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Name: Yeso Mina Age: 13 Personality: Your pretty bold and obnoxious. You love your best friend Hinata to bits and don't care of what other people think of you. Looks: Blonde hair with black highlights. Crystal blue eyes and pale skin. Your a ninja on Hinata's Team.

Created by mrs.inuyasha01 on Monday, January 22, 2007

"HHIINNNAATTAAA!!!" You yelled catching up to your exhausted friend. "Oh..Mina..h-how did you like the t-training?" "It was a good work out." You said throwing your arm over her shoulder. She blushed and gave a small smile causing you to roll your eyes. "Hinata...we've been friends for how long?" "About...11 years Mina." "Yes! So why do you act so shy around me?" "I d-don't know..." You sighed again but gave her a big hug. "Love ewe Hintty." You said in a little baby voice causing her to giggle. "Having fun Lady Hinata?" You felt you friend stiffen at Neji's voice. "Back off Neji." You turned and glared at him. Something flashed in his eyes, but before you reconized it he was back to smirking at the two of you. You didn't have a problem with Neji...that is...untill he almost killed Hinata in the perliminaries. Then you had gone psyco and even Kurenai had a bit of trouble holding you back from attacking him. You actually used to get along with him when you would come over to train and play with Hinata...and even had been secretly in love with him. But now....you avoided him at all costs. "Down Yeso, I was just on my way to the store for some weaponry, nothing more." "Good, keep it that way." You said huffely and dragged Hinata away. "M-Mina please slow down you hurting my wrist." "huh? Oh! I'm sorry Hinata!" You started searching your bag for the ointment you always carried around to help sore joints. "This what your looking for?" Looking up you saw Neji holding the jar up. "Yes!" You said snatching it away glowering at him. He raised an eyebrow then shrugged and started walking away. You glared daggers into his back while unscrewing the lid. "You can stop glareing at me anytime soon." His voice called back. You jumped a bit, then returned to glaring. Hinata gave a light giggle. "I think he likes you." You gaped at her cuz A: She said a sentence with out a pause or stutter and B: She said Neji liked you. Which was just...you didn't know....not happening? "That impossible." You said sticking your nose into the air. "Why?" 'Hinata is talking normal...FEVER CHECK!' You felt you hand to her forehead and she giggled again. "I-I'm serious M-Mina." 'Back to the stuttering...good...shes not sick.' "Because I don't like him! Thats why!" "Why?" "Cuz he almost killed you! Anybody who has something against you has a problem with me." She just smiled at you again.
TIME SPACE CONTINUM!! (somebody spiked my popcorn)
"So is it okay that I sleep at you house tonight?" "Sure it is M-Mina. You know my f-father welcomes you." "Yays! Girl power!" "Hey Hinata! Hey Mina!" A loud voice called that instantly made you girn at the blushing Hinata. "Hey Naruto!" You said turning around and waving. You then nudged a flustered Hinata gently. "H-Hi N-Naru-to..." She said blushing. "You guys want to come get some ramen with me?" "Sure!" You answered grabbing her hand and pulling her along. When you guys got to the ramen bar you found it completly busy to Naruto's dismay. Giggling you grabbed his hand, put it in Hinata's who gave a flustered squeak and pointed to the sky. "TALIHO!" You screamed causing everyone to look at you three. "Where are we going?" Naruto asked as you started marching down a road earning weird stares from many people. "You'll see!" You said happily still marching. You guys came to a building in between two stores. "Whats this place?" Hinata asked without a stutter causing Naruto to complement her, which then caused her to blush. You grinned and burst through the doors with your friends in tow yelling at the top of your lungs "HHHEEEEYYYY SSSPPPPAANNNKKKYYY!" A deep voice called back "HHHHEEEYYY SSSSPPPPUUUNNNKKKYYY!" "W-what was t-that?!" Hinata whispered in your ear. A huge well built man with an eye patch and scars all over his eyebrows and face, as well as his arms appeared out of the kitchen. "You brought some friends I see." He said glowering. "Yep! Where is everybody? This place is usually packed by