~Love Breaks all Barriers~ {The Beginning}~

Hi! Yes, I know it's been a while since I posted anything but well, I've been REALLY BUSY! Yes, yes, I know you think I'm faking but...I seriously was (pinky swear!) So you can thank my sistas AirHeaded.Enchantress, earthxwarrior, and the last member of TheQuartet, my lovely Didi! This is dedicated to y'all my soul sisters...love you! Zany_Healer*

Created by Zaneta on Monday, January 15, 2007


"Woof-woof," the young boy walked around the room on all fours with a grinning toddler on his back while the little boy's 7-year-old sister looked on fondly. 'Doggy' completed his round and gently lowered the laughing child to the floor. Little Jay immediately ran over to his sister exclaiming in delight, "Ith wasth funn Aly! Jeff ish so c-cool!" Smiling fondly at both her brother and Jeff, Alyson replied,
"Yes Jeff's very cool, now why don't you run along and have your lunch?" Jay's face fell and she added admonishingly, "Now Jay, you promised you would if Jeff gave you a ride..." As the toddler still looked obstinate Jeff walked over to him, still on all fours, and whispered in his year. Immediately, Jay turned and toddled off calling for his mama. "How did you do that?!" exclaimed Aly. Jeff shrugged,
"I just told him he'd get another ride as soon as he's done." Aly groaned,
"Well you know, I do give the best rides and I'm a very convincing doggy, if I say so myself." Alyson smiled,
"Actually I don't I've never had one!" and with that, she pounced on him and sat primly on his back. Jeff groaned and pretended to buckle under her weight before jumping up and carrying her piggy-back style, kicking and screaming, into the garden where he dumped her on the grass and they both collapsed laughing. Dark heads side by side upon the lush green lawn the two of them laughed until their sides hurt. As they clamed down and Jeff began whistling through a blade of grass. The sweet, piping notes filled the air and Aly looked at him and sighed, "I hate to admit it but you are cool." Jeff turned towards her and ruffled her hair,
"Not as cool as you kid."
"Shut up! I am NOT a kid, you're only 3-and-a-half years older than me!" Aly leaped on to Jeff and began to tickle him but soon he was the one running has he chased after her, a worm in his hand...the fun continued.
9-year-old Alyson stood happily in the midst of guests at her Communion party, cheerfully wishing them and accepting their congratulations. After a while though, her feet began to fall asleep and her smile became rather fixed. She glanced longingly at her friends who'd started a game of tag and were anxiously waving her over. Then, the sound of someone's voice snapped her back to her duties. She looked around the ample body of Mrs. O'Reily who was hugging her tightly and realized that there were only a few more people! Her smile returned, especially when she saw who the last guest was...Jeff!
At 12, Jeff was old enough to seriously resent his dress shirt and tie and was constantly fidgeting with them and his slicked back hair as he waited to wish Aly. He sighed, this annoying custom reminded him all too much of weddings and being forced to remain quiet while old people danced to soppy songs. Well, at least when he was done Aly and him could go over and join the game of tag. Lost in his thoughts, Jeff was surprised to see that he was now right in front of Aly and as he looked into her face he was rather taken aback, she looked beautiful! In her white Communion dress and veil Aly fairly glowed as she smiled at him, her long dark hair gleamed and her eyes twinkled brightly at him, she was radiant!
As Jeff gazed at her with a rather goofy look on his face Aly had an idea, she stifled a giggle and rather formally held out her hand for Jeff to shake. He seemed to shake himself out of his trance and reached for her palm. A few seconds before their hands met Aly yanked hers away, slapped Jeff on the back, yelled 'TAG!' hitched up her skirt and ran towards the other kids yelling, "Jeff's it...banana split!"
Jeff shook his head and made a beeline for the speeding white dress, scattering the others in an urgent need to get her. "Oh it's on Aly...it's on." He murmured to himself.
