood loss, Kiba had a gash on his arm and a cut on his left cheek, while you had no energy at all and had major depresion issues. As the four of you stepped in the clearing the gates opened at once and medical ninjas came to your aids. After getting you wounds healed you all entered into Konoha. Imediatly you were greated with thousands of people. Kakashi said hello to everyone and went to go eat, while Sasuke just grabbed food and sat in some secluded area. Kiba spent time with his relatives, and you just walked past everything towards your house. Kicking off your shoes you walked inside, not caring that you left the door open. Little did you know that a certain someone was watching you with his intence lavander eyes. Making your way to the bathroom you began taking off your clothes not hearing the door click shut or it being locked. You entired the bathroom, not noticing the dark form behind you...that is until you turned on the lights. You jumped when you saw it was Neji behind you and wrapped a towel around you.
"Neji you scared the living shit outta me!" you said, your face angry but you eyes happy.
"Nice to see you too," he said smiling. "Now whats wrong? What happened on that mission?" as soon as he asked that your eyes started to tear up and turned away.
"L-Lee Gai and T-Ten-Ten didn't. I couldn't stop it. Neji, They're...they're dead. And I, killed inocient lives!" you turned and faced him, tears streaming down your face. "I killed people that didn't do anything wrong! I remember their faces too..." by that time you just broke down, sobbing in his chest. He slowly wrapped his arms around you and rocked you back and forth.
"Takai, it's ok. Everything is going to be ok, you made it out of there. Be happy with that. It was their time, it was chosen for them to leave us. Look at me." he said in soothing voice. You looked up at him, tears staining you face. Slowly his face got closer to yours, and strangely yours did too. Soon you felt his soft lips upon your own. The kiss was breath taking, first soft and gentel, then passion and intenciaty. Your arms wrapped around his neck, deepening the kiss. You felt his hands roam your body in mad passion and lust. He began toying with your towel and started kissing your neck untill he found your soft spot. Moaning from the sudden pleasure he was giving you, you began to have your hands explore his well built body.
"Should we go to the bedroom for this Neji-kun?" you asked. He brought head up "You still want to take a shower don't you?" he asked whispering in your ear, which sent shivers up your spine. He smirked and began to slowly push you back into the shower while pulling off your towel, reveiling your well trimed naked body. With you back up to the cold shower wall he once again liplocked you into a lustfilled kissed. This time you kissed back. He ran his tounge along your bottom lip, asking for permision. You desided to play a little game with him and be stuborn. He seemed to pick up what you were doing quickly and had his hand trail it's way down to your mound and cupped it in his hand, causing you gasp, giving him the opprotunity to slip his tounge inside your mouth. Leaving no inch of you mouth untouched, his hand still didn't leave your mound. He started to rub your clit. Gentlly at first making you moan still in the pastionate liplock. Both of you parted the kiss gasping for air.
"Mabey we should do this in the bedroom." he said. You nodded in agreement and stepped out of the shower, only to be pulled back by your arm, and carried bridel style towards your bedroom. Once inside your bedroom, he put you down on your feet. Almost imdiediatly he slamed his lips in to yours. You took the oppritunity to even the playing field and started to take his shirt off. Once that was off you began working on his pants which were being more difficult than they should've been. You felt him smirk against your lips and he helped you take them off, leaving him in his boxers. He started to push you towards the bed gently. You layed down still in the gravity defying kiss. He got on top of you, being careful not to hurt your sore spots. You swiftly took off his boxers, revealing his manhood in full erection, causing you to blush and light pinkish red. Breaking the kiss he was still smirking.
"Like what you see?" he wispered in your ear, sending electric shocks through out your whole body. He once against trailed his hand down to your mound and started to rub your clit in a quick circular motion, causing you to moan like crazy. He then started to kiss your neck, feeling around with his toung for your soft spot. Once he found it, you were about to go insane from all the pleasure he was giving you. He soon stopped kissing your neck and trailed his way down to your brests. He began to suck on one and squeese the other. He stopped rubbing your clit along time ago with one hand and switched so he could suck on the other brest. The hand that he wasn't using was now rubbing your clit. Moaning, you ran your hands through his hair, making sure that you didn't pull it. He started to kiss his way up again to your mouth. His hand that was rubbing your clit started pump in and out of you slowly at first, but then started to speed up. Soon he added another finger, than another two. Presure was building up in your stomache and you were moaning like there was no tomarrow. It didn't take long till your orgasm came, your juices spilling out on to his hand and the bed. He licked off the fluid on his hand and lowerd his head down to your mound. He started to eat you out, making you moan his name occationaly, making him more aroused (if thats even possible). Once again you had another orgasm, and he licked up all your juices like it was the sweetest candy that he ever had. You thought that it was time for you to have some fun. So pulled his face up to yours and kissed him, while turning him over. He got the gist and let you take over. You looked at him seductivly and started to kiss his neck search ing for his soft spot. You found it in no time, this time making him moan. Smirking against his skin you trailed your lips down his well toned body, stopping at his manhood. First you started to stroke it lightly up and down making it agonizingly slow for him, while he started to moan over and over again. The you got a firm grip on it and rubbed it up and down with incredible acceleration. He was almost ready to have his orgasm but you still didn't slow down. Instead you kept going. You stopped when he was about ready to cum but put your mouth on his manhood. He was going clinicly insane which is pay back for what he did to you. As soon as you put your mouth over it he cummed right into your mouth, who inturn swallowed it right up. You then started to lick the tip slowly, causing a drawn out moan from him. You started to lightly nibble just enough for him to moan out your name several times. You then stuck the whole thing into your mouth and sucked hard while going up and down.
"Oh god *moan* Takia *gasp* faster plea-*moan*-se. *gasp* Harder!" he earged on. You did as he asked and he then cummed long and hard into your mouth. Swallowing the bitter salty fluid you crawled back up to a breathless Neji.
"So how'd I do?" You asked teasingly.
"What the hell do you think?" he replied breathlessly. As soon as he got his breath back he got on top of you possioning himself at your entrance. You gave a brief nod and he started to slowly enter you. The pain was unbearible as you balled your nails into the sheets. Once he was completly in, he let you get used to it. Soon the pain turned into pleasure. Giving him another nod he pumped himself in and out numerous times. Slowly at first then he picked up the speed. You began to join in the rythm, meeting him with in every thrust that was made. The both of you were moaning loudly. Soon at the sametime you both reached your climaxes. You bursted with your juices as he spilled his seed into you. He gave one more thrust, pulled out and colasped, completly igsusted next to you.
"That *pant* was amasing..." you said breathlesly.
"Hey Takai?" Neji asked.
"Yeah?" you said.
"I love you." he answered.
"I love you too Neji." you said back. With those words you both fell into a sweet sleep. You HAD a bad day, now it's just perfect.
holy shit dude...O.O
it sucked. you suck. (no my friend you suck)
okays that was my first one. i hope you liked it. and yes i will be taking requests for naruto inuyasha and yu yu hakusho.

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