Love for the Hyuga (A Neji Lemon)

Here is my seventh story and seventh lemon. Enjoy!

Created by Kunnaki on Wednesday, February 21, 2007


You were at the ramen shop with your best friend, Hinata Hyuga. You and Hinata have been best friends since you can remember. You talked about each other's favorite things, like: crushes, food, and basically, girl stuff. Anyway, you were eating ramen with each other and joking. When you finished, you saw Hinata pulling money out of her pocket, but stopped her.
You: Don't worry Hinata. I'll pay for it.
Hinata: Are you sure?
You: Yeah. You payed for both of your ramen and got up. You looked at her.
You: Well, what do you want to do now?
Hinata: I don't know. Anything is good. You two thought a bit.
You: You wanna go train? She looked up at you and smiled.
Hinata: Okay. You both walked to the training grounds together. As you did, you looked at Hinata.
You: Hinata has gotten a lot stronger, and more pretty than when I first met her.(This is set after Naruto's two and a half year training with Jiraya.) You both walked to the training grounds, but stopped when you heard someone already there. You both hopped in a tree and saw two people fighting, Neji and Naruto. You and Hinata both blushed as you looked at your secret crushes. You called them secret, because nobody other than you and Hinata knew about each other's crushes. Hinata had always knew you had a crush on Neji and you always knew she had a crush on Naruto. You liked Neji ever since you saw him, which was when Hinata and you first met. He was a 4-year old at the time and Hinata was a 3-year old. You were one year older than Hinata.
Anyway, both you and Hinata looked at them both train. They stopped as they were panting from training with each other. You saw Neji look up, knowing you and Hinata were here.
Neji: Whomever you are, you can stop trying to hide. Naruto looked at Neji.
Naruto: What's wrong?
Neji: Someone is here. You and Hinata were still blushing, but you came out of the tree anyway for the boys to see. The boys looked at you.
Neji: Were you guys watching us train? You blushed a bit more.
You: Yeah, you both looked really strong. You said, making you blush even more.
Hinata: Y-y-yeah. R-r-really strong. Hinata was blushing as well. Naruto walked up and looked at both of you.
Naruto: What's wrong guys? You're both turning red. Neji walked to you as well.
Neji: Yeah, you are. You are both blushing. What's wrong? Naruto put his hand on Hinata's forehead and looked at her. Neji did the same to you. You both looked at them and then suddenly, you both fainted.
Lemon Next.
You awoke on somebody's bed. You looked as you were in Neji bedroom. You sat up in his bed and shook your head.
You: What happened? You then remembered that you fainted because of Neji. You looked as the door opened and Neji walked in. He looked at you.
Neji: I'm glad to see you awake. You had Naruto and I frightened when you and Hinata fainted. You blushed as he looked at you. Then he mentioned Hinata. You looked at him.
You: Where is Hinata?
Neji: She is resting in her room. All you couls say is "Oh". You looked at Neji. It was just you and him in his room. This was your chance. Your chance to tell him how you really felt about him. You looked at him as he was turning to leave the room. You gathered your courage and called his name. He looked at you. You appeared in front of him, because of your speed. You looked as you were an inch shorter than Neji. You stood on your toes and put your arms around his neck and pulled him closer to you. You kissed him fully on the lips. You were blushing like crazy now, but you didn't care. You've wanted to this to Neji, ever since you met him. He looked shocked at first, but then started to kiss you back. He knocked at your entrance and you gladly opened up for him. His tounge went inside your mouth and started to search all over the place, like it was searching for something. You shot inside his mouth and you both started having a battle of tounges. You left each other when you needed air. You looked at each other and then Neji, gently pushed onto the bed. He didn't say anything and you were glad. You wanted action instead of words. He got on top of you and started to unbutton your shirt. He kissed you again and then started kissing your neck. He was nibbling and biting your neck, until he hit your sensitive spot. You moaned out and he smirked. He kissed that spot again and kept nibbling at it. You kept moaning out his name. He then went down to your pants and took them off, leaving you in your bra and undies. You wanted control as well, so you flipped him over, so he was on top and you were on bottom. You took off his shirt and stared in awe at his six-pack. You lied your head on his warm chest. You started sucking it and running your fingers down his abs. He moaned and then you went down to his pants. You unzippened them and pulled them off of him. You stared at his cock through his boxers as it was pulsing. You took off his boxers and licked his the head of his cock. He moaned a bit. You then licked the whole thing, making it wet. He moaned out your name, which only helped to turn you on. You then deep-throated him, making him moan out your name. You went up and down on his cock, until he pushed your head down with his hand and moaned out your loud as he climaxed in your mouth. You drank most, while the rest came out of your mouth. He turned you and undid your bra. You were a bit embarrassed, and covered yourself up. Neji took your hands and placed them behind your back. He took one of your breast and sucked on it, making you moan in pleasure and making your nipple hard. He took your other breast and pushed your nipple down, making it hard. He then licked it and you moaned more. He then went down to your panties. He took them off and started rubbing your cilt. You moaned loud. He then stuck his tounge in your cilt and you moaned out his name. He licked you everywhere around your cilt, making you moan like crazy. You then felt yourself about to climax. You pushed his head further in you and moaned out loud as you cummed on his face. He got from you cilt and licked all that had gotten to his mouth. He then stuck his cock near your entrance. He looked at you unsure. You smiled and kissed him, telling him it was alright. He nodded and slowly put his cock in you. You tried hard not to scream, but couldn't. Neji kissed you, so you could scream in his mouth. You waited a bit, until it turned to pleasure. You told him it was okay to move and he did. You moaned in pleasure. You told him to go faster and harder. He obeyed and kept thrusting in you. He thrusted into you again and finally climaxed in you. He was panting hard. You turned him over, because you weren't exhausted that much. You saw that he was tired, so you decided to take over. You pushed up on him, sliding on and off his cock. He was tired, but carressed your breasts to make you go faster. You moaned and kept going faster, until you climaxed on him. You were now tired. He flipped you over and took himself out of you. He turned you over and stuck his cock in you from behind, while you were lieing down. You moaned loudly in pleasure and told him to go faster. He did and continued, going deeper inside of you. He then climaxed in you and fell on you. You were both tired by then. Neji took himself out of you and lied down next to you. He put the covers over you both. You looked at him and smiled, happily.
You: I can't say how long I've waited for that Neji.
Neji: Neither could I. You were really amazing.
You: Thanks. You were too. He smiled and pulled you close into a kiss. He then put your arm around you, drawing you close as you both fell fast asleep. In the middle of the night, you could still Neji's strong hand around you. You felt secure being with him and looked at him.
You: I love you so much, Neji Hyuga. You then fell back to sleep.
That's the end. I truely think this was perhaps my greatest work, yet. My next lemon will be with the star himself, Naruto. If you want a different one, message me. Later!

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