A Hatsuharu Sohma Fantasy [lemon]

yeah i hope ya enjoy!

Created by topazhatake on Friday, March 02, 2007

It was a hot summer day and you were going over to Haru's home.[damn that boy! i swear he missed school on purpose!he knew that our project was due today!!]you thought angrily as you reached the door to the Sohma estate.You've been here before so you knew what to do,you rang the bell and after a few minutes Momiji opened the door."Hello!Good to see you again!"Momoji told you with a big smile plastered on his face."hey momiji,Haru's home right?"you asked.Momiji nodded and took you to where Haru's house was located."thanks momiji!"you said.Momiji nodded and left.You knocked on the door.Noone answered.You kept knocking for the next 10 minutes.[Gd where is he?!]you thought.You kept knocking until he finally opened the door.He looked at you with a blank stare."what are you doing here?"he asked."im here because we need to finish our project!the teacher gave us an extra day to turn it in!"you said."oh....."he said and he let you in.You sat down by the table in the living room and imediatly began working.Haru sat down next to you and just stared at what you were doing.A few minutes passed by and you got mad that he wasn't helping you."are you just gonna sit there and watch me work or are you gonna do something?!"you angrily said."but i forgot what i was supposed to do..."he said innocently.You just sighed and told him what he had to do.After a few hours of working,you got thirsty."Hey Haru,where's your kitchen?"you ask.Haru pointed to the left."ok thanks" you say and you get up and head towards the kitchen.[wow,clean kitchen...]you think.You grab a glass and fill it up with water.You drank the water and washed the glass and put it away.You went back to where Haru was to see him working.You were about to sit down but your pencil fell."dammit..."you muttered and bent down to pick it up.What you didn't notice was that Haru was staring at your butt while you were bent down picking up the pencil.You got the pencil and sat down by Haru and began working."nice ass..." you heard Haru say to you."what?!"you said blushing madly."yeah you have a nice ass.."he said again.You were about to slap him but he caught your hand before you could even touch him.You were about to slap him again but he caught your other hand."hey!let me go!"you say struggling.''...no...'' haru said getting close to you.You blushed more and Haru brushed his lips against yours.He then let you go."What did you do that for?"you asked in a whisper."because i like you..."he said."wha?"you ask."yeah i really like you..."he said again and kissed you.This time you kissed him back and wrapped your arms around his neck.Haru then picked you up and took you to his room.You guys parted for a while.Haru sat you down on his bed and locked the door.He then took off his shirt and kissed you.You kissed him back and let your hands roam around his body.Haru then took off your shirt.You pulled him down on the bed and started to unbuckle his pants as Haru was doing the same to yours.After both you guys had your pants off Haru started to kiss down your neck.You moaned at the feeling of his tounge licking your neck everynow and then.While Haru was licking and kissing your neck he was unhooking your bra.Haru was moving down to your breasts and began kissing and massaging them.You moaned his name.He kept moving lower and lower until he came upon your underwear.He removed it with his teeth.You moaned out his name.After he took off your underwear he got ontop of you and kissed you.You kissed him back wrapping your legs around his waist.While you were busy kissing Haru he started to enter you slowly.You groaned a little bit from the pain.After he was finally in you he started to go in and out slowly.You held onto him and moaned and asked him to go faster.He did as you asked and went faster.Haru kept going into you for what seemed like hours until he came.He laid on your side stroking your cheek.You cuddled up to him and whispered."we're gonna get in trouble by our teaher...we didnt finish our project..." he just looked at you and smiled."oh well..."he said holding you close and whispered."i love you..." and you whispered the same thing back to him.
welp there it is!I hope you enjoyed it!

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