Held back love :::kyo sohma love story:::

OMG MY OTHER STORY SUCKED!!!!!!! When i read it i reallized i wrote it bad so let's start on a fresh new leaf, this is another kyo sohma luv story!

Created by iluvanimepixonquizzes on Monday, January 01, 2007


"GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE AIKO!!!" your mom yelled from downstairs. "Grrrrrr!" you growled. Why does your mom ALWAYS say that every morning? "Hey,Aiko! Mom's calling you-" You throw a pillow from your bed at your little sis, Etsu. She dodged it and wailed,"MEANIE!!" and continued to eat her breakfast of toast and omelette on her bed. "What a family." you think out loud. "Whatever." Etsu muttered. "HEY! You're only 8 remember??Don't be all 'whatever' on me." you scold. Etsu smirked," .W.H.A.T.E.V.E.R. If I can spell it I can say it remember our deal when I was 6?" You grunt at the memory; you had bet Etsu if she could spell whatever then she could say it whenever she wanted. "Fine. Unlike you, I never go back on my word." You are about to continue but you mom (again!) yells,"AIKO, IF YOU DON'T COME DOWN HERE ON THE COUNT OF 15 YOU ARE TOAST YOUNG LADY!!!!" Immediatly bursting out of bed, half sleeping, you brush your teeth, quickly splash your face, put on your makeup, and wash&dry the purplist grey hair on your head. Your cat ears pop out. "Damn cat ears." you whisper and push them back in. Then you quickly change into your stupid skimpy uniform. Kana, your white tabby pranced up to you in the bathroom and rubbed against your leg. "Thanks Kana, but I have to run, literally." and you bolt downstairs and slam down on the chair in the dining room. "15!" your mom yells. She checks the dining room and raises her eyebrows. "You actually made it this time." You fume. You always make it 15 seconds tops. She retreated into the kitchen where delicious smells of salmon and sardine omelette floated out. Etsu appeared out of no where and says,"You have the weirdest appetite ever Aiko." she giggles hysterically. You ignore her and scarf down the omelette your mom had put on the table. "Bye mom!" you yell. "Bye Kaya!" you call to your sis. "You're just pretending you forgot my name liar!!!" A snort is your reply as you run out of the house and towards your school.
ooohhh cat ears.... ^..^
Etsu looks annoying >.< poor me
W.A.H.E.T.V.R.E THERE I SPELLED WAHETVRE!!!! (---______---)
CRACK!!! You crash into the school wall in your rush. "Ow." you fall on your butt and sit there holding your forehead as if your life depended on it. Someone helps you up and you mutter a 'thanks'.You reluctantly remove your left hand to see the Prince Yuki. 'Yay for me, those fan girls better not come.' you think. Of course they did. "Your welcome, I" The fan girls came on as a wave and trampled all over you. Causing the bump on your head to worsen. (sp???) You're mad at the fan girls and walk up to one of them. "Hey, you're little yuki-drowning possy here just trampled me. You show her the bump on your head which was beginning to swell badly. "Ew, stay away from me! I need to impress Yuki!" she turned around and started to scream her phone number and address at Yuki. You smack her on the head and she spins around angrily. "WHY'D YOU DO THAT??" You hiss, showing rows of sharpened canine teeth.(the sharpest ones you have, the two sharp teeth in the front) Enough to creep her out but not enough to look weird when you smile. She screamed and dived into the sea of fan girls. "I guess I should help the poor guy." You dive into the mass and immediatly find Yuki pushing through the girls. "Hey Yuki! Grab my hand." He smiled gratefully and took it. The other girls turned on you and growled. "RUN!!" you yelled and ran away which turned out a mistake because you crashed into another person. And that just tore it. "HEY YOU STUPID FAN GIRL GET AWAY FROM YUKI!! HE DOESN'T LIKE YOU!!" you tear your left hand away from your forehead and open one eye. It was actually a boy. "Oopsy sorry I thought you were one of the Yuki Freaks." you said nervously. But he was actually staring at your head. You looked up and realized your cat ears had popped out when you got angry. "Uh.." you forcefully push them back in but they popped out again because of your nervousness(sp???). "That's just..costume! Yeah, costume for, a...Costume..Party?" you ask more then state. He looked unconvinced. "Uh, they are!" you say without the least bit more of a strong important voice. The boy finally looked at you instead of the beige wall of the school and you noticed his deep ruby eyes and gave a short gasp. "No, they're not, but I'm not really interested." he said even if his eyes told you he was totally interested in your cat ears. He looked away again and seemed to notice Yuki. "Hey Rat Boy, why're you holding hands with a girl?" he smirked. You register what he had said and let go of Yuki's hand hastily. The guy laughed and gave a quick glance at you. Maybe there was a flash of kindness in those ruby eyes but it was smothered quickly when Yuki said,"Hn." and walked away saying "Thank you.." You're startled from staring into the carrot top's eyes. "Oh, Aiko Uzumaki at your service!" you bow jokingly. Yuki laughs and the other guy gave a quick grin. "Well, thank you Aiko. I better go. Kyo and the girls are bound to follow me though." The newly found name Kyo said,"HEY, DON'T LEAVE ME HERE!!" and he followed Yuki. "Wow, Yuki's good." you say and since the mob of girls were gone following Yuki also (they were blocking the only entrance to your locker >.< ) you walked into the hallway whistling.
I hate those fan girls
was that kyo?? (yea) why didn't she ask him out?? (WHAT??)
Oh no! Those monsters are trying to take my dear Yuki away! I must save him and then I'll give him my phone number and address!!! (freak)
