The Samurai Kunoichi ~Hyuuga Neji One Shot~

Another creation that took writing my other stories. This one might be a little rushed but... hope you can enjoy it anyways. ♥MmFlamerosemM

Created by MmFlamerosemM on Monday, February 05, 2007


Key: ~ Thoughts ~, : Note :, +Song Lyrics+
Story start-
Your look (You front, sister back)-
"You're not welcomed here." I pointed my sword at the intruder. My look-alike sister stood behind me. I was in training for being a samurai and a ninja but I had to look after my six-year-old sister. This boy that intruded on our clans training ground had long almost female-like, dark chocolate hair with moon colored eyes. "State your name and business and I might let you off."
"Hyuuga Neji and I am here to train a... Suta Tsuki?"
Faster than lighting, I was behind him with his wrists in my hand, katana to his neck, and foot into his back. "How do you know my name?" He didn't say anything so I pressed the blade harder to his neck. "Tell me, you idiot."
"Nee-chan..." My sister's soft voice made me look up to her. "Let the poor boy go. Maybe Tsunade-sama sent him for your training." I growled... I hated it whenever my sister was right. I stood off of him, dropping my grudge and walking over to my sister. "I'm so sorry about that Hyuuga-san. She gets a little angry whenever she doesn't know something."
"Do not." I huffed out.
"Well, would you like to come in? It must be tiring to travel all that way."
"Hn." He said.
I rolled my eyes.
~ Another arrogant bastard. I'll just run him out, just like I did with that Uchiha Sasuke. ~
All three of us went inside my little two-story house and sat in the kitchen. My sister went to the stove and made some hot tea. I set out the three cups and then sat on the opposite side of Nefi... Hyugay... whatever his name is. Kira, my sister, brought the tea over and poured into his cup.
"So, Hyuuga-san, do you know a Uchiha Sasuke?"
"Well, he was here before." Kira said, thoughtfully.
"Yeah... until I ran him off. The feathers and glue worked like a charm." I remembered the memory. Sasuke was being a chicken that day so at night he bathed in a bath full of glue then he came up out with feathers on top of the door. I chuckled escape from my mouth while I sipped some of my tea. "That was one funny sight."
"That wasn't nice of you to do to Uchiha-kun. He was trying his hardest to train you."
I scoffed. "Yeah right. It was more like me training him. You're just saying that because you like him."
"Do not!" She grew red around her cheeks.
"Go look in the mirror at your cheeks. You're glowing red." I smirked.
"Oh yeah? Then what about that Kiba dude?" She tried to come with a comeback.
"Peed in his pants and ran with his tail between his legs whenever I had the sword at his neck. Nothing special."
"Rock Lee?" She said, sounding pathetic now.
"That bushy-eyed freak. He could barely hit me with that taijustu... at least I learned something from him. I don't see why Tsunade-sama is sending all the available boys in the village. I don't need a boyfriend or they need a girlfriend. Besides some of those Chunnin and Jonnin couldn't even touch me so I don't see the problem. Good evening, sister..." I looked to the boy. "Don't really care."
I walked into our bedroom, my sister's and I, and fell asleep in my outfit.
Kira's POV-
I heard the door close then I sighed. "I'm sorry for my sister's rude behavior. She just gets annoyed very easily and then angry the rest of the day."
"No need to apologize. It's not your fault. If I was her, I would be like that too."
"So you've heard about her?"
"From my teammate."
"Rock Lee."
"Right. What did you hear?"
"You don't want to know." He sighed.
There was some silence, just the steam rising from my cup hitting my face.
"He's very loud isn't he?"
His eyes shifted to me. "Yes."
"Then you should know why she doesn't want to talk about it." I stood. "I just hope that it will be a little different with you." Neji stood up with me. "Follow me to the guestroom."
I lead him to the door opposite of mine. "You can sleep here. If you need anything, come and get me. I will be more helpful than my sister. Good night, Hyuuga-san."
"Good night, Suta-chan."
We both bowed to each other and I entered the room. The window was wide open and I sighed. My sister went back up to the roof. I took off my kimono and set it on the bed then threw on a silk kimono for a nightshirt and went asleep on my bed.
Tsuki's POV-
My hair was blown back by the wind a little. The breeze felt so good on my drenched body. It was the same dream again... the one that always made break out in cold sweat. I wrapped my arms around me.
~ It's so cold... why wasn't he there for me? Stupid traitor. ~
A lone tear slipped out my eye. I looked to my namesake and took it in. I didn't even bother to wipe the tear away. The moon always seemed to calm my senses. I laid back onto the sharp roof. How it seemed to never cut me will always be a mystery to my sister and me. But not even caring about that... I felt an intruder on our lawn. I brought out a kunai... a little lesson I learned from that other bastard and jumped. I brought back my kunai and about stabbed the person until my hand dropped to my side.