He'd caught up to her and they sat, winded, on her porch steps; behind them an improvised soccer game was being played out. Aly leaned against Jeff, her face flushed, veil discarded, and dress rumpled. Jeff was hardly better, his dark hair had escaped the hair spray and was in its usual shaggy state, his dress shoes were untied, and his shirt untucked. Jeff glanced down at Aly and smiled, "I so beat you." Aly groaned and, with a lot of effort, mustered up enough strength to lift her arm and flick his head before slumping back against him. Jeff was tired too and as they supported each other, disheveled, exhausted, and sweaty they were both sure they'd never been happier.
The moon was a glowing orb suspended in the dusky sky and surrounded by the sparkling web of stars. Aly and Jeff lay side by side on the top of a sand dune, exhausted after the day's activities. The golden sand around them glittered and shone like an ocean of diamonds while up above the twinkling stars gazed down at their restful figures. "It's gorgeous out here isn't it?" murmured Aly, hardly daring to break the silence. Jeff nodded, his dark shaggy hair whipping up and down.
"It's brilliant." Below them they could here Aly's little brother and sister running around happily. 7-year-old Jay and 5-year-old Annika were having the time of their lives at the desert camp and even the day's hectic expedition hadn't tired them out. Aly could hear the soft voices of the adults talking to their guide, no doubt deciding what they'd be doing tomorrow. Aly glanced at Jeff, he'd just turned 15 and a recent growth spurt had caused him to tower above her. Comments about his height, and her lack of it, were the root of many of their arguments. Aly smiled sheepishly remembering one of those that had taken place earlier that day and the look on the their guide's face as he watched the two of them go at it. She felt some sand against her skin and wriggled a bit to get it off. In the process her leg touched Jeff's. Aly froze and waited for Jeff to move away, he didn't. Oddly, Aly found the sensation of their limbs touching rather comforting and if Jeff wasn't moving she wasn't going to either.
Jeff had been admiring the beautiful stars and admiring how clear they were thanks to the absence of the usual lights of the city. As he scanned the sky and identified constellations he remembered from a long ago Cub Scout trip, Jeff suddenly felt something against his leg. Jeff looked down to see Aly's leg by his, he smiled as her leg relaxed and she went back to looking at the stars. It felt rather good just to be laying here together, thought Jeff. He turned his head slightly and regarded Aly thoughtfully, she'd grown, they both had, and now on the brink of her teens she was altogether a different person form the one he'd carried piggyback almost six years ago. At fifteen Jeff was quite accustomed to the teenage way of life, and although there were those who made fun of him for hanging out with a girl almost four years younger than him Jeff always felt his friendship with Aly was stronger then anything else. But now, he began to think, was it just friendship? Or did he, perhaps, want something more? Jeff blushed, glad the darkness hid his face, but was it even okay to want something more? Could he ask that of Aly? Jeff wasn't sure, but he knew one thing he really wanted to do, something his heart was pushing him towards. There would be repercussions of course, and there would be no turning back for him, possibly for both of them. Jeff mulled the possibilities over in his head, grinned, and did it.
Aly had almost dozed of to sleep, so soothing was the stillness of the night when it happened Jeff's hand snaked across the sand and held hers. Aly lay still, she was so surprised. What was Jeff up to? Aly turned to look at him and, as their eyes met, everything changed.
All the feelings coursing through Aly's body were mirrored in Jeff's eyes and the intensity of their connection was both beautiful and frightening. Jeff was anxious, but Aly's bright eyes, her sweet smile, and finally her soft hand wriggling so their fingers were intertwined assured him that she wanted this as much as she did. Exactly what this was they had no idea but they knew one thing...it felt so right.
They had a year after that night and it was full of wonderful moments. There was the joy of walking down that sand dune different people, with a delightful secret inside of themselves. There was the thrill of 'accidental' looks at each other and that special smile.
For Jeff, it was the feeling of being depended upon, it was the way Aly grabbed his arm for dear life when the went dune-bashing, the way she cried into his shoulder as they watched "A Walk to Remember", it was her special smile that she saved especially for him, and it was the way she looked at him with her heart in her eyes.
