WHAT! I have to spend my summer with Draco! - Part seven- ooo, me like this one

Ok, if you have NOT read parts 1-6, read them. They are very important to understand what is happening in this story, and I want you to read them anyway. All so, if you havent noticed, I am also writing a story about Snape and Elizabeth, so go to my quiz list and you should see them. All so, read my friends quizzes, they so much better than mine and they and just AWESOME!!! if you want mt to read your quiz, send me the title and I will read it and tell you what I think. Not to mention that I will vote, cuz

Created by liv2daydream on Thursday, January 05, 2006

This is a bad idea. said Hermione. We were outside the Library, Draco was inside, unaware of us watching him.
This is dangerous, it isnt worth it, she said, starting to walk away. I grabbed her by her robes, pulling her back.
Come on, you cant back out now. I looked at Draco, then I took a deep breath.
Ok, here I go. I then went into the Library, Hermione waited outside in the hall.
Hey Draco. I said.
What do you want? he demanded. Geez, attitude. Not what I was hoping when I came over here to ask you out, wow, this is so weird.
So where is your freaking boyfriend? asked Draco, putting a book on the shelve.
Oh, we broke up after a fight. Draco nodded his head and pulled the book off the shelve. Ok...
So you dating anyone? I asked, smooth, ~~~~, smooth. Draco shook his head and turned the book upside down. Ok, um...
Your book is upside down, you know? Dracos face went a little pink as he put his book right side up. I giggled. Draco lifted his head to look at me.
Whats so funny? he asked.
Nothing, just that I dated Harry, only to have him go back home. I said, leaning against the book shelve. Draco stepped towards me.
Really? he asked, I got him. Lol, right where I want him.
Yeah, Hermione says that he was really upset after our fight and started to pack. I really cant think of any way to make him stay, only, well you would never... Draco raised one of his brows.
What would I never do? he asked, stepping towards me.
That you would date me, to make him jealous and then try to get me back. I said, staring at his eyes. They glistened. Draco smiled then started to laugh, quietly cuz we were still in the Library. I giggled.
Are you asking me out? he said, putting the book back on the shelf. I nodded, smiling.
I think it will work, dont you? I smirked. Draco nodded and then took me hand in his.
So, ~~~~, do you want to be my date for the Hogsmeade trip this Saturday? I smiled.
Only if its not our last date. Draco smiled.
It wont, I promise you. Then Draco, put his arm around my waist and we walked out of the Library. All the other Gryffindor saw us and started to whispered.
In the hall, I glanced at Hermione, who stared then, ran off to tell Harry that I was dating Draco Malfoy.

My plan was working!

ok, you can stop with the yelling
Did you hear?
No way!
Are you serious!
But I thought she was dating Harry?
This followed Draco and me, every where we went. See, Hermione and everyone else in the Library did a good job telling the whole school that I was dating Draco, not Harry. It turned out to be a very popular topic too, cuz Professor McGonagall had to tell everyone to stop talking about it and do their homework.
Harry, though, was taking it just like I wanted too. He was sending daggers into my back every time he saw me with Draco, which was all day cuz we had all of the same classes.
Hermione, was even seen with Harry, which told me that she was working on her other half of the plan. Going on a date with Harry and I kept telling her at bedtime, to hurry it up cuz Harry could leave any day now.
I know, its just hard for me to lie to him. she said one night. I rolled my eyes at this.
And then you will never go on your date and Harry will leave school and go who knows where. I said, she only nodded and said she would try harder.
As strange as it sounds, being Dracos girlfriend had some great benefits with it, like his mom was now sending me goodies too. Not to mention that my Dad found out that I was dating Draco, so he was now talking to me.
He even gave me money for the Hogsmeade trip, which normally, my dad would never do. So everything was going great... but one thing. I was starting to really fall for Draco and I had no idea if he was falling for me. So that was really bugging me.
Here is that book we need for DADA class. said Draco. We were in the Library, it was the day before our official date and we were doing our homework, together.
Draco sat down next to me and put his arm around my middle. I must say, I like it, a lot but I didnt tell Draco that nor did I complain about it.
Thanks, I said looking up from my paper.
We were learning more about how to do silent spells and Elizabeth said that there was a book in the Library that would help us understand it better, so here we were, with the book.
A few first years walked pasted, whispering and pointing.
Hey! Its rude to point. said Draco, scaring them off. I smiled, good job.
What? I hate that they have no life of their own, that they have to talk about us. said Draco, smirking as he flipped open his book. I giggled. I sure do that a lot, giggle, I mean, well who cares, it just means that I am happy, right?
Draco then started to read aloud about the silent spells and I finished writing our essay that was done on Monday. After checking for errors and reading it over, I held it up.
All done, I said happily. Draco took it from my hands and read it over, nodding his head.
Good. he said. I grabbed my paper back.
Good? Well, in that case you can write your own essay. I said, faking that I was mad.
Draco laughed and pulled me closer, putting his face in my neck. Mmmm, I love it when he does that. It feels really nice and he smells so good. Oh, and he told me how his breath smells do minty! He uses a very strong tooth paste cuz his Dad has really strong breath. Isnt that cute? Oh my merlin, it is!

IT IS SO AWESOME!!! (me: ok, SHUT UP!!! or i will ruin your dreams!!) *shuts ups*
THANK YOU, Daydreamer. you did something right for a change (me: HEY!!)
Hey, do you want to have dinner together with me tonight? asked Draco.
Am I allowed to do that? I asked, I so want to have dinner with him!

It should be ok, Ill ask Professor Snape if its alright.
FYI: Elizabeth is the Professor for the Slytherin House, big shocker there. Yeah, so anyway, back to the story...
I love to have dinner with you. I said, Draco smiled and started to clean up our papers and books. I grabbed some books and went to put them away. Half way to the drop off for books, I ran into Harry and Hermione.
Harry was holding her hand. They looked very cute together.
Hi Hermione! Did you finish your homework for DADA yet? I asked.
Yeah, Harry and I just came down to check out that book that she said had a few extra thoughts on silent spells.
Here, I was about to put it in the drop off. I handed her the book.
Thanks, she said smiling.
No problem. I said looking at Harry. He had a stupid grin on his face. Like he was planing something that I didnt know about. