Which Teen Titan boy is for you? Part 2 (Mainly for girls)

Well, part one was much more popular than I expected. If you want to drop a message, tell me what you think, either do so on here, or if you play Neopets, you can Neomail me. ;D night_angel04 is my Neo name (and if you're guildless, check out PLU! -cough-)

Created by kiriane on Saturday, December 31, 2005


So... In Part 1, you were struck down by the T-car, taken to the tower and the others were about to leave you alone with Cyborg...
That's right, mi amiga! xD
You missed out the part where we bumped into Aqualad and when I met the other boys! -rolls eyes-
Meh, just get on with it.
Ooooh, what happens with Cyborg? What happens?
Yeah... o_O
As the six Titans dash out of the tower, you turn your head to stare at Cyborg, who is now engrossed in a video game. Did your little speech knock him to his senses? Whatever it did, he doesn't seem so miserable, you think.
Cyborg quickly pushes the pause button with one robotic finger, turns his head, and smiles at you.
"You wanna play?"
"Ooooooooh yeah! I'm gonna kick your butt!"
"Sure. I'll play."
"Okay then. But you're going down, metal-man!"
"Hm... Well, I guess I /could/ take you on.."
"Eh... no thanks..."
Whatever you say, Cyborg thrusts a controller into your good hand, indicating to the analogue stick.
"You can just grind that I guess," he grins, and then resets the Gamestation; loading up the two player games.
Shaking your head slowly, whilst Cyborg is occupied with the options, you rest the controller on your lap. Fingers hovering over the buttons, you begin to formulate a plan, one that results in victory for you, though only requires you to use one hand.
"Choose your character!" Cyborg grins. You stare blankly up at the screen. Cyborg, after selecting his character looks at you, grinning deviously anticipating his reaction when you defeat him. Deciding that you must be new to this game, Cyborg goes to take the controller, just as you pick it up. His large hand encloses around yours. What do you do?
Nothing- you're too busy blushing to do anything.
Glare at him and manage to prise his hand off of your controller.
Laugh and say that you can do it yourself, thanks.
Whip out the communicator and say you're going to call Robin- unwanted physical contact!
Squeal and move towards the nearest sink, pretending to be contaminated with something.
Cyborg says nothing for a moment, and then removes his hand. The battle commences! As your fight progresses, Cyborg's character, a hefty winged blue robot, is being torn to pieces by your own little mutant creature. As you deliver the final blow, he sits on the red couch, mouth wide open in shock.
"How did you... with..." He stammers in disbelief. "You've only got one hand for crying out loud!"
Laughing to yourself you lean towards him and mutter: "It's called button mashing. Someone like you should know that!"
His sobbings are interrupted by a squelching sound, causing him to stop crying and lift one eyebrow. "Fridge is over there, help yourself," Cyborg instructs, jabbing a finger in the direction of the stools where Speedy had been sitting earlier. Pottering over to the fridge, you open the door and take out a bag of potato snacks, not bothering to question why they keep crisps in the fridge. You close the door, and begin to walk back towards the sofa.
As you begin to devour your snack, Cyborg eyes the bag before resuming his game- this time on the one player setting.
Suddenly, a hand grabs your shoulder. As you leap up in fright, throwing the bag flying high into the air (potato snacks raining down on the carpet), Cyborg turns his head and begins to laugh. Turning around to see what is so funny, you hardly notice Beast Boy, as an anteater, who is beginning to clean the food up.
"______." Robin's face is solemn, the traces of the grin that had been there seconds before fading.
"What?" You reply, as he takes his hand off of your shoulder. Craning your head around, you notice that the rest of the team are standing at the door, their expressions matching Robin's. Feeling a little alarmed, you grip the top of the red couch, fingers whitening. "What is it?"
After a few excrutiating seconds which seem to drag on forever, Raven speaks up.
"There was an attack, in part of the city, near the laboratories. We don't know who it was, they weren't there when we reached the scene."
Speedy continues. "When you were involved in the accident... We eh, checked your bag, just in case there was a name..."
Your stomach lurches. The only information you carry about yourself is the remains of your address and phone number, scrawled into the bag which you used to use during elementary school, the only one big enough to carry the things you needed yesterday...
"No..." The gasp escapes from your lips before you can stop it.
"Your house... It's..." Aqualad says grimly, walking towards you. "We tried our best... Beast Boy and I... We couldn't save it."
"It's not my house I'm worried about," you hiss through gritted teeth.
"Your parents were not there." Stafire says simply. "There was no evidence to show that your parents were in the building."
Yay! I'm not an orphan!
... Like I care.
Uh... so where are they then?
I hope they know I'm safe...
Why the hell did the bad guys get away? Why the hell did they burn down my house?!
"Don't worry!" Beast Boy suddenly chirps, smiling in light of the situation and spreading his arms out. "You can stay here with us!"
The other Titans, particularly Raven, glare at him, before Robin begins to think, narrowing his eyes behind the mask and then nodding slowly.
"We'll need to ask you a few questions though," he finally says. "There are some things we need to know, and your answers could help us."
A little dazed by the Titans' hospitality, you nod slowly, and Robin places his hand back on your shoulder. "Come with me. I'll show you to your room." Looking around at all the other Titans, he says, "she can have Terra's old room. Speedy, Aqualad, you won't mind sleeping in here, would you?"
"Hey, we usually get thrown outta our rooms back home," Speedy smirks at you, "so we'll let you have our room for as long as you need it."

