Lying is the Most Fun a Boy Can Have Without Taking His Clothes Off *Prelude*

This is my first story. It took me forever, I know, but my computer would always mess up whenever I tried to create a story. Puls, as I was going to type this, I couldn't find it anymore!!! :( This is dedicated to Shatterednotroken, one of my bestest f

Created by FallOutBoylover4 on Sunday, January 21, 2007

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     Your name is Andrea, and you're 17.  With icy blue eyes, mid-length brown hair, sometimes with red streaks or with purple streaks, and about 5' 7", most see you as a nerd or wierdo, but you have a lot of friends.
     Currently, you work at Starbucks.  *So original, I know.*  Life in Mt. Zion, Illinois is pretty boring.  If it weren't for that most of your friends live there, you'd want to move. 

     Your best friends, are Shannon Morris: She's a punk girl, and if people cuss out her favorite bands, she'll always tell them off; Michael Loy:  he's gay, but there's nothing wrong with that, and if you have a problem with that, talk to me, or better yet, you might not want to.  Michael is soooo outgoing, he's never ever shy.  How does he do it?  You're both in show choir together.  Ian is your bestest friend  He's awesome.  Kim Smith loves anime anything.  She can be wierd at times, but who isn't?  Kolten Hearn, also known as Kolten Slover,.......what to say about him???  Well, he can be really REALLY annoying, but he will always be able to make you laugh.  Your loving boyfriend, is Kyle Cipponeri.  He lives in Decatur and visits his uncle on the weekends, but it's ok.  You wish he stayed longer though.  Last but not least, Kyle's younger by 1 year brother, Richard!!!  Ummm... even though you see him every weekend, you still don't know much about him.  One thing you know, is that he's easily entertained....and NEVER give him sugar.
     You LOVE  Fall Out Boy, especially Andy.  You also love Simple plan, My Chemical Romance. Panic! At the Disco, Green Day, Good Charlotte, AFI, All American Rejects, OK Go, Snow Patrol, James Blunt, Hinder, The Beatles, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Nickleback.
     Let's begin
     Sorry, you gotta read the next chapter

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