For Aly, it was the comfort that Jeff provided, the strength and stability he represented, the loving warmth of his hand over hers, it was the feeling in his voice when he spoke to her, it was his soothing arm around her shoulders, it was the twinkle in his dark eyes, and it was the intense emotion she saw in them.
Their first kiss was a sweet one, and it was one that took both of them by surprise. They were at the ice rink and Jeff was chasing a giggling Aly who'd just put some ice down his shirt. They went round and round the rink, Aly weaving around other skaters and managing to evade Jeff, however she slowed down as she took a corner and it was then that Jeff made his move. Neatly slipping in front of her he grabbed her in his arms, however her momentum was such that both of them tumbled to the ground. As Aly sat there winded and flushed, her eyes gleaming and her face lifted up to Jeff it seemed to him that he was meant to kiss her. So he did. It was short and sweet, innocent and pure...it was perfect. Jeff was blushing and cursing his impetuous decision when Aly shyly looked up at him. She moved one hand up to his face and lifted her face to his to kiss him with feeling, making him certain he'd done no wrong. Jeff returned the kiss, and it would have continued for longer if they hadn't come to their senses and realized they were kissing on the floor of a public ice-rink. Smiling they got up, dusted themselves off, and left to find somewhere more private.
The fun times continued, there were the movies they watched together, snuggled on his couch with a bowl of caramel popcorn and nachos. There was quick kisses stolen whenever possible and long ones when they found themselves alone together. There were shopping trips to the mall where Aly delighted in proudly holding Jeff's hand as they walked along, there were pillow fights in the dark, and tag games in the park, there were cozy moments in a coffee shop and loud, fun moments at the ice rink, there was all either of them could wish for. Life was perfect, nothing could possibly go wrong. But of course it did.
Aly knew something wasn't right the minute she opened the door and looked into Jeff's eyes. Gone was the twinkling vitality and life, and as he stepped across the threshold there was something in his manner that suggested the condemned man's walk to the gallows, she was afraid. "Jeff, is something wrong?" Aly inquired anxiously. When he replied Jeff's voice was hoarse and scratchy,
"Can we go up to your room Alyson? I need to tell you something." Aly nodded apprehensively and they both headed up to her room. Once inside, Aly shut the door and sat down on her computer chair, Jeff perched awkwardly on her bed. The silence grew unbearable and Aly felt compelled to break it,
"Well Jeff, you wanted to tell me something..." Jeff shook his head, as if to clear it, coughed, and gravely looked into Aly's eyes.
"I hate to say this Aly...but...oh God this is unbearable!" His face was filled with grief and, pushing away her own fear Aly went to sit beside him. She put her arms around him and let him lean into her; she gave him the strength to continue. "Aly, it's my grandfather, he's-he's passed away." Jeff's voice broke and a tear trickled down his cheek. Aly rubbed his back her, grief for him in her voice as she soothed him quietly, but Jeff shook his head. "Aly, that's not all." Aly's eyes widened...there was more? She steeled herself and waited for Jeff to continue.
Jeff turned his face away, afraid of what he might see in Aly's eyes when she knew. "Aly, my grandfather left almost everything to my dad. Money went to my aunt of course, but the house and lands are my father's now. Grandma has tenancy for life but Aly, my dad has to live there," Aly was already beginning to suspect what was wrong, and Jeff's next words confirmed what she'd feared. "Aly, my dad has to live there. My family has to live there. Aly, I'm moving to Toronto." Aly's face froze, "No." she whispered, "It's not true." But one look at Jeff's face told her this was no joke. The despair that rose in her eyes overcame Jeff's own sorrow and he drew her to his body and held her as she sobbed.
Spent, they sat together, thinking of what lay ahead. "When are you leaving?" asked Aly quietly. Jeff sighed,
"We have three weeks." He turned to look at Aly, expecting more tears at the short time they had left, but instead he found determination shining in her eyes. She looked up at him, eyes bright with unshed tears and hopes,
"Well Jeff, we're just going to make it the best two weeks of your life." For the first time since he'd heard the news--Jeff smiled. Aly smiled back at him and he folded her into his arms, breathing in her sweet scent and thanking God for blessing him with someone as amazing as Alyson. Together, they'd make it all worthwhile.