Aw, that's so nice of them.
I just hope that it's clean and doesn't smell like boys...
His hand isn't as nice as Cyborg's... Why is it still on my shoulder?
Hee hee... Robin's gonna show me to my room... -giggle-
Wow, they actually trust me in my very own room? All alone?
Aqualad nods, and mumbles something about Mas y Menos, as you begin to follow Robin through the automatic doors, and down the hall that Starfire led you up an hour or so ago. However, any thought you may be having are interrupted by Robin's constant questioning.
"Do you have any brothers or sisters?"
"No, I'm an only child."
"Any other people in your house? Apart from you and your parents, I mean."
"No, it's just the three of us."
"And what do your parents work as?"
"My dad's a journalist for the city times," you explain. "My mom... a scientist. Mainly in genetics," you say calmly, though Robin suddenly stops.
"What kind of genetics?" He asks, turning to face you, a serious look on his face.
"I don't know really," you reply truthfully. "Well, I know that they investigate things like mutants... People with powers..." Robin nods, and begins pacing up and down, something which you find a little irritating.
"It would make sense..." Robin mutters to himself, as you stand there, gormless. After an awkward silence, he moves so that he is standing right next to you, gazing straight into your eyes.
"_____." He says, suddenly, a tone of concern in his voice. "You never had anything... tested on you, did you?"
As you open your mouth to reply, you are interrupted by...
"DUDE!" Beast Boy grins, making the peace sign with his right hand. Robin gives him a scornful look, but the changeling takes no notice.
"_____, I just wondered if you'd settled into your room yet." He explains, an idiotic smile still on his face.
"Beast Boy, we haven't even got to the room yet," Robin sighs in exasperation. "But if you want, you can escort her. I have some things I need to investigate- alone." He directs the last word mainly at Beast Boy. As Robin turns around, his cape swishing behind him, you hear him say: "_____, we'll talk later."
Beast Boy, on the other hand, shakes his head and then sidles up to you, bowing in one sweeping motion.
"If madame would like to follow me," he croons, in a false French accent. Rolling your eyes, you follow the boy for a few more seconds. He stops outside a metal door- which, if you look closely enough, reads 'Terra', and then slides it open. "I'll go first, to make sure Speedy and Aqualad don't have anything dirty lying around on the floor."
Winking at you, Beast Boy slips inside, slides the door back across, and bolts it. Pressing your ear to the door, you hear many clatterings and curses. Less than a minute later, Beast Boy has the door open, and invites you in. The room is so clean that it glistens. Sweatdropping in typical anime style, Beast Boy beckons you in.
Your new room is quite spacious, much larger than the one you had back at home, with a large window at the other end which looks out towards the city. A brown couch and coffee table are placed just before the window. Your bed is adjacent to the glass panel, and looks very comfortable. Orange mountains are dotted around the other walls, not really your thing, but just by being there you can guess exactly what powers Terra had (though you already know, thanks to your father's contacts).
Seeing you gazing at the bed, Beast Boy shakes his head.
"No no! Speedy slept on the couch, and Aqualad was on the floor, when he wasn't playing with the fishes," he mumbles. "But enough about them. You okay with everything in here?"
"It's great. You guys, you've been so nice to me."
"You missed a spot. There, by the window. I can see the dust from here." -evil smirk-
"Uh, it'll do. I mean, it's not as if I'm a permanent guest, is it?"
"You'd make someone a good housewife someday Beast Boy!"
"Yeah, I don't think I'll need anything else... I don't want to bother anyone..."
(Hahaha, I shall stop there. Rate if you wish, part three shall be up very sooooon!)
Yay! I can't wait! ^-^
Okay then...
Give me part three! Now! Or I'll drown you in... uh... chocolate sauce!
Fine. Whatever.
Mmkay then. As long as I get to play video games again!!!
Robin's feelings for you are growing stronger the more time you spend with him. However, he's also feeling a little guilty- he can't share his heart with you and Starfire, can he?
Beast Boy really cares for you, even though you've only known him for a little while.
Cyborg appreciated the time that you two spent together. He still feels bad about the accident though.
Aqualad likes you a lot, though is worried whether or not you like him too.
When will Speedy get a chance to be alone with you? When the other guys stop pestering you, that's when! But Speedy does have a soft spot for you.

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