Chocolate Lollies And A Heart So Sweet: A Willy Wonka Love Story~^~^Part 1

^.^ This is my frist quiz ever, i'm so excited i hope everybody likes it! Also does anyone know how to put banners on my quiz? I really want one because it would be so cute. Well hope you message and rate! ^.^

Created by WonkaLuver13 on Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Your name is Victoria. You are about 25 years old and 10 years ago your parents died, leaving no will behind you were left poor. You were left an only child, no brothers or sisters. You lived a life of poverty. You lived in an old slanted shack. There was a long street on which you lived it was right next to a long line of buildings and at the end of the long road there was a magnificent factory, a chocolate factory. This factory had been standing since about you were five, you can remember the day your parents took you to the grand opening. The man who ran the factory was the most famous chocolatier in the world. Children everywhere knew his name. Mentioning him would cause a persons eyes to shine bright with joy, what was his name you ask? Willy Wonka. About 15 years ago Willy Wonka shut down his factory because of all the candy makers trying to steal his magnificent ideas. But then one day smoke started rising from the chimney and the trucks started delivering candy all over the world. The Earth lit up again to hear that Willy Wonka was back in business, but people were confused because his gates stayed closed, no one ever went in and no one ever came out. There had to be people working there but who? It was the largest facory in the world one man could not run it by himself. But then it was all revealed to five children as Willy Wonka sent out five golden tickets all over the world. About a year ago your only friend Charlie had found one of these golden tickets and was the first one to venture into the factory for 15 years. At the end Charlie had won a prize, the whole factory! He moved his whole family to the factory, and he became Willy Wonka's heir to the amazing factory. Now that your only friend you had ever had had left you, you were alone in the world. You had no money and were thin. You weren't starving but you were definatly thin. You didn't have a job and made just enough drawings to feed yourself. You survived by sketching pictures. People tended to like your pictures because of the diversity in them. Instead of drawing things that you knew and saw everyday. You drew animals that you had never seen before but people had described to you. You drew animals that other people had seen before but not you. Your ideas of what they looked like were way off but people liked them all the same. You were a beautiful sketcher but even though people liked your sketches, people rarely bought them because of the grotesque features you would sometimes add. You had few clothes but what you had, you liked. You wore a pair of dark jeans and shirts that were mainly in the colors black, red and, purple. You were not goth but you could have easily passed for one. You hair was shoulder length and dark brown. It almost looked black. The amazing thing about you was that despite your almost black hair you had icy blue eyes. They were full and rich in color. They contrasted with your dark pupils. Your eyes shone bright with layers of sharper pointed spikes of darker a color on top of a robins egg blue. You had the most amazing eyes. Around your iris (the colored part of you eye)was a dark ring of black. You loved your eyes and thought of them as the best part of your body. Charlie did not know of your life like this. When he was living by you business was good for you but now that Charlie had moved into the factory and the candy was twice as good no body wanted to spend their extra money on pictures, they wanted to spend it on new Wonka candies that were every week, coming out.
QUIZ START: You sat quietly in your little shack sketching an animal someone had described to you. It was orange and it had black stripes. They said it was called a Tiger. You were sketching this when your stomach rumbled. you were working on this picture to make some money for your breakfast. You were figuring you could make a good ten dollars off of this drawing. You sat pondering. You realized that since a year ago when Charlie had moved into Willy Wonka's factory he hadn't come to say hello to you. You sighed and stretched your lungs. You finished the last stripe on your Tiger. You thought that no one is going to buy it because of the long sharp teeth that the person had described. They were long and stuck out of it's mouth with purple-ish blood dripping from them. You figured that was probably not what it looked like but you liked your imagination. You stood up from your seat and stretched hard. You put your arms in the air and reached. You were still in your boxers. Those were the only things you had to sleep in. You went over and found your dark jeans. They were frayed at the bottom. You grabbed your sketch and walked outside. It was a nice day it wasn't too warm and it wasn't too cold. It was perfect. You walked over to the street corner and stood by a candy shop. You held up your drawing in hopes that someone would spot it and like it. You leaned against the building. You turned your head and peered inside. There was a little girl buying some candy. Then she looked over to where you were standing.You recognised