Sasuke and You are ready to RAPE Part 1


Created by SasukeOnlyGurl on Monday, January 01, 2007


You are exhausted from practicing. So you go to your favoeite place. The mountain top.Once you get there you sit down. Suddenly a hand grabs you. You turn around and you see SASUKE! He asks, "What are you doing here?" You reply, "This is my favoeite place to be," Sasuke says, "Really...Why are you the only gurl who does not like me at school?" You blush. "Well...uh.." you said. "I wanna tell you something," said Sasuke. "Great he is going to say I hate you your a loser," you thought. Sasuke saids, "Do you wanna come over to my house? I think you are hot," You reply, "SERIOUS? I WOULD LOVE TOO!!!" "Good how about today?" said Sasuke. While he is walking away.
You go to Sasuke's house. You knock on the door. Sasuke answers. "Hello you finally came," "Yes Um...where is your T.V?" you ask. "In my room. Come on," replys Sasuke. You and Sasuke go to the room and you sit on Sasuke's chair while Sasuke sits on the bed. "Sasuke the movie is good," you say. "Uh yeah whatever," replys Sasuke. "Sasuke I am getting real sleepy..." you said. "Then lay on my bed, I am gonna watch the movie," said Sasuke. "You don't mind?" you said. "Whatever,"
The next day...........
*YAWN* You wake up at 2:00pm. "OMG!!!" you say. You find yourself sleeping right next to Sasuke with his arms around you. You can't move though. Your arms and legs are chained to the bed. Sasuke wakes up an hour later and sees you try to struggle. He says, "Don't struggle," "LET ME GO!" you say. He releases the chains. "You are going to let me out that easy?" you say. "Hey if you don't like the chains fine," says Sasuke and you go to the couch and sit there. Suddenly Sasuke comes up and gives you water. As soon as you drink it you fall asleep.
When you get up you are stripped naked and chained to the wall this time. And Sasuke is right there. Sasuke kisses you. "Sasuke please let me go," you say. "How about I want something," says Sasuke. "What do you want?" you say. "YOU," says Sasuke. "Are you ready?" says Sasuke. "For what?" you reply. "For pleasure," says Sasuke. "But" you say trying to struggle. "Don't struggle. If you one will hear you...It is a soundproof room" says Sasuke. "OMG...Sasuke is actually going to rape me!" you think. Sasuke starts to kiss you and then RIPS off your short. And starts sucking your breast. "oh that oh that feels good," you say. Sasuke releases you and slams you on the floor. You try to struggle free.
Sasuke is using his two hands to hold your hips down."STOP! PLEASE!" you say. He continues but this time he starts with you face. He licks your face and kisses you out of control and then he moves down your body and rips off your bra and goes down and down till he reaches you underwear. He tears it off and he starts to lick your pussy. And then takes his tongue and goes in your entrace and out then in. You struggle. Then he goes back on top of you. And sticks his dick in your pussy first slowly so you the hang of it. "Oh Oh Oh" you say panting. And then you yell, "HARDER HARDER!!!" and it goes in and out faster and harder. And then he pushes his dick hard in your pussy and you scream, "SASUKE!!" "yes that is right scream cause it makes me do that more," says Sasuke.
He goes harder and harder until you take your hands and pushes his head to your face and kiss him. "That is how you like it huh?" says Sasuke. He picks you up and puts you on the bed. This time you are not trying to struggle you want to lose you virginity to Sasuke. Now he pulls your legs apart and licks your pussy and in and out of your entrance. Then you put your hands on his head, and pushes his head down while you are saying and chanting, "Harder Harder" and then you suck on his dick he says, "Oh" and he pushes your head and you suck it more. Then you stop and he puts his dick up in your pussy then in and out then you start to sweat. He takes you and pushes you on the wall and does it more and harder and kisses you at the same time and then squeezes your breasts and you go on like that for hours. After that you stop and get a new pair of clothes...
Till next time...
You finally had sex with Sasuke but what will Neji or anyone else think?

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