"Oof!" one of the yuki fan club laggers had accidentally slapped you while trying to get yuki's autograph. Now, the bump on your head really was starting to hurt, maybe you should go to the school nurse. "Nah, I don't like Ms. i know everything about healing even though i'm stupid, I'll just wait for it to cure." you say. You trot up to your locker and just when you're spinning the combination lock you begin to fall asleep and rest your head on the olive green surface. "AIKO!!" you hear someone say. "NO! MOM I DON'T WANNA WAKE UP IN 15 SECONDS!!" you're still two thirds asleep. "AIKO! It's us!" you turn around and see Shelby and Suki running over to you. "Whew, I thought you guys were my mom." Shelby and Suki roll their eyes. "Gee, thanks." Suki says. "Yeah, I'm flattered." Shelby laughed. "Sorry, I'm just sleepy." Shelby snorted. "Not the first time Aiko." she said, crossing her arms. True. Ever since Middle School your mom has been badgering you to get up earlier than everyone. Which was hard because everyone here (except for your friends)seemed like they drank 20 cups of coffee before they went to school. "Well, we understand. Your mom really likes to wake up on the wrong time." Suki symphathized. "Thanks guys, you're great." Then Shelby lights up. "Hey, that Prince Yuki dude invited some people to come over! And guess who got invited?" We both stared but didn't say anything. She sighed. "US!!! YAY!! I just got the invites after Prince Yuki escaped the mob of girls! He said it's a thanks for trying to get him, Aiko!" You shrug. That guy always seems to be waay too nice to everyone. Well, except for that VP dude that calls him 'Yun-Yun', I mean who in the right mind would want to be called 'Yun-Yun'??? "Well, I'm comin'!" Suki said. "I got nothing better to do this whole week. It's just not one of my fun filled days." she said. "I guess I'll come." you say. "Kay! I guess we're going to the Sohma's then. Oh, he invited some of his family too! We're gonna go to to have a picnic in the forest near their home!!" Suki gapes. She's afraid of dark places. "Don't worry Suki! Yuki said that it was really pretty in the forest!" Suki sighs a big sigh. "Hey Aiko! I think you should bring Kana she might not be well cared for by your mom or sister." She was right. "Kay I think I should too. Well see ya guys afterschool then. I guess we're going to the Sohma's." you said and walked into your class.
Ooooh! I hope Kyo's there!! (i think he would be in a kyo love story, and he's in the sohma family remember?) yay!
I DON'T CARE WHAT SHELBY SAYS!! I'M AFRAID!! *shivers* (ookay o.0)
Mmm... I wonder what food they'll have at the picnic!! (yum, me too! :P)
Yuki's POV (point of view)
"Hm, I wonder when they'll come." you say to yourself absentmindedly. "Well, if they're late I think we should go without them." Kyo grumbles. "It wasn't even a good idea in the first place." You glare at Kyo. "That girl, Aiko, saved me from those..girls." Kyo stops flipping the channels of the TV at the name. "Oh, you've got a soft spot for Ms...who?" Shigure barges in the room, obviously eavesdropping. Kyo blushed, "NO OF COURSE NOT! I don't get attracted to girls. AND HER NAME'S AIKO REMEMBER THAT WHEN SHE COMES!!!" Shigure chuckled. "All right, I'll remember you're cute little girlfriend's name. Oh, unless she's in high school..." Shigure contemplated the idea of high school girls accompanying them. He recieved two bonks on the head by Kyo and Yuki. "OW! That wasn't necessary!!" he yelps. "Yes it was pervert." Kyo spat. You nod your head and continue daydreaming about packing cheese for the picnic.
bwahahahaha!! Kyo LIKES ME!! (don't get so ahead of yourself) YAY!! HE LIKES ME!! (uhh,'scuse me..) I'M SO HAPPY! (ugh nevermind)
Yuki's so cute when he thinks about cheese! (you're weird)
Back to your POV
"Hurry up slowpokes! We can't be late!!" you yell at your panting friends. All those years of your mom being efficient, some of it had rubbed off onto you. "Help...me!" Suki cried and pretended to choke and die while she was still walking.Shelby giggled. But she loved hikes so she went without a fuss. Finally you arrived at the Sohma's Estate. "That took way longer than I suspected." Suki wheezes. "Well, it was worthwhile!! Look at this place! It sure is big." It was very big. "Well, let's knock shall we." You said and rapped against the wooden door. There were a lot of thumps coming towards the door. Then an "OW!!" and a pair of feet obviously not running like the previous ones were came closer and the door was opened. Well, it wasn't Yuki or Kyo. It was a little girl about about 12. She gave you a little smile and said in a very quiet voice,"Are you Aiko-san?" You nodded and bowed to her. "Yes I am Miss." you say happily. She was so cute. She giggled and walked in gesturing for you and your friends to follow. You find Yuki laying down on a couch lazily staring at the ceiling, kyo angrily flipping through the channels of the TV, and a man with black hair in his late twenties piled on the floor with two bumps on his head. "OH! Are you okay?" he looks up and immediatly recovers. "Are you girls fine?" He says staring at your body. You glare and punch him in the chest. He falls and goes out like a candle. "AIKO!! That's so rude!!" your friends say. "HE'S A PERV GUYS!!" they glance at him and laugh. "Then you did the right thing!!" You high five Shelby and Suki. You turn and almost fall because there's Kyo standing right in front of you. "aaaggh.." you mutter, very surprised. He notices and gruffly says,"Sorry..." he helps you up and takes you to the chair he was sitting in."here." he muttered and walked into the kitchen. "wow, he's a gentleman." your friends said when he left. "Uh..yea..okay." you say. But Yuki notices you and your friends and straightens. "Oh, erm..sorry I was just resting." Your friends smile and say 'it's okay' to him. He returns the smile and tells all of you to sit. Except for you, cause you know. He then calls everyone from their little spots in the house and they come and sit on one of the overstuffed couches or armchairs. "This is Haru. Kisa.Hiro.Shigure."Yuki pointed at Shigure lying on the floor,"Ayame.Momiji. and Kyo." he points to Kyo with polite rudeness. Which is hard to pull off. You and your friends say hello to each of them and then start to study the family. Haru had white hair with black roots (weird) earrings and a laid back i don't care attitude. But still looked kind. Kisa was the cute orangish brown haired girl who opened the door. She waved at them and grinned. Hiro looked arrogant and unkind. He had brown hair and mean eyes. Not very welcoming... Skip Shigure.. Ayame had tremendously long white hair that snaked all over his chair. He had yellow perverted looking eyes (not good 0.0) and he wore a red dress looking thing. Momiji looked about 12 like Kisa. He had blonde hair and was wearing...a girl's school uniform...okay..and he had bright brown happy eyes. You stared at Kyo for a while though. When he realized you were he blushed and looked at his feet. You blush too. 'Oops he saw me.' you think. You're really embarassed. Then, the family starts to stare at you. "Uh, what's wrong?" you ask, bewildered. Your friends suddenly put their hands on both sides of your head. "oh." your ears must have come out again because of your strong emotion! They stopped staring because it was impolite but Kyo did a moment longer. He looked curious and happy but eventually he looked back at his feet. 'weird. but awesome.' you think giddily. (sp??)

