Kagome's daughter Inuyasha's son's love (A Gray love story(inuyasha's son))(REDONE)

INFO on u Name:Kagori Higarashi looks:u look exacly like kagome just u have one light blue eye cloths:u wear a school uniform like Kagome's old one just yours is purple where hers was green Age:15 Personality:u are really shy but really hyper,u can be really mean and really nice,when people r down u like to make the happy again INFO on Gray Name:Gray looks:he looks exacly like inuyasha exept he has gray eyes cloths:he wears a kimono like inuyasha's exept his is black Age:16 Personality:he alw

Created by cinder1995 on Wednesday, December 20, 2006


~STORY~u were walking home when ur neckles ur mom gave u begin to glow "what the fuck"u say.All of the sudden u get this feeling and it tells u to go into the shrine.So u walk up to the shrine and look at the well. u begin to look at it closer when all of the sudden u trip over ur own foot and fall into the well.u were waiting to hit solid ground but didn't u looked up and saw a blue sky."what the hell" u say climbing up a vine.*where am i* u think.U walk into a forest and trip over a root and scrap ur knee"oh great" u said standing up.all of the sudden u hear a twig snap"h-h-h-hello"u studder."who r uand what r u doing in my terratory"a males voice say.u turn around tocome face to face with a boy with long white hair and dog ears.U reach up a touch his dog ears "what the hell do u think ur doing" the boy says hiting ur hands away."oh sorry " u say blushing a light shade of pink."who r u" the boy says in a cold voice."k-kagori" u say."w-who r u??" u ask."Gray" he says in the same coldness."u don't have to be so cold" i said."Gray where the heck r ya" A mans voice yells.All of the sudden a guy comes out off a big bush that looks exacly like gray just he has hazel eyes and a red kimono on."There u- Kagome is that u" the guy said."Kagome thats my moms name"u said."oh, so ur her daughter" the guy said."ya....my names Kagori" u said."i'm inuyasha " the guy said."nice to meet u inuyasha" u said smileing."i see u've met gray"Inuyasha said." hey Kagori can u get these beads off me" Inuyasha said pointing to his neckles."oh sure" u said and pulled them off (me: since ur Kagomes daughter u have the same power as her like u can sence jewel shards shoot arrows etc)"yay the beads r gone" inuyasha yelled.Inuyasha put them on Gray"umm y did u put these on me" gray said. Inuyasha ignored him and said"Kagori say sit or sit boy"Inuyasha said to u."ummmm ok"u said."sit boy" u said, gray went flying into the ground.U fell down laughing when gray got up with dirt all over his face."Hey get these dang beads off of me" gray yelled trying the get them off but every time he did they just glowed yellow and stayed around his neck."bye gray have fun"Inuyasha said running away.Gray looked at u and saw u had a scary look on ur face."Oh no" he said."sit sit sit sit sitsit sit sit sit sit sit sit sit sit"u yelled"thats for being so cold to me". gray was in a 4 meter hole."come on gray" i said holding up my neckles with the jewel on it. All of the sudden a small crow demon grabed it and swallowed the jewel whole, after it swallowed it, It became huge and really ugly."oh great" gray said "come on get on my back and we'll get the jewel back".u jumped on his back and started following it.~ff~u shot the crow with a bow and arrow u found on ur way when u shoot it it glowed and destroyed the demon crow , but broke the jewel into 200 peices "oops" u said. "oops oops is that all u can say!!"gray yelled."sit boy!!" u yelled gray fell into the ground."hey whats that glowing thing" u say pointing in a bush."what glowing thing?"gray said getting up.He walked over to where u where pointing and picked up 20 jewel shards."yes she can sence jewel shard and shoot sacret arrows this is going to be easy"Gray thought.~ff one month~(u have 50 jewel shards now and u have some people in ur group sano sango and miroku's son,mira sango and miroku's daughter, Koriri Kirara's daughter and mira's pet/parter in fighting ,shina shippo's daughter,and soki shippo's son)"i'm tired" soki said."me too"shina said."get on my shoulders" u said.Shina and soki got on ur shoulders and said "thanks kagori". "no problem u two"u said. all of the sudden..........
I CAN'T WAIT UNTILL I MAKE THE NEXT ONE!!!! o and i at least want a rate of 5

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