Being Mackenzie Ackles' BFF Has its Advantages (A Jensen Ackles Story) [1]: Planning


Created by PyroQueenOfFire on Friday, February 16, 2007

Let's start off with some Character Info first:

Anneliese Morgan (Pronouced "Anna-lee-sa")
Nicknamed Liese (Pronouced "Lee-Zee")
21 years-old
Guilty Pleasure: Watching Supernatural over and over again (she has it memorized)

Mackenzie Ackles (The pic is really Merceds McNab because Mackenzie Ackles pics are like nonexistent, lol)
Nicknamed Kenzie
21 years-old
Liese's Best Friend
Guilty Pleasure: Playing Match-Maker (I seriously made that up, please nobody sue me)

Jensen Ackles
28 years-old
Currently Dean Winchester on Supernatural
Guilty Pleasure: Eating dark chocolate and animal crackers at midnight (ME: *drools*)
Okie Dokie
"You have to take this shirt and wear it every Saturday." Mackenzie told me.
I laughed and smiled at the "Vega4" t-shirt, taking it from her and looking at it. It had been our first concert together, and it had been on a Saturday evening. We had to beg Jensen to take us, and he had actually kind of liked them.
"Absolutely! You have to do it to though." I said, and she nodded.
Mackenzie smiled as she folded some pants of mine. "Of course I'm going to do it too."
"This is weird." I told her.
Mackenzie shrugged. "You've always been a drama kid, Liese."
I nodded. "That's true, Kenzie. I guess I need to embrace this new thing, huh?"
"I guess you do. Don't sound so glum about it." She said, elbowing me. "Jensen is letting you stay with him so you don't have to spend anymore money."
I blushed a little. "Stop, Kenzie."
"Come on, Liese--you can admit you like my brother. It's not like you'd be the only girl on the planet--everyone likes Jensen." Mackenzie said, sitting on my bed.
I laughed. "Yeah...and poor you--you get stuck with a lot of that crap when people find out who you are."
Mackenzie shrugged. "Being famous is good and bad."
I smiled. "Yeah. Wow...I'm going to L.A. I'm going to be on Smallville and Supernatural."
"I know. Too bad Supernatural is your temporary gig. Cool thing you're Zatanna though." Mackenzie said.
I turned to her. "You know what? I can finish packing later--let's go make cookies."
Mackenzie smiled. "I am right behind you!"
The two of us hurried down to my kitchen and we whipped up some cookies, sitting on the couch in the living room while they baked in the oven, and then the phone rang as Mackenzie put in a movie, and I sighed and picked up the phone, sitting cross-legged on the couch.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Hey, Liese, it's Jensen." Jensen replied.
I covered the mouthpiece and squealed a bit, composing myself as Mackenzie turned to me.
"Tell Jensen I say, 'hi'." She told me.
"Hey, Jensen, what's up?" I asked.
"I was actually wondering if Kenzie was there." He said.
I sighed. "Yeah, she's here."
"Tell him he shouldn't call your house to talk to me." Mackenzie told him, and I laughed.
"She doesn't want to come to the phone. What's the message?" I asked him.
Jensen sighed. "I need her to come on the plane with you tomorrow, Liese."
"He wants you to come on the plane with me tomorrow, Kenzie!" I said happily. "This pretty much rocks the world."
Jensen laughed. "Yeah, I figured it would make you happy. What are you two up to?"
I shrugged. "Kenzie just put in..."
I trailed off though as I saw that she had put in Supernatural Season One and I gave her a look.
"Thought you'd want to look at him, and man, I don't mind looking at that." Mackenzie explained, putting her finger on the television screen on Jared's face.
I laughed. "We're just watching television."
"Ah. what?" He asked.
"Smallville." I lied. "I mean Batman is sexier, but Superman, boy howdy! I'm really just in it for Oliver Queen. Green Arrow is yummy."
"You know, I know Justin Hartley." Jensen said.
I smiled. "Yeah, you know lots of people. Including the incredibly sexy Michael Rosenbaum."
"Ahhh. A Lex Luthur fan." Jensen chuckled.
I loved that chuckle. "Yeah, a Lex Luthur fan."
"Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow, Liese." Jensen said. "Don't kill yourself getting off the plane and I may just let you ride in the car."
I laughed. "Oh, so if I kill myself getting off the plane I have to walk to your house?"
Jensen chuckled again. "Pretty much."
"Bye, Booger." I told him.
"Bye, Lee-Lee." He replied.
I made a shocked face and Mackenzie laughed as I put the phone down.
"He called you Lee-Lee, huh?" She asked.
I nodded. "Let's watch 'Phantom Traveler'. Jensen's faces are freaking adorable in that one."
Cute so far!!
Well, there is the first chapter!!

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