Lesbian Sex Story.

Hm, yeah. My freakishly awesome friend wrote this. :'D

Created by RAWRxIMMAxDINOSAUR on Sunday, November 05, 2006


Once there was a very pretty girl named Audrey. Audrey was a lesbian; and one day decided to rape her friend, Kristen. So Audrey picked up the phone and told Kristen that her parents wouldn't be home that night, and that they should hang out. Kristen agreed. So around 7 o'clock Kristen appeared at Audrey's in her pajamas. Audrey told Kristen she looked sexy. They laid down together on the couch and watched a movie. Kristen slowly slid her hand down Audrey's pants, and rubbed her vagina slowly... Audrey exclaimed, "ohhh, that feels so good." "You like that?" Kristen said. "ohfuckyeah" Audrey gasped. All of a sudden Audrey grabbed Kristen's boobs, and started sucking on them. They both screamed in sheer delight... "oohhh" "ohhhhhhfaster" "ohhhhhh" Their clothes were soon to be scattered across the floor. Kristen moved slowly downward and started to lick the opening of Audrey's already wet vagina. She plunged her tounge deeply in and out, swishing it around in all directions. Audrey started to hump Kristen's face. This went on for awhile, until Audrey oragasmed... she screached at the ultimate pleasure. Audrey now was in Kristen's vagina... slowly circulating her tounge, in pleasureable motions. Audrey was so pleased with Kristen's pleasure that she couldn't help but to dig in deeper. She started sucking Kristen's clitoris. Kristen loved it so much that she begged Audrey not to stop. So then they got into the 69 position and just dug in so deep, each of the girls had atleast 10 oragasms that night. They feel asleep in Audrey's bed that night after slowly, passionately kissing and boob rubbing.

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