Kaiba's Sister and Yami Yugi? (A Yami Yugi story) Part 26

Read on! And remember, now I have to use ' and ' for thought. Hey, that was a really weird pun. But don't think about it, other wise you'll taunt me. Just read. -_-

Created by Weirder-than-you on Sunday, December 24, 2006


"Feliz cumpleanos a ti, feliz cumpleanos a ti..." You trailed off. (Me: Can't put tildes over the letters, sorry.)
"What's with all the Spanish?" Yami asked.
"I'm just in a Spanish mood, I suppose." You answered, not really knowing why either. He shrugged. You guys all exited, but not before getting a few suspicious glares from all the 'older people' in the hospital. You saw a ruby red motorcycle fly by, doing a sharp turn out of the parking lot and speeding down the street. 'Was that Joey?'
Quiz start:
You continued to watch the waning spot of red until it was completely out of sight.
"What is it, Sara?" Tea asked, breaking you out of your trance.
"Nothing that important. Okay, I guess I'll see you tomorrow, then. Oh, and one last thing." You walked over to Bakura and hugged him lightly.
"Happy Birthday, Ryou." You said softly. You released him from your grasp and headed towards your green Jeep.
"Bye, Sara!"
"Bye, everybody!" You clicked the lock and entered the Jeep, slamming the door behind you. On the way home, you thought about what was going to happen to the Moto's. You had seriously considered inviting them to stay at your house. Who knows what could happen if they stayed at their house? 'No, Seto would never allow that...' Before long, you were already at your house.
"I swear, time slows down during school and speeds up after school. Actually, I don't swear. But I know what I mean. Oh god, I'm talking to myself like a lunatic." You mentally scolded yourself as you parked the car and slammed the door shut. You walked inside to be greeted by an energetic Mokuba.
"Hi, Sara!" He greeted brightly. You smiled, innocence makes you do that.
"Hey, Mokie." You ruffled his hair, which he obviously didn't mind.
"Don't worry; I won't do that around your friends and stuff."
"Thanks." He smiled sheepishly.
"So what have you done today?" You asked, dumping the sneakers you were wearing near the door. He looked down and sighed.
"I've been studying all day." He said sadly. You stopped dead.
"Say what?"
"I've been studying all day. Last year I got a B+ in Math and Seto had that look in his eyes that I hate. He got all upset at me, said I was skateboarding too much and stuff...So this year I'm going to do better."
"Oh my god, you skateboard? Dude, that rocks. Skateboarding is way better than getting a B+ in school for Math. As long as you know how to count, you're fine. You really don't have to know all this Algebra and Calculus and everything. Does Seto get mad at you when you get below an A-?"
"No, he gets mad at me when I get below an A+."
"Man, he's really uptight, huh? I'm sorry."
"He just wants me to get into a good college and have a bright future."
"You're already thinking about college?" You asked a little surprised.
"No, but everybody else says you have to get into a good college to get a good job. And to have a good future, you have to have a good job."
"Seto has a good job and he hasn't gone to college." He shrugged.
"So what have you been studying all day?"
"Mainly Algebra, but I took a little bit of time to review what I learned last year in Spanish." He summarized. You beamed.
"You take Spanish?" You asked excitedly. He nodded.
"Do you want me to help?" You loved helping people. It's a gift and a curse.
"I only just started, but you can help if you want too..."
"Yay! I get to help my little brother learn! Wow, I never thought I'd exclaim that." He chuckled.
"But I just came down to tell you that Seto is going to be leaving tomorrow morning to go somewhere and won't be home for a few days." A light bulb went off in your head.
"Do you think Seto would mind if Yugi and Yami stayed here for a while?" You asked suddenly. An evil grin curled on his lips.
"What he doesn't know won't hurt him."
"Excellent! Just make sure you practice your puppy dog face for extra measures. But for now, we study Spanish!" You turned around and threw your arms up in the air.
"Uhh, Sara?" He tapped you on the shoulder.
"Yes?" You turned around to face him. His lower lip was quivering slightly with a raven bang over part of his left eye resulting in the cutest and most adorable puppy dog face you could ever imagine.
"Aww!" You hugged him tightly.
"Practice won't be necessary." He muttered.
You loser! You couldn't put tildes over the letters! (Me: I said I was sorry...)
(Me: This is happening a few minutes later in Yami's POV.)
You stared intently at the jobs section of the newspaper. Your current options weren't great, but you could live. It would help if your thoughts would stop drifting to Sara...
"The movie theater you used to work at needs some help." Yugi suggested, pointing to some words on the newspaper. You glanced over to where his hand was pointing.
"Yeah, I know. I did like that place except for the groups of girls that would congregate in the lobby." You replied thoughtfully.
"Maybe they don't anymore." Yugi offered optimistically.
"Or maybe I'm psychic and Sara will call me a stupid duck in Spanish." The phone rang.
"That was purely coincidence." You warned Yugi. You got up off the wooden floor and grabbed the phone.
"Moto residence, Yami speaking." You greeted, fiddling with one of your blond bangs.
"Tu eres un pato tonto!" A loud energetic voice yelled, loud enough for Yugi to hear. (Me: Can't put the upside down exclamation points in either...)
"It's Sara." You and Yugi both agreed in unison.
"Jesus knows, Yami! I just needed to demonstrate the verb 'ser'."
"Good to know"
"That means 'you are a stupid duck', in case you were wondering." She explained.
"I feel loved." You muttered sarcastically.
"Don't worry, I love you." She said the way friends do.
"And yet you call me a stupid duck in Spanish." You heard Yugi laughing.
"I was kidding!" She said while laughing.
"Alright, I gotta go back to finding a job now." You said.
"Wait, why don't you come with me and Joey tomorrow after school? We're gonna try and get him a part-time job, so why don't you tag a long? Yugi can come too if he wants." She suggested.
"If you want me too..."
"Yes, I want you too. As long as you want too?"
"Sure, why not." You smiled.
"Cool. And one more thing, do you know what the assembly tomorrow is about? It must be pretty important if they announced it a day before the actual assembly."
"There's a rumor that there was someone working in the budget that totally killed it and tried to avoid a deficit but failed, meaning they have to totally re-configure everything. It's probably going to be long and boring."
"Wow, that's some rumor. Okay, I'm gonna go now. Adios!" She said brightly.
"Bye." You said casually as you hung up the phone.
"What was that about?" Yugi asked.
"Sara and Joey are going to find a job for him, and she was wondering if we wanted to come."
"Only if you're going." He said. You nodded.
"Guess we've got plans for tomorrow, then." You said, sinking down to the ground against the wall.
Aww, he thinks about Sara, or you, or her, or something like that. ^_^ (Me: I thought it was kinda cute. ^_^)
I'm over the whole tilde thing now. (Me: Good to hear it. ^_^)
This is my fourth quiz today! Whoot! ^0^ (I've never used that smiley before, why did I just use it? It reminds me of a bird or something... *Shruggs*)

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