"What are you doing out so late, boy?" I said, emotionless as possible.
"What do you think I'm doing?" The pearly eye boy looked to me. "Trying to train. What's it to you little girl?" He smirked.
"Watch it boy. I can run you out as fast as I did that Uchiha." I pointed my kunai at him.
"I would like to see you try."
"Watch your attitude boy. I can... and I will."
I threw the kunai a centimeter away from his open toe sandals and stalked away.
Three Months Later-
Hyuuga-sensei blew a feather out of his mouth. A giggle escaped from my sister's lips while I fought hard to kill my smile. It's been three months since he came here and I decided to change my opinion about him. He's a great fighting with that gentle fist technique and famous Hyuuga stances and moves... but that didn't mean that I would stop playing jokes on him.
"Good morning Hyuuga-sensei/Hyuuga-kun." My sister and I replied, both bowing.
Neji pulled a feather out of his hair. "Good morning."
We hid the pillows behind our backs. We were having a pillow fight until a pillow flew out the door and then we stopped.
"You know, white does look good on you." I killed the smirk on my face. "It really brings out your hair color."
Kira giggled a little more and then left the room, her white kimono dragging a bit. I adjusted mine for battle then he looked straight into my golden eyes. The sword was tucked carefully at my side then I followed him out. It's been like that for about a month now. He's been getting pranks on him but he still wouldn't go away so I stopped them... for the time being. I mean, who else is going to find me a better teacher than him?
Next Week-
"Nee-chan! Nee-chan! Nee- ah!" Kira slid right to my feet with Hyuuga-sensei and I eating a late lunch. My eyebrow raised and then took the scroll from her hands.
"What did I say about running in the house?"
"I know but read that." She pointed to the scroll like it was treasure or a time bomb about to go off.
"Alright, don't get your kimono in a bundle." I whipped it out and started reading. "Hyuuga-sensei, you might want to read this."
Neji got up and look over my shoulder. Kira was on my other one.
: Konoha is having their annual Aki-Hana festival. We invite you and your sensei for this lovely occasion. Hope to see you. :
Then at the bottom was the Hokage's signature with some writing.
: I expect you to be there with your student, Hyuuga. Everyone would like to meet her and how well you trained her. Tsunade :
"So what should we do?" I looked into my sensei's eyes. A slight blush appeared on my face from our close proximity.
"We have to go." He moved away. "Dress into something nice and something easy to fight in."
"Hai, sir."
I bowed to him while my sister dragged me off. "Kira-chan!" I shouted.
She threw me into her bedroom then tied me to a chair. She had that mad, make-up, make you so pretty, gleam in her eyes.
"No... no, no, no, no!" I wiggled, trying to escape but she made me calm down after a while.
"Time to make you look like the most beautiful girl in Konoha!" She said in a singsong voice.
She pulled out the dreaded make-up and I closed my eyes.
~ This is going to be painful. ~
2 hours, Neji's POV-
"Kira, stop! I'm done!" Tsuki shouted from their room.
I sighed. I knew what Tsunade was trying to do. She was trying to get Tsuki with me... not that I wouldn't mind. I mentally slapped myself. I'm her teacher and she's my student, bad combination.
"No you're not! You have to get your sash on."
"Forget the strap. It's just going to get me distracted."
"I promise that it won't. Just put in on."
That can't ever happen. It was cute how she would get so angry at every trap she set I missed but she's stopped doing that in the last couple of weeks. I wonder why.
"Sir Hyuuga-kun." Kira boasted into the room. "I proudly give you my masterpiece... Mrs. Hyuuga Suta Tsuki."
A slight blush was painted onto my face.
~ Why did she say that? ~
Out came a clone of Tsuki... I knew it. She was dressed up hideously. She was wearing a deep purple kimono with lighter color butterflies flying around. Her face was heavy with makeup and her hair was up in a high bun with the same color chopsticks as the butterflies.
"You always know which is the real me." It was like she could read my mind. She poofed away to see the most beautiful side of Tsuki I have seen. She was wearing a black kimono that made her her layered, waist-length, silver hair stand out. A large cherry blossom tree was in the left-hand corner of her kimono with loosening cherry blossoms moving across it. Her red sash brought out her skinny waist and accented her curves. Her eyes stood out with the black mascara and light pink eyeshadow with ruby red lips. The room felt like a sauna as I tried to take my eyes off her. Her eyes flitted down then back up and nodded. "Let's go Hyuuga-sensei."
"What?" She asked bewildered.
"Call me Neji."
"Neji-san." She said, finality in her voice.
"Tsuki-san." I said.
"Get going you too... before Tsunade-sama gets mad at you. Good night Hyuuga-kun, Nee-chan."
