18 inch 12 yearold

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Created by dcshizz on Sunday, November 19, 2006

You are a 19 year old babysitter named Sarah. You have Brown hair Green eyes perfect legs and size 36 D breasts and your home alone with Dylan the 12 year old you have to babysit for 2 days.

You send Dylan to his room to chat with friends so you can watch something alittle more...adult.

You pop in the video and start to play with your self moaning and moaning with pleasure, until your startled by a rustling upstairs. You go and see what it is. It was Dylan in the bathroom, you peek in not knowing why but for fun. You drop your jaw. Dylans cock in huge, atleast 9 inches not erect.

You think dirty thoughts to your self and then start to rethink.

"He's only 12 i couldn't". You go back to your porn but all you think about is Dylans huge cock that you needed in you.So you go into his room. He jumps up from hios computer he was obviously looking at porn. So you dont wast any time.

"Do you want that kind of sex to happen?" you ask seductively. He noods so you start to strip of you cloths like a stripper. Dylan looks alittle nervous but you understand. "Don't worry im gonna take real good care of you" You say.

you then see his buldge getting bigger and you getting wetter. Once your tits are exposed he lundges sucking on them like a baby. You take of his pants revealing hi fully erect 18 inchn cock. You emedeatly start sucking Dylan speaks up.

"Are you my bitch you like that cock you fucking slut ya suck on my rod." He had been pretending for a while.Sucking on his cock its like candy you can't help gut gag. He slams your head making your mouth fill with cock. You then start licking up the pre-cum as you slowly get on his huge throbing cock. He starts ramming that thing in so hard you have to scream. The pain and the pleasure make you moan. "AHHH YESS FUCK MY PUSSY DYLAN HAVE YOUR WAY WITH ME!" you scream he starts ramming hard all 18 inches are filling you up. 'Ah yes sarah you're my slave.

You then take your self of his cokc and thrust your ass twords him he shoves his cock in your ass. You scream. Your going to cum but you hold it in the pleasures too good. "Im your babysitter now you slut" Says Dylan. " Yes whens my bed time put me to bed' you scream. You start cumming he pulls out with laughter.

He starts fucking your mouth hard you love it. Im only 12 and i got this fucking slut to fuck for 2 days. He cums in your mouth and on your tits.

The next morning you call up jennifer your hot latino friend with 34 D breasts and a hunger for cock. You lead her to Dylan's room. Hes jerking of and his cock is not fully erect but Jennifer goes in. May i help you with that she crawls over to him as he smiles. She starts going crazy on his cock as it fills her mouth. You start crawling as well and start licking Dylans ass. He pushes you both off with force and grabs a toy sword. "Come over her you latin bitch and get some u slut" The talk turns both of you on

Jennifer goes over licking her tits. Dylan shoves his sword in her dripping pussy and she moans. But i get the real treat his cock, the sword was smaller then his cock anyway. He picks you up still sword fucking jennifer and rams you into a wall. He puts one of your legs above his sholder and squeeses his cock into your pussy. ohhhh there it is again the perfect cock inside you. "Ahh yes Dylan call me a slut im a slut for you ill do anything."

Ok you fucking slut he ramms harder and harder you feel like you're going to break in half. But he takes you off his cock jennifer gets up. " Oh boy i need that Monster in me." Dylan puts his cock into jennifers tiny pussy. Jennifer was a slut but she never had a cock like this. She moaned and looked at Dylan with amazment and started licking him all over. "Hey you slut stop playing with yourself and let me lick your pussy. I sat on his face as he licked it. Jennifer wasnt in pain she loved dylan licking him like a dickcicle. I have to get my pussy adjusted to a monster like yours....AHHHHHHHH Oh fuck me harder Dylan Harder....AHHHHHHHHH Ohhhhhh Shit ram your rod in me you god of Dick.. Dylan thrusts you off and focuses on Jennifer thrusting up and down.

Her tits flying in the air. Oh you like my cock bitch just wait til im 18 when its fucking 30 inches, i knew my snake was good, this is better then raping 13 year olds, ya you slut im fucking you. I'm gonna come Dylan keep fucking me. Oh ya cum all over my monster jenifer. She comes allover moaning. Dylan pulls out and turns to me.

Now you you fucking hore, you squeese your huge tits around his dick and start rubbing up and down able to fit his cock in your mounth as well. Ya sara you like that shit dont you. My cock has a home and its you. He puts his dick in your pussy and fucks you so hard you pass out.

You wake up seeing Jennifer sucking Dylans cock who is not awake. You hear the door open it's Dylans mom Oh shit lets go. "Honey i'm home did you miss my pussy!" you had never seen his mom before but when you saw her you realized they fucked alot. She had 39 DD and was as thin as you. Shes sees you both as Dylan wakes up.

So honey you fucked the babysiter. Ya you fucking hore i fucked um how would you like to join us in a foursome. You couldn't believe how he talked to his mom, but she striped down revaelin the huge tits. Dylan walks over to his mom. They do alittle role play. Mom ive been bad punush me. Ok sweethart let me suck your rod. She deepthroughted it all. Jenifer joined and started licking Dylans moms pussy. Dylans mom pusshes him down and jumps on his cock, she starts rolling back and forth.

Oh son you've gotten better. Shut up mom and fuck me. Sara come over here now bitch. Ohh honey so forceful. you sit down on dylans face and start licking His moms tits while he licks your pussy. Dylan says wait a minuet. He leaves and you girls start playing with eachother His mom grabs a strap on that was almost as big as Dylan and starts fucking jennifer in the ass shes moaning so hard you're scared the neigbors will hear. Dylan comes back and you notice something his cock is 8 inches bigger, Ohhh Son you finally used the extendoer.

He putrs the Beast in Jennifer making her scream she comes instantly making us laugh. He starts fucking you in teh ass he is ripping your ass apart the biggest you ever had was 8 inch now youve had 18 and now 26 you feel your ass getting bigger you come all over his dick. He shoves it in his mom makeing her moan. Ya mommy i do that shit to you. you see this fucking and start getting hornier but you cant handle that beast. Her tits bouncing everywhere. Ya mom i can out of their and now im back in. She says shes oming. So come bitch come all over my cock the best cock. Come on my face Dylan you all want some. All three of you are below his beast watching him jack off untill come is in your mouth. He sprays all over you. You all lay on the floor kissing Dylan The b est fuck ever.


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