Kazuma Lemon

Created by Ichigoshortcake on Thursday, November 23, 2006


The you ring the door bell and Kazuma answers the door. "oh, hey Skye, come on in." he had invited you over to watch a movie with him. "Im glad that you came, i had nothing better to do plus i have been meaning to invite you over for quite sometime now." You blushed at this. He was actually thinking about you. You where excited now. 'This is the right moment' you thought to yourself as you both sat down to watch the movie. 'but I'll wait till the movies ended, i dont want to make it akward if he doesnt feel the same way' and through the whole movie you thought of all the situations that could happen and you practiced your lines till you thought you had them down.
~after the Movie~
It was really late now and you had just finished the movie. You where tired and was thinkning about going home, but you didnt want to walk home alone. "Stay here for the night. Its late and i dont want you to get kiddnapped or something like that." You where glad that he had offered. You nod your head in agreement and got up. He got up also and you where both stairing at each other.
'this is it' You think to yourself 'Im going to tell him right now' As soon as you begin to talk he stops you with a kiss. As suprised as you where, you didnt kiss back at first. He stopped kissing you and you both blushed slightly. "Im sorry, i shouldnt have.." You stop him by putting a fingure on his lips and you start to speak. "Kazuma...I...I love you" You say with a blush. He blushes back and blinked a couple of times. But he seemed happy about it. "You...you do?" He asked as if to make sure that you wherent Kididng. You nod slowly and blush a darker red. "Skye...I love you too" he said as if he had been practicing all night. "You do?" you said as if you thought you where dreaming. "I've loved you since the moment I first saw you." you blushes and smiles really big at this comment. You didnt know what to say. From the lack of speech that was coming from your mouth you finally desided to just kiss him. You put your hands on his face and hold him there. To Suprised to kiss at first, he finally started to kiss back. Slowly he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kisses him deeper. His Tounge was demading enterence and you opened it slightly to let it in. His tounge moved aound your mouth and played with your tounge and you played back. After minuted of kisisng, you both part and stair into each others eyes. "I should probley show you to your room." He says in a wisper. You nod your head and he takes your hand as you begin to follow him up the stairs.

Whats going to happpen. You find out next time in Kazuma Lemon Pt.2

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