Dreaming of You: Seto Kaiba prt 1

Hey guys, I'm back. Hope you enjoy this one cause I enjoyed working on it. Comments will be appreciated

Created by ProudlySAgirl15 on Thursday, February 01, 2007

I felt my heart pounding as he walked up to my mother. "Look Geoffrey, isn't she beautiful?" I heard my mother ask. The man before me was tall and his eyes were dark and hard. But it didn't faze me. This was, after all, my father. I could sense my mother tensing as we waited for a reply. All he did was stare at me. I had stared at myself all morning, and I knew what he would see. I had my father's chin and nose, but my mother's blue eyes and blonde hair. His eyes lifted from mine to my mother's who was standing behind me. They seemed to exchange silent words with their looks. Mother was nervous and fidgeting. But why? Papa loved us didn't he? I stepped closer to the man and tugged at his jacket. "Papa..."
"Don't call me that!" he shouted pulling away. I blinked, frightened and confused by his manner. He was my papa, mama had said so. He even brought me gifts every time he came to visit. Maybe he was angry because I hadn't thanked him for them. "I want to thank you for the presents you -"
"Hush, Sarah." mother said quickly. "Not now darling." Papa flashed mother a thunderous look. "Let her speak. It's what you wanted, isn't it? Why are you shushing her now, Mae?" Mama stepped closer and put her hand on my shoulder. I could feel her fingers trembling. Papa bent down to my level. "What presents? Tell me, little one." he said. "The candy you always leave behind. Oh and the crystal swan I love the most. Its on my windowsill and when the sun shines on it, it casts different colors on the wall. Do you want to see?" I asked, smiling with joy that he was giving me attention. He smiled back and stood up. "Sarah, why don't you go play in the garden?" mother asked. "But..."
"Do as she says." father said. "I want to stay with you." I pleaded. "We'll call you back later." mother said urging me out the door. I reluctantly agreed and walked out to the flower garden mother herself had planted. The house we lived in was small, just big enough for mother and me. I was so glad that mother had finally let me meet father, although he hadn't seemed very pleased with me. Maybe it was because I was still small. I was only 7, maybe father wanted me to be a little older. I saw an open window where mother and father were and wanted to be near them. I would be very quiet, so that I didn't disturb them. That way I'd be nearby when they called for me. I sat down on the grass and watched the bees moving from flower to flower. "What was I to do, Geoffrey? You've never spent so much as a minute with her. What was I to tell her? That her father doesn't care? That he wished she had never been born?" mother's voice drifted from the open window. Deny it, Papa! Deny it!
"I brought that swan back from London for you, and you throw it away on a child who has no appreciation for its value. Did you give her the pearls as well? What about the music box? I suppose she got that too!" The daisies in my hand fluttered to the ground. My heart slowed from its wild, happy beat. Everything inside me seemed to spiral downward with each word.
"Geoffrey please. I didn't see any harm in it. It made it easier. She asked me this morning if she was old enough yet to meet you. She asks me every time she knows you're coming. How could I say no to her again? I didn't have the heart. She doesn't understand your neglect, and neither do I."
"You know how I feel about her."
"How can you say how you feel? You don't even know her. She's a beautiful child, Geoffrey. She's quick and charming and she isn't afraid of anything. She's like you in so many ways. She's someone Geoffrey. You can't ignore her existence forever. She's your daughter...."
"I have enough children by my wife. Legitimate children. I told you I don't want another."
"How can you say that? How can you not love your own flesh and blood?"
"I told you how I felt from the beginning. She should have never been born, Mae, but you insisted. I even had a doctor come over to help you end it. It would have been quick, but no, you were stubborn as ever."
"I wanted her!" Mama said brokenly. "She's a part of you and me. I wanted her even though you didn't."
"I pay for this cottage, I give you all the money you need, so just keep her away from me." I couldn't listen anymore. Tears burned in my eyes and I stood up, running away as fast as my feet could carry me. How could Papa say such things? They didn't want me. I finally stopped at the large oak tree in the meadow behind our house. I saw Papa walk out the house, climb into his big fancy car, and drive off down the dusty country road. Mama didn't come find me until later.
Geoffrey Stafford never came by again. I was somewhat glad, but mother seemed troubled by it. She was sad and unhappy all the time. The sparkle in her eyes had gone. I tried cheering her up by bringing her flowers and pretty rocks, but they didn't seem to help. One day I sat in her room as she combed my hair. "Mama, what if I got sick and died?" I asked. "Thats not going to happen. You're fit and healthy. Besides you're too young to die." she said. "If I got sick and died, would Geoffrey come back?" I asked. She stopped and turned me towards her. "Don't you ever think that. Ever. I love you more than anything in this world, and I'll always be there for you." she said stroking my hair. I nodded and hugged her. Well, mother wasn't always there for me. It was shortly after this that Geoffrey Stafford stopped paying for our house and other things. We were forced to leave and went to live in a small shack at the docks. And mother fell into depression. One morning, she was gone when I woke. I remember looking all over for her, but she was no where in sight. Anger filled my heart, but I did not let a single tear fall from my eyes. How could she have just left me alone in the world? This just proved that she didn't care, like my father. I spent weeks wandering the streets, looking for something, anything that would help with my predicament. But it didn't help. Every time I found a morsel of food, or a stray coin, the older men just beat me and took what I had. Finally I couldn't go on anymore and I passed out in an alley behind a house. A maid in the house took pity on me and took me in. The master of the house was a rich man and already had a son, but he willingly took me in for he had always wanted a daughter. "Whats your name little girl?" Jonathan Talbert asked. I just stared at him, not speaking. "Alright, then I'll call you Amanda, after my late wife." he said patting my head. And from then on I was known as Amanda Talbert.

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Thats it for part one and this is you.

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