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Hello! So here's Part 1! I'm so excited! Lol! My first quiz! I would like to thank you in advance for reading this! ^_^ Please Rate and Message.

Created by Infamousleader on Thursday, January 05, 2006

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Today we join you as you're just about to set outside to look after the children.
It was quite early but not early enough for the parents to be out setting up shop for the day's work.
As you grabbed your diary from off the table to journeyed out from your cosy house. Immediately you saw the children playing in or around the fountain that was a little ways from the main market area but close enough for you to watch.

"Hey guys! Miss Cali's here!" The children rushed over to you as you shut your door.

"Hey everyone! How are you all today?" You asked cheerily.

The children answered with enthusiasm as you set your diary down on the bench below your window.

"What shall we do today, Miss Cali?" A little girl asked. Her name was Ari. You had to admit that you liked her the most. She reminded you of yourself when you were younger.

You smiled brightly at their eager, awaiting faces.

"Well you know what we should do?" You whispered as you lowered yourself to their height.

"What, Miss Cali?" They whispered also.

Smiling deviously you answered. "I think we should...race to the fountain!" You called as you set off towards the fountain in break neck speed.
The children followed quickly and arrived a couple of seconds after you.

"I win! I win!" You shouted with glee, jumping up and down.

"Aww! You tricked us!" A boy pouted. His name was Teo.

To was the youngest out of the twin boys. All in all there were 5 children. 2 girls and 3 boys. Their names were Ari, Salina, Kai and the twin boys were Teo and Matteo. You loved all the children as if they were your own. They were all so cute!

Aww! Cute kids!
Hooray kids to look after...-_-;;

You all took a moment to catch your breath from this morning's sudden exercise.

"So what do you wanna do guys?" You asked as you sat on the edge of the fountain, leaning back on your hands.

"Tell us a story, Miss Cali" Salina chirped up.

"Yes, yes! Please do so Miss Cali!" Ari exclaimed.

You smiled at their eager, awaiting faces.

"Well, okay"

Cheers went up as the children sat down on the ground inching close to you to make sure they would hear every word.

"Once upon a time there lived a Great Pharaoh. He was loved by all for his kind and generous nature. They loved the way he ruled the country, giving money to those who needed it and listened to what his people wanted.
This lifestyle was great for everybody and as long as the people were happy, the Pharaoh was happy unlike the Angry Ruler from the next country."

The children gasped.

You looked at the kids. They just looked so enthusiastic. You smiled at them and each of them smiled back at you.
You suddenly felt so happy at that moment.

"This Angry Ruler was harsh when he controlled his country. He wouldn't care what happened to them. He left his Guards to deal with whatever matters arose in the country whether it was a domestic dispute or a criminal he just didn't care.
All he ever really cared about was himself or so he wanted people to think. He actually cared about his daughter, the Princess, but most people didn't know about her.
The people that did know about her knew that the Angry Ruler was just doing all this to protect her from all the rough living of the ordinary people and so kept his daughter locked up in the palace."

"Did the Princess ever know about the outside world?"

"Well she would spend most of her time in the library and that was where she learnt most of what was on the outside but it didn't give her the experience of actually living.

"So then what happened, Miss Cali? Did the Angry Ruler ever let her out of the Palace?" Kai asked as he scooched forward, looking at you with his big grey eyes.

"It just so happened that the Angry Ruler sent out a warning to the Great Pharaoh that he was about to declare war just because he didn't like the way the Great Pharaoh ruled. You might even say he was jealous.
And so with a war looming over their heads the Princess took it upon herself to travel to the Pharaoh's Palace and use words instead of violence to resolve this."

"But the Princess had never travelled outside of the Palace before so wouldn't she have trouble travelling all the way to the Pharaoh?" Matteo asked.

You smiled at their questions. It was good that they had such an inquisitive nature. It would help them to understand the goings on around them in the world.

"The Princess thought it was such an important task that she couldn't let anyone else do it. Plus she felt she had to do this. To experience life outside, to travel and to test her knowledge that she learnt from all the books she had read.
Upon arriving at the Pharaoh's Palace they both set their eyes on each other and instantly fell in love. Never had they seen such a breathtaking person in all their lives."

The girls gasped. "Did they get married Miss Cali? I hope they did and also that they lived happily ever after!" Both girls nodded their heads and giggled to each other.

"Well they tried to get married but the thing was the Princess' father didn't approve and so he-"

Oh no! What's happening? And why in the hell has this story ended so abruptly with a dash? (Me: Erm...I just felt the story was going on longer than I'd hoped it would...heh...erm...yeah...-_-;;
(Me: Hey! What're you doing with that 10 foot barge pole?) Not touching this quiz with it that's what! (Me: Why I outta...)


With this said everyone started to scurry around collecting their things and rushing towards their houses.

"Miss Cali what's going on?!" Ari asks with fear in her eyes.

"Don't worry children we just need to wait for your parents to come and collect you"

You hugged the children and looked around the market place. Some of the dust on the ground was kicked up and covered up some people that could have been the parents.

"Quickly home children. We need to get inside as soon as possible" The parents called as they took their children away but not before giving you a thank you.

As you watched the scene around you, people were frantically running about to their houses. The market stalls were just left open and soon the whole street was almost completely void of people.
But before long you found yourself running to your own house after spotting the Guards just a couple of metres away.

As you entered your house, you found yourself locking the door and then going over to the window the close the shutters but realised there was something on the floor outside. You gasped.

"My Diary!"

You ventured out hurriedly towards you diary. It must have been knocked off the bench and kicked away during the commotion.
As you ran back to your house a figure appeared in your blind spot. At the last second you noticed someone running towards your side but they were looking back at the Guards and so didn't see you.

"Oomph!" You both collided with each other.

Recovering quickly you ran inside your house but little did you know that you followed in by the stranger.

As you watched the Guards go away from your house you gave out a large sigh.

"Phew! That was close..."

"You can say that again" Came a deep voice.

You spun around in the direction of the voice and came face to face with...Barney! I'm only joking!
Really you came face to face with a man in a cloak. He was just a little taller than you and the only other thing that was most noticeable were his eyes.

His hair and the top half of his face was covered by the shadows of the cloak. His eyes were this bright piercing, violet colour that when you looked into them it felt like he looked directly into your soul...his eyes were that good...

"I hope you don't mind me being here miss," The stranger with the awesome eyes said. He bowed a little too as an apology for the intrusion.

'He seems like a nice enough guy, he's very polite but I still have to wonder why he was being chased by the Pharaoh's Guards...hmm...'

GAH! Stranger in my house, albeit hot stranger, but nonetheless he's a stranger!
Ooh...strangers...not like I haven't seen one of those before...

Who is this mysterious guy that followed you into your house? Could he be dangerous? Could he be the one? Now that I've said that you probably know now...heh heh...Please Message and Rate! ^_^;;

Dude! What's wrong with my quiz? He's a picture anyway! Pharaoh Atem's so cute! Message me anyway! Constuctive criticism please!

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