She left the room and closed her door. Tsuki padded over to me. "Ready to go?"
I just nodded. She walked to the door and placed on some wooden sandals while I placed on my ninja shoes. Then we took a very silent long walk to the village. When we reach the village, the moon was set low in the sky... one long night. I sighed and looked to the girl beside me. She looked just as bored as I was. In her hand, though, were sixteen roses in her hand, seven yellow, eight orange, and one red, the stems connected to another one... all besides two. Her eyes roam around again then right at mine.
"We have to find a lot of people tonight." She said in a serious voice, her eyes finally flitting away from mine again. "Mostly the all the Shinobis that you know..."
"Neji! My youthful friend..." A green blur passed by then he stopped. "Who's your friend here?"
"Good evening, Rock Lee." Tsuki bowed. She held one of her tied yellow and orange roses in front of her. "I'm sorry for running you out. I hope you can forgive me."
"That's me."
"Why thank you, Kawaii Moon."
A slight blush appeared on her face. "You're welcome but I'm not even cute."
She started walking away very fast, her hair flying by her. I sighed and follow her. She handed out some more tied flowers to Kiba, Shino, Naruto, Chouji, and Shikamaru. My cousin was standing with Naruto and my eyes twitched. How much has the village changed in these last few weeks? She was standing in the middle of the square looking around when I finally caught up to her. She had only four more roses in her hands, two orange, a yellow, and a red.
"Who are you looking for now?"
"A guy..." Her eyes swept again then moved back. She spotted it. She jumped from her spot and started running ahead. "Uchiha!" She screamed.
The said guy's head turned to see her running to him and also with his rosette partner. I followed after her with my eyes rolling. "Good evening." She bowed while I stood right beside her.
"Good evening." The pink haired girl said.
"Suta... Hyuuga." Sasuke's eyes followed to the girl then me.
"Uchiha... Haruno." I replied curtly.
"Uchiha, sorry about all the pranks while you were trying to teach me so here." She held out the orange and yellow rose out. "My apology... is she your girlfriend?"
Sasuke and the girl went red. "Who are you?" The girl asked.
"Oh, I'm Suta Tsuki... you can call me Tsuki-chan if you want."
"I'm Haruno Sakura and you can call me Sakura-chan if you want."
"Well, Sakura-chan, are you two?"
"No." She stuttered. "What gave you that idea?"
Tsuki shook her head. "No reason... besides that you look so kawaii together!" She squealed. Mentally, my eyebrows raised.
~ When has she ever acted like a girl? ~
"Suta Tsuki, please come to center stage, please... with your sensei... thank you." A mic shut off somewhere and Tsuki sighed.
"We'll see you later. Have fun, Uchiha-san and Sakura-chan!" She waved to them then walked beside me to the stage. Her eyes were taking in all the lights and people laughing. Her head was tilted in a strange manner and eyebrows scrunched up. There was a stage... like a singing stage. She looked to me in a silent message.
"Go sit down." She mouthed. She walked to the stage with her head held high. I sat down in the middle of the third row looking up at the stage. Tsuki was listening to Tsunade with a furious look but calm down after a while. She shook her head yes then talked a little more. Then Tsunade said something that made her blush a bit... making her look cuter than before. I mentally slapped myself again. I need to stop doing that. Tsunade walked off stage while she went back stage. People started to file in like a set timer, seeing how they had music playing everywhere. The whole rookie nine and my team sat up near the front, my teammates near me. Then everyone calmed down when they saw Tsunade come on stage.
On Stage, Still in Neji's POV-
"Good evening." The place was deadly silent. "As everyone knows, our shinobis has been trying to teach one girl around their age the art of the ninja... sometimes to her, it felt like she was teaching them the swordsmanship of being a samurai. Now that she's found a teacher, she's going to demonstrate what she's learned. Hyuuga Neji, would you please come up here?" The crowds murmured and I rolled my eyes. It was obviously going to be me since I've been gone for a long time. I stood up, got out, and stood onstage, ready for my pupil. "As I have told you, Neji has been on a long B-rank mission, training this young lady to be another kunoichi of Konoha. Would she please come out?"
Tsuki came out with a different outfit on... her regular outfit on. Her sword was hanging loosely from her side and her hair up in her ribbons on the side of her head. She looked like her old self. Most of the audience gasped. She sighed and looked right into my eyes. I looked straight back at hers. "Let's see what you have taught her, Neji."
"Neji-sensei..." She bowed to me and I bowed back.
We both raised back up and she threw a kunai at me. I swiftly took one out and deflected it back. She had a handful of shurikens in her left hand while her sword was swiftly pulled out with her right. Her right hand was in the air with the left arm sticking straight out... a traditional Hyuuga stance. A smirk appeared on my face.
