~~ I got raped by my best friend~~ [11] I am a....mother...

okey dokey here's the part when Molly goes into labor!!

Created by kellyclarksongurl on Monday, February 05, 2007


yay Kia!! woo!! okey dokey moving along..
I fell to the ground holding my pregnant stomach. I was groaning with pain.
I managed to yell Mom! She came up right away
" oh my god! Molly! Are you ok?" she said screaming.
" Oh my god, Molly, your going into labor..."
"Molly, it's okay, its going to be alright, just keep breathing." Mom said while she called dad, or more like yelled and she happened to be 2 feet away from me so yea. now my stomach AND my ear hurt. just GRAND.
My dad came up and looked from me to my mother and then back at me. He picked me up while my mother called our local hospital. Next she called..Adam. She asked quickly about my other friends and I just said Marissa. Opps. I kind ok forget to err..tell her. Well I guess she'll just find out from Mum. It took alot of effort but i managed to mumble. "Mom...Marissa..doesn't..-"
I got cut off by her.
" Don't worry sweetie, i'll explain it all to her, oh, dear, get her in the car." My mom said to my dad and grabbed her purse and they ran out the door, me in my dad's arms.
" I'm going as fast as I can, woman!" said my dad, he obviously didn't take a liking to this but hey, he'd get a grandchild out of it right? RIGHT?!?
I had been getting really bad contractions the whole 15 minutes to the hospital. Mom said that Adam and his parents were on their way and that Marissa would be there as soon as she could either. I just nodded and continued to breath, huff, puff, huff, puff. We finally got to the hospital and Dad picked me up again and we headed straight for the door. Adam and his family had been there a minute after us and were right behind us runnning. We all got in and my mom talked to the nurse while a rolly bed came out behind doors. My dad layed me down on it and my mom took my hand, Marissa had just arrived and saw me. She rushed over to me and gave me a big genuine (sp?) smile. And i knew she meant it. She took my other hand and we rolled into the room with 2 doctors and 2 nurses with us. Adam was starting to walk but was cut off by his parents. His dad said to him." Stay." That all it took, he stayed. His mom came though, i guess she'd want to see your grandchild being born. Humph, what ever, just invite the whole hospital to watch my birth. Adam then realized it was HIS child also, and he broke from his dad. He came in and just stood by me. I was in way to much pain to handle all this. A few minutes afterward a nurse gave me an epidoral. (sp?)
o.0 GET TO THE BABY! Or possible...BABIES!! /me/ ok ok!! you cant rush it! /you/ >.<
After a few more minutes i was feeling better.
" Oh, Molly, I...I can't believe it!" Marissa said next to me.
" Yeah, I know, me neither." I said
We both turned and looked at Adam
" Bastard." Marissa said
Adam's face dropped
"Marissa, I'm sorry, I...I..we.. me and Molly..we're fine now. We're even talking about...marriage."
"What?!" Me and Marissa said at the same time
"OOOHH" I screamed
I nurse put something inside of me and took it out.
"She's 6 centermeters. Almost there." she said
Oh, great, I only have 20 more minutes to be a free teen age girl. If I could right now I would run around in circles and going WEEE! just to relive a moment. But that was a little...er..impossible. But alas.AHH
"Oh.My.GOD!" I screamed the last word. It had been about 15 minutes since the nurse err "checked me"
Again she pushed that damn thing in.
" Oh! 9 centimeters! She fully dialated. Let's get to business!" she said
Everyone came over and then got me in..err.. position.
" Ok, Molly, take a deep breath and push until 10. Alright?" asked a doctor
"Alright." I said grunting
With about 15 minutes of pushing my baby was out.
"Wait! Theres..another one!" said a nurse
"WHAT?!?" said me my mother and father, Marissa, Adam, and his parents. Oh yea, they were ALL in here now
"Push!" the doctor said
I did as he was told and my second baby was out 20 minutes later.
"Any more?" I said jokingly "Another one or two?"
" I sure hope the hell not." Adam said.
Adam sat on one side of me and Marissa on the other. The nurse then brang over my two twin baby girl and boy.
"Your son was first and then your daughter." said the nurse
She placed my son in my right arm, my daughter in my left. I could help not saying it.
" Look! Their so beautiful, I..I'm a mom" I said smiling.
" And I, a father to two beautiful children." Adam said
" What are their names?" Marissa asked
I looked down at my two little children
" I love you, Justin and Kimberly." I said
I looked up at Adam and he took Kimberly and kissed me and I kissed back. We broke away
Again I said,
" I love you, Kimberly and Justin."
*sniff* soo beautiful WAA!!!
their pics r in results!! yay!!

Kimberly and Justin!!
aww soo cute!!

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