Always Watching [GaaraXReader LEMON]

For the sake of argument, and the fact I hate the whole (y/n) thing, plus youre name might suck, like mine. [its too long...] Therefore the character will be named Riko, age 19 [cough...] who will be you, and of course it'll be through that person. He'll obviously be major. XD but...HERE WE GO! ^^

Created by MrsYoshikoHatake on Tuesday, December 19, 2006


You watched over him, in that corner you were forced to be placed in. You hated it, you came to Suna to be with him. You loved him, he loved you. He was the Kazekage, and he didnt have a second to be with you. To hug you, to kiss you. So you just watched over him, hoping that one night you can express your true feelings in the way you had wanted. You had wanted to move onto the next level, that made you blush. You quickly left the room, you were unnoticed by all the things that were happening at the moment...
~Later That Night~
You had come out from the shower and to your surprise there he was.
"Oh...sorry, I'll leave so you can dress." He stood up and went to the door. You were quicker, you stood between him and the door knob.
"Iie...Gaara-sama...I need to talk to you..." You let out meekly, you were almost naked, wearing only a towel. He was wearing his Kazekage outfit.
"What is it, Riko?" He asked.
There was still a blush on your face at the thought of what you wanted, you took his hand and led him to the bed. You sat him down and you sat next to him.
"Gaara-sama...I love you..." You let out.
"I love you too..." He said and stroked your face gently.
You leaned in and gave him a gentle kiss. He kissed back deepening it. He craved for you, all the days and nights deprived from seeing you must have done a number on himself, especially with you half naked.
His tongue pushed against your lips, begging for entrance. You allowed him to and his tongue roamed around until meeting with its partner.
Needing air you pull away from him, and then lie down onto your back.
"Gaara-sama....I love you, and I want to go further with you..." A dark blush was on your face again
He blinked surprised at this.
Your sat up slightly and with your hands you brought him down to your face. He had his hands on either side of your head which held himself up above you. In the next second he was sitting on the bed right in front of your body.
You were in a vulnerable position, your hands over your head, and your legs spread wide.
"We shouldnt do this...." He said, "I should-"
He was interrupted because you had pulled the towel off and thrown it aside. Now you were completely naked in front of the Kazekage.
He couldn't help but stare. You reached up and brought him down to you again. You kissed him and he kissed you back.
"Are you sure?" He asked. You nodded and he leaned down and started to kiss your neck, and he would gently nip at the flesh as he continued down. He reached your breast and engulfed the right nipple into his mouth, gently biting the hardening bud. With his other hand he rubbed your left nipple. This sent shivers down your spine and made you arch your back. You let out a moan.
Then moved on and began kissing down to your abdomen and past it. He reached his hand down and started to trace your entrance, slowly with two fingers.
You moaned again, louder then before and you bucked your hips. He smirked and slowly entered in two fingers. They went in as far as they could go and then were pulled out before being thrusted back in and again. You continued to moan out his name. You began to hit your peak and let out a louder more high pitched moan as your inner walls began to close around his fingers. He pulled out your natural juices had surrounded his fingers. He licked at them seductively. You laid there a getting over your orgasm.
When you opened your eyes, you saw him pulling off his Kazekage robes and throwing them aside, then he was slowly pulling off the shirt he wore underneath. You sat up your legs on either side of you. He had pulled his shirt completely off of him and you pushed him down and you started working on his pants you had unbuckled the belt and threw that aside, along with his pants. Which left him with only his boxers on. You slid them off and sat on top of him, and began to kiss him with a passion. But before you let him go on, you pulled away and crawled off of him. He sat up and watched as you started to rub his member, slowly at first to tease him and then harder. It started to harden and rise.
You went down and took hold of it and began sucking. He moaned, you smirked and took it all into your mouth as far as it could go. You began sucking and he continued to moan. He entangled his fingers into your hair and continued moaning as you continued to suck. Another moan came from him. He tried to hold it back, but it hit and he cummed. You pulled away and gagged slightly trying to swallow his semen. After you did you licked at your lips.
He sat there panting. After a few minutes, he pushed you over so you were on your back.
He was hovering over you, his hands on both sides of your head. Your legs were spread wide again. He entered into you slowly. You moaned, as his member entered further. When he got far enough, he pulled out and continued to thrust into you. This continued and your moans became louder and louder.
"GAARA!!!" You let out.
Your inner walls had tightened around his member, and he pulled out. He fell onto you, but not crushing you, he wrapped his arms around you and rolled over bringing you with him.
"I love you....Riko."
"I love you....Gaara..." You said quietly. He wrapped the blanket around the two of you. You both went to sleep in each other's arms.
"Gaara-sama? Where are you?" Outside their room, they were on the search for their Kazekage.
Sankyu~ Please enjoy my other works. XD

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