~ So she did learn something from me. ~
I was prepared for an on slaughter with her sword. She came at me after she threw the shurikens, sword high in the air. I dodged her every weapon besides the sword, she gave me a slight cut on the arm where I blocked it with the kunai. I pushed her sword away from me but more her way. She was sweating, trying to push back only she was moving backwards. My eyes widened in surprise when she made a right turn that made me fall forward... only that an arm grabbed my wrists, a foot into my back, and a sword to my throat.
"Brings back memories doesn't it, boy?" She chuckled. "The very first day we met."
She let go of me and walked back to the other side. She looked back at me and smiled. The smile was contagious... I almost smiled... until I turned it into a smirk. I didn't need anyone to know what she did or is doing to me. I stood off to the other side and waited for her to come out. My eyes watched Tsunade walk to the mic.
"As you can see, Neji did train Tsuki very well. Now I've asked her if she would do something for the village tonight and she said yes... so wait a while before she comes back out..."
"I'm here, Tsunade-sama." She was back into her kimono. Her makeup was gone besides her ruby red lips and her hair back down where her ribbons rested on her wrists and up to her elbows. "I'm ready."
Tsunade moved out of her way. She walked to the mic, her eyes looking at me. My eyes followed her secretly. She had a slight blush on her face and I smirked.
~ She might actually like me... ~
Her orange and red rose were in her hands and she looked nervous. She looked up to the sky at the moon and then she calmed down considerably. She walked up to the mic and started to speak into it. "Hello, I'm Suta Tsuki. All of your shinobis around my age came and went as my teachers... but one decided to stay through all my tricks, pranks, and anger attitude and I'm glad off it. Hyu... Neji-sensei, would you come here?"
I walked to her. She gulped and then she held out her flowers. "This is for being my teacher and not giving up on me. I'm sorry with all the pranks I've did before."
I stood rigid again. Her face was slightly blushing and then I took them from her hand. Then something possessed me to do this. I swiftly kissed her cheeks. Her face turned a dark blood red while I smirked. "Thank you."
"You... You're welcome..." She stuttered.
I walked off stage while the crowd was going nuts. There was something she could remember for a lifetime. I looked to the roses in my hand... red and orange... just like my autumn moon.
Rest in results... hope you enjoyed it.
LOVE MmFlamerosemM
Tsuki's POV-

The whole audience roared in approval and I blushed even harder. "Um... what I was going to do for this village was sing a song that my mother used to sing to my dad all the time... and every time I do sing it... it reminds me that they're still with us... in my and my sister's heart and spirit. The first verse was what my mother usually did when she was nervous while the third verse was how my dad felt whenever he tried to propose to my mom... now I have a feeling that the second verse will belong to me for now anyways." A slight chuckle escaped my lips. "And maybe even the chorus."

+I'm tugging at my hair
I'm pulling at my clothes
I'm trying to keep my cool
I know it shows
I'm staring at my feet
My cheeks are turning red
I'm searching for the words inside my head+
+(Cause) I'm feeling nervous
Trying to be so perfect
Cause I know you're worth it
You're worth it
+If I could say what I want to say
I'd say I wanna blow you... away
Be with you every night
Am I squeezing you too tight
If I could say what I want to see
I want to see you go down
On one knee
Marry me today
Guess, I'm wishing my life away
With these things I'll never say+
+It don't do me any good
It's just a waste of time
What use is it to you
What's on my mind
If it ain't coming out
We're not going anywhere
So why can't I just tell you that I care+
+(Cause) I'm feeling nervous
Trying to be so perfect
Cause I know you're worth it
You're worth it
+If I could say what I want to say
I'd say I wanna blow you... away
Be with you every night
Am I squeezing you too tight
If I could say what I want to see
I want to see you go down
On one knee
Marry me today
Guess, I'm wishing my life away
With these things I'll never say+
+What's wrong with my tongue
These words keep slipping away
I stutter, I stumble
Like I've got nothing to say+
+(Cause) I'm feeling nervous
Trying to be so perfect
Cause I know you're worth it
You're worth it
+Guess I'm wishing my life away
With these things I'll never say+
+If I could say what I want to say
I'd say I wanna blow you...away
Be with you every night
Am I squeezing you too tight
If I could say what I want to see
I want to see you go down
On one knee
Marry me today
Yes, I'm wishing my life away
With these things I'll never say
These things I'll never say+
I bowed and walked off stage. I sighed, listening to the crowds. Subconsciously, my hand went to my right cheek. I looked down with a slight smile playing on my face.
~ Maybe he does like me... ~ I looked to the moon. ~ No wonder I like the fall and the moon... there's no telling what might happen in the fall... under a silvery moon. ~
Finished 1/18/07

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