Death Note: L Love Story Chp. #1 : The Search

Yes, Yes, another Death Note Love story about L to add with the others that were made. Hey, we can't get enough of L-sama :3 Anyways, description is below since not all people read the memo. Byebye~! :D

Created by JohnnyCakesBabyCake on Monday, December 25, 2006


Name: Skippy Chellelisa
Nicknames: Skip, S, Chellelisa
Age: 20
Eyes: Blue-Gray
Hair: Black with Blue Shine
Past: Parents were killed by a homicidal freak. She helped the detective agency to solve the case, and solved it before the others did. She also have a horrible immune system. She is just like L, only she uses more emotions.
You and Lawliet (Which is L's Real name) were friends back in England. You both made a promise to get married when you were older. But after 5 years, he moved to the Kanto region in Japan.
A few years have past, and now you're visiting Japan to find him! Let's start the search!
I'LL FIND YOU L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Me: Don't kill him!!! I love him too ;_;]
~Skippy's (3rd Person) P.o.V.~
You finally stepped out into the crisp air of Japan. You were SO glad You were off that plane. You couldn't stand being in the air for another hour. You'd never guess you'd miss the ground so much.
You took a good look around. Japan was SO cool! You were happy you took those Japanese classes. But how are you suppose to find Lawliet? You don't have the faintest clue where to look...
"Maybe his name's in the phone book?" you suggested to myself. You looked around and saw a phone booth. You ran over to it and began to flip through the pages. "Lawliet... Lawliet... he's not listed?"
Sighing, you shut the book and strolled out. You decided to go look for a hotel.
...So what kind of hotel are you looking for?
A plane one... a bed... bathroom... the works... As long as I can afford it. =)
A suite! A large, red carpeted suite!!! With a kitchen and-and-and a large bathroom and waterbeds!!! [Me: Think you can afford it? ^_^;;]
You found the perfect looking hotel. It was large, tall, and sophisticated looking. With a smile, you walked inside of it. You looked around in awe. It was so nice inside... it even had an interesting aroma. [Me: o_O don't ask] You were about to walk up to the front desk when you saw a person with no shoes. You questionably stare at him until he goes into the elevator. You thought he seemed familiar....
"Lawliet-kun... why aren't you wearing shoes?" you asked.
"Socks and shoes... they don't give my feet freedom of movement."
"I don't like them very much. I'll wear shoes, no socks... I don't like them."
"You're so weird!" you giggled.
--End of Flashback--
"Lawliet-kun..." you uttered to yourself. You felt a knot in your throat. 'No, this isn't the time to cry!' You mentally told yourself. You briskly shook your head and tried to look relieved.
"Welcome to the Impperial Hotel, may I help you?" the lady at the desk asked.
"How much is it for a room per night for 1 person?" you asked.
"It would cost approximately 600 yen."
You decided that it was good enough. You began to turn away, but decided to ask one thing.
"Is there a guest staying here by the name of Lawliet?"
"Let me check..." As the clerk check her book, you held your breath.
...I wonder who that guy was...
"No, I'm sorry."
" 'Tis ok. Thanks anyways." You took the key to your room and started towards the elevator with your suitcase.
Your room was on the 11th floor. Once you opened the door, you almost dropped your suitcase with shock. The room was beautiful! "F-for 780 y-yen?" you stuttered.
You felt a presense close by. You look down the hall and see that shoeless guy.
'Come on, build up courage... but... that clerk said... maybe... maybe he changed his name! Yeah! He's a detective!' you reminded yourself.
You built up your courage and decided to ask. You fixed your hair and tried to look as sheepish but bold at the same time.
"Uh, excuse me," you piped up when the guy was opening the door.
The guy was extremely pale and had blunt eyes. He slouched and had bags under his eyes. His hair was also a mess, like he just woke up and didn't bother to fix it.
"What do you want?" he calmly asked.
"Uhm... uhm... y-you wouldn't happen to be Lawliet... would you?" You waited for another rejection.
The guy studied you. His face seem to tense up. "D-do I know you?"
"It would depend if you are Lawliet."
The guy looked around. He pulled you into his room without hesitation.
"Can I trust you? You aren't... Let me say this, did you arrive here today?"
"Well... Yes. I got here just before sunset."
"May I ask for your name then?"
"S," You replied. You knew to use your nickname, just incase anything tragic could be prevented from using your whole name.
"S... short for Skippy, right?"
Your heart skipped a beat. Could he really be...?
The guy straightened a bit. "Why'd you come here?" He curtly asked. "You are in danger! You need to leave Japan until Kira's been caught!"
"Woah, buddy, I have no clue who you or this Kira is..."
"I am L."
You gave a small smile. "Short for Lawliet... right?" You almost jumped into his arms. "Oooh! I knew I'd find you, Lawliet-kun! I just knew it!"
L shushed you. "You cannot use my name. Ryuga-kun will work. It's a fake identity. Kira needs only a face and a name to kill..."
"Kira? La-... I mean Ryuga-kun, who is Kira?"
L explained everything to you. You listened carefully.
"Don't you think what Kira is doing is right? It seems he's trying to... you know... trying to help society... People wouldn't want to commit crimes if what Kira does is their punishment." You softly said.
"Killing is still a crime. Kira doesn't just kill criminals, whoever stands in his path he'll kill. I am one of those people."
NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! L!!!!!!!!!!!! [Me: this isn't my fault, it's the mangaka's fault :3]
You wanted to cry in anguish. Lawliet, risking his life?
"Why... I know you want to just give this guy the death penalty for his crimes, but it isn't worth risking your life..."
"It's worth it. It's to keep others safe."
You were vexed on the inside. 'Not Lawliet... please don't take Lawliet-kun, God!' You prayed.
"So, you're staying here?" L questioned.
"Yes. The next room over," you answered.
He smiled. He turned away and shuffled to the window.
You decided it was the perfect time to ask him your question. "Ryuga-kun, do you remember 5 years before you left England, we made a promise?"
L looked at you. "Why?"
"W-well... do you remember?" You felt your face get hot. You turned your head away from his stare to try and hide your blushing face.
"Do you still remember?"
"Why would I be asking you?"
"It's been a while, hasn't is, Skip-chan?"
You closed your eyes and nodded. "It has...L-sama."
You felt his arms wrap around you and pull you close to his chest. You heard the beat of his heart. You wanted to cry. Your tears welled in your eyes, but didn't seem to fall. You just returned the hug with trembling arms. You were just happy to be with him. You wished time could stop; you wished you both could stay like that forever.
"You have to leave now, Skip-chan. I'm expecting... company...and I don't want you involved in this case AT ALL." You looked up at L. He noticed your tears and wiped them away. "Don't worry... I want to carry out that promise. Once I have Kira dead, we'll get married. I promise. Kira won't get me."
You smiled. "He won't, Ryuga-kun. Good night." You started towards the door. You paused, turned towards him, and said,"You'll have to call me when you're not busy... I know how your meetings end up... Alright?"
L smiled. "Sure."
You wanted to kiss him, but you knew he wanted some time to recollect. You went to your room and got ready for bed.
Seems like Lawliet/L is surprised to see you. You're also shocked on how you found him. Was it fate?
Thanks for reading! How'd I do?

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