Love the person behind you.(A ShadAmy fanfic) part 2

Created by ShadowRocksMySocks on Sunday, January 14, 2007


Shadow sighed and looked at Amy. "Do you remember what happened on ARK? Do you remember what I said?" Amy looked up and tried to gather her thoughts. "Hmmm...." she tried to quote this exactly. "um, you said you had to keep your promise to Maria....and me?" Amy got it then. Shadow is only nice to her because of that. "You see Amy, you remind me of Maria." Amy looked down, disapointed that their friendship was there only because she reminded him of someone who died over fifty years ago. Shadow's eye grew wide when he relised she was taking this the wrong way. "No, no, don't take it that way. Yes deep inside you're like Maria, but deeper inside your Amy....does that clear it up?" Amy giggled and then smiled. "Yea, I get it....thank you." Shadow blinked. "Thank you? Thank you for what?" "Truth be one has keeped a promise like that for, thank you for keeping it." Amy looked down as her cheeks turned a little red. Shadow just stared at her. But before he could say anything both of them fell through the hole Fang and his gang dug up.
Amy felt like she was being squished. When she opened her eyes, Shadow and her were traped in a tight space. So tight that nether of them could move, and the worst part is (the best part to ShadAmy fans) was that they were body to body! If any of them moved forword the slitest bit, their lips would be toutching. Both their eyes were wide and looking at each others. Shadow gulpped as so did Amy. "Well um....this is...acword."
Amy looked around as her pink face started to turn pale. Shadow couldn't help but ask. "Uh, Amy, are you ok?" Amy laughed a little. "I guess this is a bad time to tell I'm cloesterphobic." Before Shadow could respond Amy passed out and resed her head on his chest. Shadow sighed, "You've got to be kidding me." Shadow looked up to see the moon shining through the opening of the hole. He shifted Amy to her side and put his arm around her back and then picked her up under her legs with his other arm. He made sure that he had a good grip on her then started his jet shoes. He hovered up to the suface of the hole then landed. Shadow, still carrying Amy, walk around the hole then countined walking.
Shadow looked down at Amy. "I don't know about you, but I think that hole was dug up for you." Shadow looked at the full moon. "The question is, why?"
Amy lifted her eyelids to see nothing but white. She looked to her side and saw only white. She got up from the floor and looked all around her. White, thats all she saw, just a blank space of nothing. Where am I? She asked herself. Then something caught her eye. Turned and looked, a blue figure standing there. Amy squinted her eyes, then she screamed with joy when she recognized who it was. Sonikuu! She yelled as she dashed after the hedgehog. Amy kept running and running, but it was like she was going nowhere. Sonic just stood there as Amy ran, facing the other way. He wasnt moving a mussel and yet Amy could not reach him. Amy stooped. Whats going on? Amy again asked herself. Before Amy knew it Sonic was disappearing. But surprisingly Amy didnt do a thing, she just watched him go. Now do you get it? a deep but familiar voice said. Amy turned around to see Shadow. She then smiled she got it. Ive been chasing the person standing in front of me for so long that I didnt realize that I was going nowhere. If I want to go somewhere, I must love the person behind me. Amy thought to herself.
Amys opened her eyes slowly. She looked up to see the night sky filled with stars and the full moon, and Shadow. Shadow looked at her, Are you okaycan you walk? he asked her. He stopped, still holding her. Amy tried to move her legs but she couldnt budge them. She shook her head no. Can I show you something? She asked. What? Youll see.
Shadow continued to walk the trail still holding Amy in his arms. Look, do you see that? She pointed toward a blackberry bush. Shadow spotted it. He nodded. Jump over it, she said, There will be a small road. All you have to do is follow it. And as Amy asked he jump over the shrub and walked along a barley visible path. As he walked he noticed a light that got bigger the closer he came to it. When he walked threw the light he froze in awe. Shadow, I think I can walk now. Shadow placed he genitally on her feet. Shadow looked out and starred at the endless field of wheat. His feet suddenly started to drag. Amy was pulling him by his wrist. Come on! she said with excitement.
They were in the middle of the lush land. The golden crops were tickling Shadows nose. Amy sighed and fell to the ground. Shadow looked over her, Are you ok? he asked. Why wouldnt I be? she replied. Shadow laid down beside her and gazed at the full moon. Amy turned her head at Shadow. She felt at never be for.

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