The Doctor's Appointment: My Third Sex Story (a true story!)

Created by brkbx333 on Wednesday, January 03, 2007


My dad was driving me to the clinic because I had a sore throat. My dad told me he was the youngest and best doctor around. "How old is he?" I asked. "Only 21" my dad said. I grinned to myself and made inappropriate pictures in my head. Once at the clinic, my dad got me to the doctor's room but had to leave to go back to work. He told me to call him when I was finished, so he could pick me up. I sat on the paper on the bed in the doctor's office and waited. The doctor walked in. He was hot and had a great body. I smiled evilly at him. He smiled back, without knowing what i was thinking. "Hello, my name's Doctor Lamonde." he told me, still smiling. "lets take a look at your throat." He took out the little light and told me to open my mouth. I obeyed. He looked around in my throat with the light. I couldn't resist. I knocked the light to the side and started kissing him. Once he found out what was going on and got a little horny because of looking at my breasts, he quickly got undressed and locked the office's door. I took off all my clothes fast too, not even waiting to tease him with my bra and thong on. I just couldn't resist any longer. I took his hand and placed it on my breast, which he rubbed eagerly. I took his other hand and shoved all his fingers up my tight pussy. "I'm married" he breathed. "I'm 16." I said evilly. He grinned and rubbed his fingers around down there obediantly. I made out with him while he did this. Then he laid me down on the bed, took his 7 inch cock (it was a little small if you ask me, but oh well, I like em all shapes and sizes) and stuffed it into my little pussy. I moaned and he fucked me hard. I was bleeding. He grinned and said "Let's take a look at your sexy little pussy, don't worry, I'm a doctor." I smiled and him and nodded. He went down and took the sides of the hole and stretched it open. I groaned. He took a finger and felt around inside, roleplaying. "It's looking very good, except it's getting very horny and you need to take care of that. I know just the cure." He smiled at me. He kissed my pussy then made out with me, and fucked me so hard and unexpectantly I started to cry. He grinned. He licked all the cum up down there and swallowed, then put me on top of him. I sucked on the head of his cock, watching him enjoy it, and then put my mouth around his whole 7 inch dick, giving him deep throat. I sucked it. He had an orgasm in my mouth and I swallowed. Someone knocked on the door. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and put on his white doctor's coat. "Don't bother putting your clothes on, I'm a doctor, remember? They'll think I'm checking for STD's or something." he smiled, and I grinned and nodded. He opened the door. It was another doctor, around 50. He glanced and me and smiled. "Ah, Hugh, mind If I...?" Doctor Lamonde smiled and nodded. The other doctor pulled off his clothes and I stared. He fucked me, put his clothes back on and left. "You doctors do this all the time?" I asked. He just smiled and fingered me, making me shut my mouth and moan. I pulled his fingers out and put my clothes on, and he put his on. "My dad will be waiting..." Lamonde smiled and nodded, licking the cum off his lips. I grabbed his pants where his cock was, making him jump, and kissed him one last time, and left.

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