Kankuro Lemon

Created by wakeplilsuzie on Sunday, February 25, 2007


This is my VERY first lemon so please give me feed back. My friend edged me into it. I couldn't help it but it had to be a Kankuro one. My next one will be a ♥Neji♥ one and well it might me better but if I don't get feed back it won't make it better!!! Well please enjoy.
Loser. me:well you can just go press the arrow pointing to your left. Guess where that takes you? It takes ya back. LEAVE!
Here Goes
Kankuro LEMON
"Kankuro right?" I asked getting into my stance.
"Brat, right?" he replied getting into his stance.
"Thanks, but its Kelly. I smiled.
"Right, right." Kankuro came at me. I threw a bomb out. Smoke surrounded us. I did a couple hand signs really fast. I made a clone which hid in the shadows then I transformed into a doll. After the smoke cleared, he was looking around panicky. When his eyes caught the doll, or me, he just laughed. My clone laughed and came out of the shadows.
"Whoa, I thought you used transformation jutsu?" He looked at my clone with a cocked head.
"No, I dropped my doll." My clone ran up to me and stuffed me into the little pouch that I kept my kunais at. Talk about OWW. My clone and Kankuro fought until he was about done. My clone finally popped. I fell out of the pocket before my clone popped.
"I knew it!" He yelled. You did your such a little brat. he continued yelling at me, Im still the doll. Everybody was looking at Kankuro like he was a retard.
"Kankuro! What the heck do you think your doing!" Temari yelled at him.
"Shut up shes the doll!" he yelled back.
"You found me out." I giggled a little and poofed back into me.
"You are such a brat." he shook his head a little at me. I put a finger to my chin and said in a really girly voice. "Oops is wittle Kankuro, all warned out?"
"Your freakin cute." He said a little too loud.
"KANKURO! Dont let your emotions get in the way destroy her, NOW!" Temari shouted.
"Oh my. I guess that makes two cause I think your cute too." I said softly. I ran over to him, twisted his arm around his back, all really fast.
"Whoa, your fast." He smiled.
"Thanks I'll loose this thing if you promise to make me your girlfriend." I whispered in his ear.
"Hmmmm. I dont know." he tried to get out of my grasp. He did kind of but when he did his lips were forced against mine. For those moments in time were just lingering there forever. I was falling to the ground. When I hit the ground, I just stayed there. Hayate proclaimed me as defeated. A stretcher came in and the medics almost picked me up but I said I didnt kneed anything.
"Dont be stupid just go to the hospital wing." Kankuro looked down at me as he licked his lips.
"Whatever." I smiled weakly. The medics put me on the stretcher and took me to a room. The rest of the preliminaries continued. At the end of the preliminaries, I walked out of the hospital wing all fine.
"Hey, your Kelly!" a guys voice yelled from my right.
"What?" I turned toward the voice.
"So, did you actually loose on purpose?" he asked.
"Uh, whats your name?" I looked at him with a cocked head.
"Oh. Naruto Uzumaki, believe it!" he replied.
"No." is all I said. I continued my walk back to my house. I find Kankuro in my kitchen eating a cat nip that was pounded into a cookie shape.
"These cookies are good what are they?" Kankuro asked. I burst out laughing.
"What the heck?" he looked at me like I was nuts.
"You really are a cat arent you?" I said in between laughs.
"What?" I slowly calm down. I reached into the cabinet and pulled out the box.
"Your eating these." the box said, CatNip Cookies.
"Oh, they taste good." He continued to eat them.
"Okay, there Nekos." I smiled at him.
"And it is?" Kankuro put down the treats.
"She is a cat." I said and turned around. "Neko!" I yelled. A white cat came running into the room.
"Oh, how cute." Kankuro said sweetly. Just like you. He looked up to me.
"Thanks." I blushed slightly.
"Ah, screw this. Come here!" Kankuro grabbed my waist and started to kiss me passionately. I backed from him teasingly and walked backwards, so he would follow, into the living room.
"You smell like Catnip." I said. As I was backing up I tripped over the coffee table. Kankuro caught me.
"Be careful." Kankuro said and kissed me again. As I kissed back Kankuros hands rode up the back of my shirt and played with my bra snaps.
"Whats the matter, cant get it?" I asked as I backed away from him.
"No. I hate it! Take it off, please?" Kankuro whined.