now." "They're on the roof eating and watching the sunset." He said in a romantic voice. You rolled your eyes and grinned at him. "So can we order?" "Of course! The usual for you?" You knodded yes. "And for the other twerps?" "Do you have any ramen?!" Naruto asked excitedly. "Do we have any ramen?! Kid we have every flavor imagenable!" "I'l-l have a s-salad if you d-don't mind." Hinata commented shyly. "Right away! I'll show you to the roof!" The man yelled causing the place to shake a bit. When you guys were going up the stairs Naruto whispered to you "Who was that?!" "Oh..that was just Ed. But we never call him that...everyone her just calls him Spanky." You said smiling. "Hey Spunky hold up!" Spanky's gruff voice called up. "Yeah?!" You yelled back down. "This young feller says he knows you." "Who?!" "Hes coming up!" Sure enough he came up, and that caused you to groan. "Lady Hinata...you father doesn't mind you staying out but you at least need to let your gaurd know." Neji said scolding her. "S-sorry N-eji." She whispered. "Ah put a cork in it jerk." You growled before continuing up. You got to the top and flung the door open now screaming in a sorta sing song voice, "HHHHEEEYYYY EVERYBODAY!!" A lot of equally loud voices yelled back "HHHHEEEYY SPUNKEY!" "Mina...these are..." Naruto said staring at the tough looking thugs. "My friends-" You said cutting him off and giving a pointed glare. He gulped but knodded and Hinata held your hand tighter. "Joicey! Your back from your mission!" You yelled happily running up and hugging a skankly dressed woman. "Hey there hun! ooohhh! I see you finally brought me some play toys." She said rubbing herself against Neji suggestivly. "Hahaha no, down Joicey down! You can have Lickers or someone." You said waving towards the huge crowd. "Oh your no fun Spunky! Keeping them to your self." She said fake pouting. You just laughed and went to find a table with the trio trailing after you.
Yea! Your friends with the people who know how to have fun!
After a while Spanky brought the food up and set it down infront of you. One bite of the Ramen and Naruto had tears in his eyes froms its delicous taste. You chewed on a bite from you steak as Hinata ate her salad delicatly. You finished you steak in no time and soon another guy with an eye patch came up behind you. "Hey there Stinky!" You said. "Hey Spunky...I wanna rematch." He said. "I can still kick you butt, nothings changed since last Friday." You said laughing. "Maybe so but still..." You laughed again. "Alright, Alright...." Before getting up and following him to the outside bar. "Pete! Me and Spunky here are having a rematch!" A bunch of whoops and wallops were heard from the crowd. "Whos paying?" "Loser...and by that I mean Stinky." You said doing a heroic pose. Your friends came up behind you as the crowd moved to watch the battle between you and Stinky. Pete brought out some bottles of his strongest whiskey and set them down infront of you and Stinky. "M-Mina! Th-this is l-l-" "Liquor my dear Hinata." You said smiling over at her. "Your underagded!" Naruto yelled. "Deal with it." You said grinning and turning to face Stinky. "All right you all know the rules! Fight till you pass out or somebody says enough. Loser has to pay, drink as much as you can as fast as you can. Ready....Go!" You poppped open a bottle and chugged down about a forth in one swing. Smiling with satisfaction at how strong it was. After about half an hour of none stop strong whiskey, Stinky passed out and his brother, Trash, had to take him home after paying, grumbling about him being so irresponsible. "Geez Spunky...drink much?" Pete said counting the pile of bottles that had formed next to you. You smiled completly unaffected by the alcohol you had just consumed. "It was good stuff Pete...anybody else wanna take me on?!" You yelled to the crowd. For a while nobody stepped foreward...if anyone could hold there liquor is was Spunky. "I'll fight you." Neji said stitting across from her. "Whatever jerk." You said as Pete brought out the same Whiskey. "Only whoever wins gets to choose what the loser has to do." Neji said with a small smirk. Maybe it was the whiskey...but you thought he looked really darn hot right now and you found your self agreeing to his terms. "Go!" Floated into your head and you started drinking.
"Geez....I can't beleive you two drank so much." Naruto said giving you a piggy-back ride. 'What was I thinking?! I was a bit tipsy from the match with Stinky...so why did I challange anyone? and why did NEJI have to accept...' You thought glowering at him. Turns out he had one the match and Loser has to do anything the winner says for a full 24 hours. 'Darn him...whoa...why is the ground spinning?' You thought holding your head. "Why don't we just stay at my house? Its closer...." You mumble into Naruto's neck. "I d-don't mind M-Mina." Hinata said. "Whatever." Neji commented earning another glare from you. "Wasn't talking to you dip-wad." You said icedly before laying you head back on Naruto's shoulder. "You can stay too Naruto..." You said. "Sweet!" He yelled happily. You sent Hinata a quick smirk and she blushed. When you guys got to your house you went in and yelled for your mother. A note on the counter read "Hi Honey, Left with Wan Ray for the weekend...have fun! Jan Ne!" You sighed at this and threw it in the trash. "Who wants Popcorn, sake and Movies!?!" You yelled. "How much liquor do you drink!?!" Naruto yelled back. "Enough to beat Tusande at the bar last week!" You called back. "But your UNDERAGED!" Naurto replied walking into the kitchen. You shurgged and said "My mom drank when she was pregnant with me so I've had an unatural skill to hold my liquor. Plus she doesn't care if I drink it from time to time but I'm not an Alcoholic..don't get me wrong." You said getting out some chilled sake. Naruto gave you a wtf?! look but went back into the living room where Hinata and Neji where sitting. "Alright lets watch Chainsaw Massacure!" You yelled plopping in the video then sitting between Hinata and Neji. During the show Hinata and Naruto were clinging to each other screaming (While drinking some of the sake...) while you were laughing your head off madly at the most gory scenes. Neji gave you a weird look but you ignored it and kept laughing. "Hahaha! Run little girl Run! Hahahahaha!!!" You laughed delighted as she screamed. "Your weird *hic*." Naruto said. "*giggle* Naru is right." Hinta said snuggling up against Naruto obvioulsy drunk. The two drunk people started making goo goo eyes at each other while you rolled your eyes. "Alright Hinata...I think its you bedtime now." You said standing up and grabbing her arm. "We're going to bed...later." You said to Neji and Naruto heading up the stairs to your room. "You both can have one one of the guest rooms!" You yelled down. You put the still giggling Hinata in bed and snuggled down on the floor bed you made for yourself.
*Skips after the easter bunny* "Hey! Give me your eggs!" *Bunny ignores* "ggrrr.." *pulls out machine gun, bunny ditches eggs and runs for it.* "hehehehe my candy eggs...even though its January.."
You woke up to a noise, like a muffled sound. Intantly the hairs on the back of your neck rose up in suspicion and your grabbed the Kunai you had hid under your pillow. You slowly looked to the bed and saw that Hinata wasn't there. 'Where is she?' You thought slowly sitting up with the Kunai still in hand. The noise that woke you floated to your ears again. Getting up you cautiously walked down your hallway till you got to one of the guest rooms. 'Nejis not here...you said peeking into his room. Going to check on Naruto you turned bright red at what you saw through the cracks. A half sobber Naruto and Hinata where making out on Naruto's bed. Hinata let out a small moan when he gently bit her collar bone explaining the noise you heard. Turning away with you face flaming and mouth hanging open you walked away quickly from the couple. "They make a cute pair." You froze and saw Neji leaning against your doorway. "Yes...but...they're...." You said blushing again. "They're making out yes, but I don't think they'll go any further." You breathed a small sigh of relif and tried to get by him into your room. "Goodnight." you said slipping pass him. He followed you in the room and shut the door behind him....locking it... "What are you doing?" You asked sending him a suspicious glance. "You lost that contest to me right?" "yyyyeeaaahhh....?..."
"and now you have to do anything I say." "Yeah." You said not liking where this was going. "Good." He said smirking. "Take off your shirt."
......................................I like pie..............
You gaped at him for a while before yelling "EXCUSE ME?!?" "Take off your shirt." "And then what?! What are you thinking!?" You yelled at him. "You have to do what I say...or are you going to go back on your word?" Neji asked walking over to you. With each step he took towards you you took a step back till you where backed into the wall and he was right in front of you. "Now..take off your shirt." You glared at him before slowly reaching under you shirt and yanking it off, covering your breasts with your arms. (Cuz you didn't wear a bra to bed..seriously who does?) "There now leave me alone jerk." You said trying to duck under his arms. He grabbed you shoulders and held you to the wall staring at you. "Put your arms down." Your eye twitched as you shook your head in denial. He frowned and quickly let go of your shoulders, taking your arms and jerking them down. You gave a small "eep." as he stared at your breasts for a while. "Never expected you to be a perv Neji." You said gaining your composure and glaring at him. He didn't listen but bent down and started kissing and licking you neck. You gave another eep and wiggled a bit from the onslaught on your neck. He travled up to your earlobe and gently bit down on it, rolling it between his teeth and sucking it as well. You closed your eyes and tried your best not to show you were getting aroused. He stopped playing with your earlobe and planted his lips onto yours, causing you knees to almost buckle. He wrapped his arms around your waist holding you up and preceeded to lick and suck your bottom lip, trying to get you to open your mouth. Finally he bit down causing you to open your mouth in protest, but his tounge slid in before you could get a word out. After a while...."Mmmf Neji-" You said inbetween his tounge darting in and out. "I- can't breath." His tounge retreated and he let you catch your breath. As soon as your breathing slowed down his tounge was back in your mouth, playing with yours. You felt yourself get more aroused as his hands started traveling up from your waist and without thinking began to finally kiss him back. He smirked against your mouth before gently cupping one of your breasts. You gave a small moan as he began playing with a nipple with one hand, while the other massaged your other breast. Your hands came to life and you pulled him closer, disiring more contact and heat from him while he pulled you away from the wall. You backed up still kissing till you where sitting on the bed leaning back with your hands supporting you. He followed you down but instead of his hand, his mouth inclosed over a nipple sucking it and playing with it. You closed your eyes as he continued this arching your back into him a bit. He then switched breast and you fell back onto your elbows as he pushed you down. Before he could do anything else you grabbed his head and gently made him look at you. "First...why are you doing this...Second...just how far are you planning to go buddy?" You asked looking him dead in the eye. "Do you really have to ask?" Neji answered. "Well seeing that I just did yes...I do." You said. He reached up and gave you a gentle kiss on the lips. You instantly kissed back with a bit more fire and passion. He broke away much to your disapointment and gazed right into your eyes. "Destiny brings us together and Fate wants us to be together." He said. You shivered slightly under his intense gaze. It sort of annoyed you but at the same time turned you on when he talked about Fate and Destiny. Reaching down you kissed him again and felt him smirk against your lips before kissing back harder. You felt his tounge slid across your bottum lip and this time you opened your mouth without any protests. While you two where wrestling with you tounges again his hands where roaming you body...feeling every curve and bit of skin they could get to. You hands where busy playing with Neji's hair, they soon took of Hintai-te(sp?) and the tie that held his hair back. Your hands combed through it, intangling themselves and pushing his lips harder against yours. After a while you two broke for air and Neji's lips trailed a line of kisses down to your neck. After a bit of searching he found a sensitive spot on your collar bone and precided to lick and nip at it driving you wild. He stopped after a while and travled down to your breasts again, taking the right one's nipple into his mouth once more. You moaned at the sensations that were beggining to swell up in your lower abdonomen and bucked you hips into Neji's. Your eyes widened slightly as you felt a hardness rub through his pants. Smirking at the quiet moan this had caused from him you began to grind your hips into his...loving the friction it caused between you two. Neji growled against your chest and brought his head up to kiss you, slipping his tounge in and your pants off while doing so. You of course were to caught up in wrestling with his tounge to notice that you were only left in you underwear until you felt his hand slip under them. Your eyes widened again followed by a muffled moan as he slipped in two fingers. You arched you back hard against them, not use to the feeling and tried to stiffle a moan as they wiggled deeper and deeper into you. His mouth left yours as and he looked you in the eye again. You looked back at him squriming and bucking a bit as his fingers pulled out finally and thrust back in. He repeated this motion, going in and out, just stareing you in the eyes as you wimpered and bucked beneath him, never breaking eye contact. After a while he leaned down next to your ear and whispered "Don't move and don't make a sound." You gave a small nod...after all...you still had to do what he said. He pulled out his fingers much to your dissapointment and took off his shirt finally. His pants were soon off as well followed by your underwear. You were now totally naked and he was just in his boxers. 'Still to much clothing on him.' You thought, your hungrey eyes scanning over his well chisled body. He looked you in the eye again and without warning thrust his fingers into you once more. It took all the willpower you had not to arch up or moan. He started the in out motion he had going on earlier only this time he gradually sped up. The feeling in your stomach that had been building up was growing fast...causing you to pant hard and grip the sheets, twisting them as you tried not to move or give a sound. Neji smirked at your obvious discomfort and lowered his head down so it was right above his fingers. He then latched on to your Clitoris, sucking and darting his tounge onto it. You couldn't help but arch your hips a bit at the combined felling of his fingers and tounge working on you. He smirked and pulled out his fingers, moving his head down a bit and darting in his tounge instead. He then started to eat you out causing, despite your best efforts, you to leak out a few moans and whimpers. After a while the feeling in you stomach became to much and it exploded, causing you to scream his name and buck into him. He smirked and lapped up your jucies before travling up and kissing you again. You broke away quickly still panting as you tried to catch your breath. "You weren't suppose to do that." He said kissing you again. You flipped him over and pulled down his boxers revealing his huge cock. 'Whoa...this thing is going to fit inside me?' "Is there a problem?" He asked smirking at you. "No. I was just thinking on how to start." You said giving him a mock glare. You took the head into your mouth and began to suck it as you swirled you tounge around it. A small smirk tugged at your lips as you felt him tense and give a small buck when you began licking and nipping at his shaft, your hands playing with his balls. You worked your way up to the head again before deepthroating him without warning. While bobbing your head up and down you looked up to his face and almost grinned with satisfaction as you heard a small moan escape from gritted teeth. His head was tilted back a bit as well and he was giving short burst of panting. You began bobbing and sucking harder growing more excited as he unwillingly let out tiny grunts and moans. As you became more excited you accidentally scraped the tips of your teeth down his shaft earinging a pleasent surprise. His head was trown back as he bucked fully into you with a small cry followed by severe panting. You picked up the pace, adding teeth in here and there and soon he came into your mouth with a small grunt. Swallowing his cum you licked you lips, somewhat liking the taste before licking his now limp cock back to its former glory. Climbing up back to his head you kissed him, swirling your tounge against his, letting him taste his own jucies. "See.." You said after breaking away. "Its not that easy."