this girl, she liked your drawings and was always begging her mother or father to buy one particular one with a butterfly on it. But they never did. You always set aside the drawing until someday when she could afford it herself. She stared for a while until the man at the counter smiled and handed her a piece of candy. She took it then started talking to the man again. She handed him another silver coin and he gave her another piece of candy. This one was a Wonka bar. Then she waved to the man and walked out. She walked over to where you were standing. She said "I know you don't have a lot to eat so I'll trade you this Wonka bar for your butterfly." You agreed, and pulled your sketch from your sketch book. Her face lit up and she gave you a hug. This was awkward because you hadn't been hugged in 10 years. But you hugged her all the same. You thanked her and she scampered off to a bench where her parents were waiting. They smiled at her and her father put her on his shoulders and carried her off towards some other buildings. You tried to remember back to when you were 6 and your father would put you on his shoulders, but your memories were fuzzy. You sighed again, and looked at the chocolate bar that read "Wonka Scrumdidilyumptious" You ripped the wrapper off the candy and took a bite. It was sweetest thing you had ever tasted. It was sweet. You looked at the Wonka insignia etched into the chocolate. You sighed maybe today you will have eaten and been able to have some money left over. You sat against the wall of the candy store. You closed your eyes holding on to your drawing. You sat there wondering why Charlie hadn't said hi to you since he went to the factory. "Victoria?" You heard an excited voice say. You closed your eyes and lifted your head. You saw a boy standing there he was about 12 years old. "Charlie!?" You stood up and hugged him. he was short compared to your long body. You were about 5'9" where as Charlie was about 5'6" He hugged you back. "Why havn't you said hi to me since you left?" You pulled away. "sorry, Willy has been bombarding me with camdy ideas," his eyes shifted, "he was after me for a week trying to get me to make that" you looked at the chocolate bar in your hand."It's the weirdest thing, lately Willy hasn't been able to think of any candy ideas, it's like his mind is completely blank" You wondered what happened, usually there were atleast four new candy ideas coming out each week. "i wonder why" Charlie thought for aminute. "Victoria?" You were brought out of you thoughts. "Would you like to meet Willy?" You didn't know what to say. "c'mon" CHarlie grabbed your hand and started pulling you towards a glass elevator. You followed having no choice but to come. You stood in the elevator as Charlie pushed a button and it wizzed off to the factory. As it started moving you lurched back and whapped your head on the glass. You crouched down and sat there holding your head. "Victoria, are you ok?" said a concerned Charlie. "Yeah i'm fine" you said standing up. The elevator lurched again and you fell back but this time you caught yourself. You supported yourself with your hand, and you lowered your head and coughed into your hand. You cleared your throat and when you looked up you were in a magnificent room. The entire room seemed to be made of candy. Thereseemed to be trees made of candy canes, and there werebridges made of chocolate with gummy grass. It all looked so good but the thing that really caught your eye was in the center of the room at the back was a magnificent waterfall. Any unknowing person would say that the waterfall was poluted, but you knew better this waterfall was made of chocolate. You were staring at the amazing creation, when you started caughing again. In the middle of your cough, your stomach started to rumble. You didn't want Charlie to know that you were poor and hungry. You tried to repeat the sound in your thraot so that charlie wouldn't notice, but he said "Are you hungry? I can have my mother make you something to eat." You tried to refuse but Charlie new when you were lying and he took you in to get some food from Mrs.Bucket. The old run-down shack had been moved to the factory as well. Mrs. Bucket made you a sandwich and gave you some water. After you had finished, Chalrie walked you out into the Chocolate waterfall room. "Wait here," he said, "I'm going to go find Willy" you agreed and stayed in the chocolate waterfall room. You stood and looked around when all of a sudden you started coughing again. It was so bad it was almost violent. You staggered backwards aways until your knees buckled beneath you, and your eyes rolled back in your head. You were on the bridge just above the chocolate waterfall. Half of your body was on the bridge where as th rest had missed it. Your limp body started to slither off the bridge into the chocolate lake, until a pair of purple gloves caught you.
The purple gloves...they're sexy!
Oh comes the hot piece of work!
Yay! WIlly Wonka, WIlly Wonka, the ama- (me: yes we all know the song >...>)
What are you guys blubbering about? He looks like a chick. (me: then why are you taking this quiz?)
OMG HE TOUCHED ME~^~^^~^~^~^ (me: yeah... ^.^''')
OK there you go. Hope you guys liked it. Will you please message? And you don't have to rate if you don't want to but i sure would like it! ^.^ Thanks! New one tomarrow!

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