"Whatever." I reached up the back off my shirt and undid the hooks, but I left it on.
"Now where were we?" Kankuro asked as he came after me again. We went back to kissing and just like before his hands traveled up to my bra. The hooks were undone so he just slid it down and off and with the same time he took off my shirt. Somehow we were now in my room and I was laying on my back on my bed.
"Now this aint fair. I have no shirt, nor a bra, and you still have all of your stuff on." I covered my chest.
"Fine is this better?" Kankuro ripped his one piece off. Now there he was standing above me in just his black boxers and his hoodie was still on.
"Yes." I licked my lips. He quickly pressed his lips upon mine and with his right hand he reached down and under my skirt. He started to message my clit through my underwear. I moaned in his mouth. I slid my hands from his back down to the rim of his boxers. Between my thumb and fore finger I ripped the rim and it tore straight down the back.
"So ya wanna play that." Kankuro whispered as he back away from me. I sat up a little and looked at him. The boxer part from the front fell down. As this happened my eyes popped open.
"That freakin huge thing is going in me?" I yelled at his size.
"What nervous?" Kankuro teased.
"Not really." I stood up and pushed him down to the bed. I sat on his wait right above his dick. I looked down into his eyes. His arms were up supporting his head.
"What?" I looked at him confused.
"Nothing." He smiled with his eyes closed. About a minute of quiet nothingness passed.
"OH!" I shook my head. "I know now."
"What?" Kankuro opened his eyes confused. I smiled a sexy smile and got off of him. I put my knees on either side off him. I started to suck on the tip of his dick as he grabbed the sheets. I got faster and harder. When he finally cummed in my mouth I gave up with his lower half. I slid my head from his dick up to his face.
"What done?" He panted.
"Yeah." I spit in his eye.
"Hey!" He whipped his eye with my bra that was in his hand.
"Now why the heck do you still have my bra in your hand?" I asked.
"Because its silky." He replied rubbing it against his cheek. Then without warning he flipped me over and took off my underware.
"Wow, could you warn me before!-" I screamed as he started to lick my clit. As his tongue searched my body I leaned back and just let him take over for a while. When I finally cummed in his mouth his face showed up by mine.
"Whoa were did you come from?" I asked a little panting.
"Down under." He replied with a kiss. I could taste myself as his tongue ravished my mouth. He broke the kiss and positioned himself above me.
"Ya ready?" he asked.
"Yeah." I replied.
"No turning back, and I just met ya too. So..."
"Shut up and do it already." I smiled. Kankuro pushed himself into me with little force. What he doesnt know is that Im NOT a virgin anymore so he can go fast.
"Are you ok?" he asked as his hole dick was in me.
"You know? Im not a virgin anymore. So faster if ya want." I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. He was supporting us so he didnt really do anything. I laid back down on the bed. He began pumping in and out. Slowly but surly.
"Faster." I moaned as I clenched the sheets.
"As you wish my darling." Kankuro replied pumping in and out, in and out, IN AND OUT!!! When he finally cummed inside of me he collapsed right beside me panting.
"Your turn to work your magic." Kankuro panted. He turned over and I climbed on top of him. I slid his dick into my opening and worked it around until he cummed again. I couldnt help the urge in me to go down and suck on his head again. This time he held back from cumming in my mouth. So he twisted over and cummed all over the blanks. I got up from the bed and staggered over to the bathroom.
"Hey, whats wrong?" Kankuro asked as I almost fell.
"Tired." I simply replied.
"Oh." I went and got a towel, butt naked may I remind you, and cleaned off the pillows so I could lay my head somewhere. After I cleaned it up. Kankuro looked at me while I was laying in bed comfy but naked.
"Your so 'fucking' hot." he said.
"And so are you." I replied.
OOoo That was awesome for a firsttimer. I'll give ya feed back.
That sucked. I can't believe it sucked that back.

OOOooo Thank you. Please give feed back and rate!!! ^-^
Please give me ideas on how to fix it. but thanks for readin anyway.

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