Lestat's Undying Love SEX SCENE (No crucial plot points included)

Im back! Did ya miss me...or did ya just miss the story?

Created by LestatsLoneLover on Saturday, December 31, 2005


Your lips find his, and the kiss is much more than a kiss. It's a promise of sorts, a promise of what's to come. Praying that he's as good in bed as he is at kissing, you slide your hands inside his shirt. He helps you along by removing his shirt. You break away from the kiss and lick a line up his chest, your tounge flicked around his hard left nipple. He moans softly, and savagely tears at your top. Once he relieves you of your your shirt and bra, he removes your jeans, leaving you only in your underwear. Your lips find each other again, and your passion grows even stronger. You fumble with the button of his pants. "Off" you demand, tugging at them. Happily Lestat obliges, taking his boxers off with them.
He nibbles softly on your neck, as your hand slides down the line of his body. Gently, you stroke his massive penis. Holding you, Lestat rolls over, now on top. He slips two fingers inside you, and at the same time bends over your breast and bites into it, drawing blood. You moan with pleasure, not a hint of pain from the bite, you enjoy it. He pulls his once probing fingers out, and enters you. You gasp with desire as he goes in and out of you. He breaks away from the bite of your breast, and gives the wound a quick lick. Your nails dig into his back as your orgasm nears. You both came at the same time, and Lestat pulls out of you. He lies down beside you, and kisses your neck gently as he wraped his arms around you, smiling with satisfaction.
Oh baby
Shocked at what you did, because you barely knew him, yet pleased, because you really felt something for him, you fall asleep in Lestats embrace.
Thats it?
Ok, so you and Lestat did it. Best night of your life eh?
(Sorry if that wasn't the best sex scene...)

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