Life Is Sweet: The Unexpected, Has Just Been Expected (A Willy Wonka Love Story) Part 2

Umm... yea, don't mind the memo thing, I just though it was cool, you know. Well, before carrying on with the fabulous quiz you are about to read, I would like to inform you that I accept all ideas and compliments on ALL of my stories/quizzes. Thank, and have a nice day.

Created by Guineveremagic on Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"Who is it?" you ask, you weren't suppose to have any appointments today, strange.
"I don't know, it some boy with a man," he said strugging his shoulders and fianlly opening the door.
Two people walked in. A small boy around twelve years old, and a man much taller than his, fixed with a maroon coat and top hat. Very nice looking, yet there was something familiar about him...
"Please, Winnie, give these people a seat, and get them ready," said Dr. Wonka. You were just about to ask what they needed because otherwise you had no idea what to get ready for, but he was already going to wash his hands.
"umm..." you say looking around, "follow me..."
You lead them to the room, yet all the two yrads away into the other room, you felt two eyes, staring at the back of you the entire time...
this is getting good...
"Please, sit down," you say motioning the dentist chair.

The man sat down, you had no idea what to do, you walked over and leaned against the table by the many newspaper article you and Dr. Wonka have been collecting over the years. You looked awy, but evertime you did so, you could feel the two mysterious eyes of the man staring at you, looking away every time youcaught him.
Dr. Wonka came in, putting on his rubber gloves, he put back the chair and then you didn't feel the constant burning any longer.
The boy came over and marveled at the paper articles.
"Have you been collecting these for some time?" he asked looking up at you.
"Yes," you reply there was a short silence as the the docter poked and prawed at the mysterious mans teeth, "what's your name?"
Boy, that was a stupid question... you state oviously in you head, allwell, can't hurt to ask, i wanted to know.
"Charlie," he says, "Charlie bucket, you?"
"Winnie, just Winnie," you reply, "and...him?"
"oh," states Charlie, "That's Willy Wonka..."

thank you for reading, and continue with it!
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