A Love Just Between Us - part 17

Part 17...only three more after this one. I will try to get out an update for "When Angels Fall" sometime soon, but no promises. Oh, and since it's been so long, you might want to refresh your memory on what's going on. Even I had to... >_> but the last two parts should be more than enough to remind you. Sorry if this isn't the greatest, but I'm kind of out of practice.... Oh, this one will be in third person again. "Finding Out"

Created by darkdreams07 on Saturday, December 23, 2006

Moria headed back home, but as she did she tried to think of how she would explain
everything; it was bound to be a difficult subject. Her brother would certainly dislike what
she had to say...but then again, he would finally know what happened. Now all she had to do
was manage to bring the two together again.

"This is going to be a long day..." she muttered to herself.

Continuing on, Moria tried to think of how to start the conversation. Would a direct
approach be best, or should she avoid the point at first? Well, whatever she chose, it had
to be decided soon. She was finally in sight of her home. Noticing this, she slowed her pace
and continued to think. The conversation had two ways of going, but for everyone's sake,
Moria hoped that it went for the better; otherwise, it would be difficult to deal with Cian.

Making her way toward the door, finally, she shook her head as she turned the knob.
"Well...here goes nothing...."
Once she opened the door, Moria realized how quiet it was inside. Was Cian even there? If
so, then his mood was certainly not one that most people would deal with, but seeing that
she had something important to tell him, Moria would endure it. However, if he wasn't
there...where else could he be?

"Cian? Are you home?"

She waited for an answer, but none came. That bothered her, but she thought of waiting there
for him, only to realize that she could not do that. Cian needed to be told immediately, and
any delay would only make the situation worse.

Before leaving to search for her brother, Moria wrote a note to him just in case if he would
come home before she could find him. He needed to stay there so she could speak to him. Once
that was accomplished, she set out in hopes of finding him soon.


Cian had been waiting for his sister's return for days, but he was finally losing his
patience, and he wanted to know if Amara had been able to find Aeryn. If she had been able
to, then that would put an end to his worry, but if not...there was no saying what he would

He made his way toward the meadow, hoping that Amara would have good news for him. Little
did he know, about ten minutes after he left, his sister returned home with news of the one
he was worried about.
-_- He has bad timing....
W-wait...go back!
In the meadow, Amara was waiting, her nerves nearly putting her into a panic. She couldn't
find Aeryn anywhere, and she had dearly hoped that she would. The only thing that was
keeping her from a mental breakdown was the small bit of hope that Cian had found out
something about her wereabouts. However, by the look that she saw that he wore when he
emerged from the shadows, her hopes disappeared.

"Y-you couldn't...find her, could you?" Amara asked sadly.

Shaking his head, Cian sighed. There had been no sign of her, and it was apparent to him
that Amara knew nothing of where she was either. There seemed to be no shred of hope...none
that could now keep his mind away from the possibility of something horrible happening to
the one he loved.

"It seems that we have no hope of ever f-finding out what h-happened..." Amara added, with
tears forming in her eyes.

She didn't want her best friend to be gone, not when she had been the only one there for her
for all those years...she was like a little sister to her...and she didn't want the one she
was closest to, to be gone.

Cian wanted to say something to Amara in order to comfort her...but that wasn't possible,
not when he couldn't bring himself to speak before he felt that he would no longer be able
to with an unwavering voice. There was nothing either one could do for each other, and they
both knew it.

"I-I didn't e-even...get to s-say goodbye...."

By then Amara had lost it. She could no longer hold in her tears for her friend.

In order to try to do something to get Amara to stop crying, Cian went to say something, but
then Cian's sister decided to join them.

"Cian? What is going on here?!"
Uh oh....
Umm...she's gonna jump to conclusions...isn't she?

"What are you doing out here? I hoped that you would be home, but you're out here with her.
I thought that...nevermind what I thought, but what is going on?"

Before Cian was allowed to reply, however, Amara looked at Cian with confusion.

"Who is this?"

The matter was confusing as both were watching him carefully, as if he was at fault for
something. Once again he went to say something, but his sister refused to allow him to

"What about Aeryn?!"

That exclaimation left Cian and Amara frozen to their spots, unable to think straight. The
one person that they thought would know nothing of the situation, seemed to be the one who
knew more than they did.

"You know where she is? But...Cian and I haven't been able to find her...."

Moria nodded to Amara's question, and softened her gaze some. It seemed that she had jumped
to conclusions a bit, but she still wanted to know what was going on exactly.

"Wait...I seem to be confused," Moria admitted. "Please explain what's happening here, and
who you are."

"I'm Aeryn's friend, Amara."

"She's here because I hoped that she would know about Aeryn," Cian admitted, "but it seems
that you are the one who knows her whereabouts."

Moria stood there for a moment before nodding to what her brother said, but she didn't tell
him where just yet.

"I'm Cian's sister, Moria," she told the angel while holding out her hand.

Shaking it, Amara was rather surprised, but she stayed silent. She figured that if she
didn't continue a conversation then the answers that they were seeking would come sooner.
Moria seemed to notice this and sighed.

"I do know where Aeryn is...but there is something I have to tell both of you first.
She...she was turned."
*hides and waits for the explosion*
Bye bye!
Sorry it's kind of short...but I'll try to get the next one out in the next couple of days...and hopefully I can make that one longer.

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