ANDALE ANDALE!! (quickly quickly!!)
You and your friends are already packed and ready but the whole Sohma family didn't seem to be ready in the least. You blushed. It was sort of embarassing to just sit there waiting for all of the family to get packed. Momiji, Kisa, and Hiro were the only ones done so they walked over to you. "Hello! Yuki forgot to tell us your name!!" Momiji smiled. Hiro glared at Momiji and said,"Kisa already told you dimwit." Momiji scowls but says," So Aiiikkkooo... whatcha doin'?" You shrug and say,"Nothing much. Just sitting. Maybe I shouldn't have packed before time..." Kisa looks distressed."Oh no! Of course not Aiko-chan! Everyone in the family is very unefficient." she smiles encouragingly. "Oh, okay!" you beam at Kisa. She was like a little teddy bear that you could squeeze forever and not get tired of it!
"FINALLY." your friends whisper intently. The whole family was now all ready to go. They had taken 3 hours. "Not to be rude but they seriously have no idea how to pack for a picnic!" Shelby muttered to you and Suki. You nod and so does Suki. Kyo suddenly turns and shoots an angry look at you guys. You all buckle to the ground in surprise. "How'd he hear us??" Suki hissed. "He was, like, 20 yards away!!AND WE WERE WHISPERING." Shelby added. You were struck by an odd sensation that Kyo had cat ears poking out of his hair. But they were only showing a little. "Hmmm..." is all you say. Shigure stands up and hollers," TIME TO GO EVERYONE!!" You grab your ears. That was loud. So did everyone else in the room. Yuki smacked the top of Shigure's head. Shigure rubbed the bump that was now forming quickly. "owie." he says. Everyoene simutaneously stands up and troops out of the door. Suki steps on your foot and you trip. But Kyo looked back and caught you. "Wow, Thanks!" you say. "No problem." he replied and pulls you back on your feet. Shelby and Suki mouth words to you. It looked like they were saying. "He likes you." Kyo was already walking away but you blushed madly. Then you mouth back,'NO HE DOESN'T!'
This is you with Kana (your kat)
watcheth foreth chaptereth twoeth

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