appreciate[a nick jonas story]chapter one\the hospital

ok guys! well here is chapter one! its really eventful! i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing it! love claire

Created by NickJisoffTHEchain14 on Monday, February 26, 2007


You were sitting in the hospitals waiting room with what Bens mom had sad to you running through your head over and over again. "Amberly, Ben was in an accident while he was visiting some friends in New Jersey. The doctors arent sure if hes going to make it. Ive already talked to your mom and shes agreed to send you up to New Jersey so you can be with him." That was only part of what she had said. She went on to explain the reason why they werent bringing him back to Virginia was because they were worried what would happen while traveling. She also said that you would be staying with the family of Bens friends. The only thing she didnt tell you was what had happened.
ohh sad =[
That was 24 hours ago. You were now sitting the waiting room, where you had been since you got there. You hadnt even gone to the house where you were supposed to be staying. The second you got off the plane you told Mrs. Anna (Mrs. Patricks) you wanted to go straight to the hospital so she took you.
Ben is your boyfriend, he means everything to you. Hes 15 and youre 14-but that didnt change anything. You and Ben had known each other since you were 3 and he was 4. You met each other in a Mothers Day Out class and have been best friends ever since! You didnt become a couple until a year ago though. But you had loved him as long as you knew him.

aww how sweet! such a cute couple [sure] what do you mean sure? [i'm not telling!]
The "mysterious" friend of Bens had yet to show themselves at the hospital, and for some reason that really made you mad. They were the ones that were there when the accident had happened. Why hadnt they come down to see how Ben was? The only thing you did know about the accident was these boys werent involved
ohh short paragraph i know... but boys? i wonder who?!?
"The boys are dealing with it a different way Amberly. Remember they were here when the accident happened." Mrs. Anna had read your mind. She handed you a cup of coffee and sat down next to you.
"Thats another thing! Why hasnt anyone told me what happened? I should know! Im his GIRLFRIEND!" you complained.
"Youll find out in your own time. But Amberly, I really think you need to go get some sleep. I promise the second you wake up and want to come back I will take you or someone else will. You just really need some sleep though sweetie, you havent sleep or even rested since youve gotten been here."

rest in results!
"But what if something happens while Im gone?"
"I promise someone will wake up and get you here right away. Just let me take you to go get some rest."
"OK." You mumbled and headed to go meet this family.

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