.....................................I still like pie..........
He smirked before flipping you over, your back hitting the softness of the bed sheets. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders blades and looked up at him as he positioned himself so the tip of his cock was just in your folds. "This may hurt a bit Mina." He whispered huskily by you ear. You tightened your grip around you shoulders as your reply and shut your eyes to the pain you knew was about to come. He started out slowly, going into you inch by inch, but you stopped him saying "Just do it." He nodded against your neck and thrust into you hard. You bit your bottom lip so hard it bleed and clutched him to you tighter. He pulled out of you before gently gliding back in, then pulled out of you again. Once you got use to the feel of him the pain you had been expericning had turned into mind dazzling pleasure. "Neji...faster." You said wrapping your legs around his waist. He sped up and went deeper making you whimper and squirm against him. You hands intangled themselves in his hair once more, bringing his face up so you could kiss him. You two soon broke away though needed more oxygen as Neji sped up once more. After a while you finally began to grind you hips into Neji's, causing him to groan against you neck. You grinded harder loving how close your two bodies were to each other and how Neji's panting against your neck was driving you crazy. After a while the pleasure that had been growing was almost at a breaking point. "Ne..Neji." You panted. "I can't hear you." He growled against you neck, wrapping his arms around you back, bringing you closer. "Neji!" You said louder as he sped up, going deeper and hitting your G-spot over and over. "Louder." "Oh god..Neji!" You screamed climaxing. The feeling of your walls tighting around his cock was to much for Neji and he came with a loud groan and calling you name. You two lay panting for a while, him still ontop and inside you, trying to catch your breath. Finally he got enough strenght to roll off you and reached down to pull the covers up. You snuggled up to him and in no time where off in an exhausted sleep.
.......................................Pie rules....
The softness of early morning birds chirping woke you. Opening your eyes you came face to face with a well toned six pack. "Morning." Neji's voice said. Stretching you looked up into his eyes and said between a yawn. "Mmm....Morning." "So what are we going to do?" "Huh?" "About last night." You blushed as the images from a few hours ago played over in your head. "well...umm...we could...I mean its possible....that we could...go out." "Go out?" He asked raising an eyebrow. "I know stupid idea forget it!" You said turning around and burying your face into your pillow. "Why is it stupid?" "....." "*sigh* do you really hate me that much?" "NO! NOW WAY HOSIE!" You yelled your face popping up from the pillow. Another raised eyebrow. You stare him in the eye before retreating back to your pillow. "If anything it the opposite." You said muffled by your pillow. "But your always bad mouthing me and avoiding me." He said. "Thats because you almost killed Hinata." An akward silence sat between you two before you looked up at him again. "Before that I loved you....still do." He stared at you again before leaning in and kissing you. "Good. Because I was destined to fall in love with you." You giggled a bit but were cut off as Neji kissed you again, harder this time. "So will you go out with me?" He asked. You nodded your head yes franticly as a reply. He smirked and rolled ontop of you. "Then I think its time for round two." You blushed again before saying "But Naruto and Hinata will hear us!" "Then we'll just call it pay back for last night." He said before kissing you again, not letting you get a word in edgewise. This time his tounge darted in and played with yours. After a while you two broke for air and you gave him a lazy smirk. "Revenge is sweet." He smirked down at you before leaning down for another mindblowing kiss.
.......................................Pie still rules....
Hahaha! Done! I'm done! I'm...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....*jolt* huh? oh yea! A reminder...I take requests! Toodles! ^.^

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