The sweet but fragile joy Aly and Jeff had carefully built up was shattered a week later by another doorbell. This time, it was Jeff's house and he left off 'supervising' the men who were packing away his life to go get the door. The minute the door opened, a sobbing Aly flung herself into Jeff's arms. Worst case scenarios rushed through Jeff's mind as he picked her up and carried her, bridal style this time, into his garden and away from the movers' inquisitive eyes. Shaking his head to clear memories of a happier time when Aly was on his back and giggling Jeff looked down at Aly. Definitely not kicking and screaming, Aly lay him with her face pressed to his chest as she cried. Jeff's shirt felt damp, but he didn't care, he was more concerned with finding out what had caused this outburst of grief. Jeff gently placed Aly down on the grass and sat down beside her. She lay tiredly, her head in his lap, until the tears stopped coming and her chest stopped heaving. After she seemed to be fairly calm Jeff asked hesitantly, "What's wrong sweet?"
Aly looked up at him and her eyes filled with tears again. Swiping at them with the back of her hand she closed her eyes and, hating herself for saying it, because that made it true, she whispered, "I'm moving too Jeff, my dad was promoted. We're-we're going to-to Kuwait. In a month." She couldn't bear to look at him, she now knew how hard it must've been for him to tell her, but most of all she hated herself for being so powerless to do anything about it. To do nothing but tell Jeff and cry. Aly knew however, that she did the right thing in telling Jeff, more than anyone one else, he could relate to what was happening and he'd definitely know what to do.
Jeff was shocked, it was happening to her too. He didn't want to think about it, having him gone would be hard enough on Aly without have to move to a new country too! Worst of all, Kuwait was much too far away from Toronto to even consider making trips. As Jeff drew Aly closer she continued to ramble on, as if in a dream, "I mean we-we knew about the promotion, mom and dad never stopped talking about it, but we never imagined, I never imagined it'd be overseas! We thought it would just be more money, here. Now you're going to be gone and I'll be gone and Kuwait is miles from Toronto...Jeff, what are we going to do?" her eyes looked up at him imploringly and Jeff felt compelled to make her feel better.
"Aly, what do you think we're going to do? We're going to have a blast, we're going to laugh, and once we're apart we're going to write everyday, heck we're going to call each other everyday." Aly began to hope,
"Really Jeff? Will you really write or call everyday?" Jeff smiled and held her closer to himself.
"Aly, you know I will."

Don't worry! There IS more so...REST IN RESULTS! --------->
The month had flown by, and Aly was sitting in the plane as they prepared for take-off. Looking out the window, Aly's mind flew back to her last trip to the airport. A trip that had required her to do the hardest thing she'd ever done. Let go.

The small group that sat together waiting for the call for boarding was not an overly happy one. The adults sat clustered together reminiscing and the little kids were unusually subdued as they sipped their chocolate milk. Aly and Jeff sat slightly away from the rest of the group, his arm around her and her head on his shoulder. They just sat together enjoying the feel of each other and committing it to memory, determined not to forget exactly how the moment felt. It might've lasted forever and there was nothing either of them wanted more, but finally the dreaded announcement was heard. It was time for Jeff to board. Aly hugged Jeff's parents as he said goodbye to her family, then as the kids were being fondled and the adults shook hands Jeff and Aly had one last, long embrace, and a final kiss before they broke apart and Jeff disappeared through the gate with one longing, backwards look.
Aly could almost seem him now, his dark eyes sorrowful, as he turned for the final glance. As the plane took off, Aly sat with her eyes closed and hand pressed to her lips seeing Jeff so clearly it was a wonder she didn't cry out. But she wouldn't, she was stronger than that, Aly forced her eyes to open, her hands to be still, and her heart to finally...let go.
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Zaneta (Zany_Healer*)

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