Lemon Series - <3> - a vampire LEMON!!!

Created by Dracosmyhunnybunny on Monday, March 19, 2007


It was now siz o'clock and it was already dark and you were still in your school uniform when the bell rung. You opened the door to see a HOT lad there.
"Hi i'm Naku. I'm here about the house."
"Huh? Oh my dads not here..."
"You do realise it's raining yeah?"
"Oh. I suppose I could show you around."
He stood there unable to come in.
"Aren't you going to come in?"
"...I can't i'm a vampire...I need you to invite me in."
"Oh...You promise not to bite me?"
"I promise...I haven't eaten a girl for a hundred years."
You smiled.
"Come in."
He came in smiling and took off his coat.
~After showing him around~
"Thats basically it...Do you want a cup of tea?"
"That'll be great...whats your name?"
"Oh it's ~~~~"
"Nice name."
"Thanks."You said pouring the tea into the cup.
You put it on a tray then carried it through.
"So are you interested in buying the house?" You asked curiously.
"How much are you wanting for it?"
"...I...don't know. Tell ya' what. I'll ring my dad and ask." You suggested getting up. You went up to the phone and dialed his number. It did a couple of rings before it was answered by a familiar voice.
"Hi dad. A mans here about the house and he's wondering how much it is?"
"Haggle with the price a hundred thousand. I won't be able to get there for another couple of hours so do your best."
"Three hundred thousand!"
"Well honey I had to spend that much modernising it with wide-screens and stuff. Just do your best now i've got to go because i'm in the middle of a meeting goodbye!"
It was too late...he hung up the phone. You walked on through scuffing your feet.
"Okay. I have to haggle with you for around three hundred thousand but we did modernise it for you...well not you but you know."
"hmmm...do you have the planning permissions?"
"Huh? Oh right yeah. I think my dad out them here." You said bending over to get it from under the table.
What you forgot was that your were still in your school uniform. So when you bent over he saw the shape of your vagina on your knickers. He sat there admiring the view. He badly wanted to lean over and stroke it but dared not to when he suddenly got an idea.
"Well I think i'm sold..." He said smiling.
"You stood up and turned around.
"Three hundred thousand it is."
He nodded.
"Wow my dads going to be really happy about this!" You said sitting next to him.
"What about you?"
"Oh. I'm going to be happy I mean more for me to spend on clothes and teddy bears!"
"I'm glad your happy..."
You couldn't help but blush.
"Whens your dad going to be back to sign the papers?"
"Oh he won't be back for a couple of hours 'cuz he's in a meeting." You said smiling.
He smiled politly back then began leaning towards you until his lips gently stroked yours then kissed you passionatly. You broke it after a couple of minutes.
"I really don't think I should be doing this. I mean sure I think your hot but..."
"But what?"
You looked at him. He was definitly giving you the puppy dog look.
"Do you realise what would happen to me for kissing a vampire?!"
"I want to do much more then that...don't you trust me?...If you give me what I want i'll give you what you want."
You looked at him then climbed ontop of him still kissing. His hands stroked your sides making you shiver. You began to rub yourself against his man hood that was starting to enjoy itself. His hands slide down to where your bum was and pulled you towards him. He turned you around and began undoing your buttons. As soon as your breasts were in his sights he sighed.
"What?" You asked embarassed.
"For someone your age they're not a bad size." He said stroking them lightly.
You let out a moan causing him to smirk.
"Yet they're so sensitive." He said nipping one of your nipples causing you to gasp.
He took off his shirt then his trousers. You watched peacefully and when he was fully unclothed you admired his six pack. You got up and began kissing his chest, then up to his neck then on his lips. Every kiss made him more and more erotic then before. Now it was his turn he kissed you passionatly on the neck and nibbled you lightly. He removed your skirt and underwear skillfully then lay you on your back and positioned himself.
"Are you a virgin?"
"Are you a virgin?."
He smiled and began carressing your thighs.
"Then this is going to hurt..."
You nodded and he began to suck on your neck making you relaxed. He then went up to your lips and sucked them too. You let him slip in his tongue to search around your mouth when suddenly, you felt a sharp pain inside your stomach causing you to break the kiss and let out a yelp of pain.
"shh...shh...it's ok the pain will go."
"It hurts so much." You said tears coming down your face.
"Well it's your first time of course it's going to hurt...but soon it will all go away."
He smirked and then began kissing you again as he slowly went in and out of you. You broke the kiss again.
"It really hurts..." You said another tear falling down your face.
He wiped the tear away and kissed your cheek.
"You are pretty tight...much tighter then a girl of your age should be. Thats the reason it hurts so much but don't worry the pain will go once you get use to my size...trust me."
He whispered those last words into your ear...with those final words you nodded and braced yourself for him going back into you.
He slowly entered you again. You threw your head back from the pain and bit your lip. It suddenly began to bleed. He noticed this and leant down to lick it up. This made you very horny so you bit your lip harder so more blood would come out. He chuckled then leant down and sucked your lip. Once all the blood was cleared up he looked into your eyes. You saw the blood on his lips making you nervous. He leant down again and kissed your neck. H began thrusting into you again but this time it didn't hurt.
Realising that it didn't hurt you any more he began going faster and harder.
"Oh...Oh fuck yeah..mmmm." You said reaching down to rub your clit.
He chuckled again and whispered into your ear.
"Your a little whore at heart aren't your dear?"
"Yeah...oh fuck yeah..." You said rubbing your clit harder.
He licked the side of your face and went as hard and as fast as he could. You were moaning really hard now...very close to screaming.
"Oh my god...I can't...I can't..."
You couldn't finish the sentence from the pure ecstasy of the whole act.
He grunted as he went harder until he slowed down. You felt liquid ooze into you causing you to moan. He was panting now along with you.
"I hope you liked it..."
You nodded still panting.
He pulled out of you and pulled you up and stuck his cock infront of you. He was right. He had a really big cock...yet he was so good at making it fit. You looked up at him and began to suck, not breaking eye contact.
"ahhh...yeah..." He said stroking your hair.
You sucked and you licked the sides and top of his dick causing him to shudder. He motioned for you to stop.
"You better get changed before your dad gets back."
You looked at the clock...you couldn't believe it...you had been doing this for one in a half hours.
"But how-"
"When a mortal makes love to a vampire time passes much more quickly then the average fuck." He said before kissing you.
When you got changed the door opened and your father came in.
"Ah! Have you been waiting for me all this time?!" He said before hugging you.
"Don't worry...I sold the house."
Your father looked at the man.
"She did indeed." He said smiling at you.
"How much?!"
"Four hundred thousand...'tis a good house sir."
He smiled and patted your back.
"I always knew my girl was a good dealer."
He smirked again causing you to smirk also.
"She kept me company whilst you were gone and kept me amused with some interesting techniques...these days it's hard to entertain a vampire. Here is your four hundred thousand."
"What did you two do?"
"Huh? Oh we discussed different things..." You said looking at him.
"I really must be going." He said before leaving.
"Oh wait." He turned around to see your father.
"Whats your name again young sir?"
"Damien Vanlichtinstine." He said before leaving the house...
THE END...little bit of information in the results.

Hiya. I shall be making a couple more stories with Damien in...mwhahahahahahahaha...featuring different girls and different 'acts'...lol.

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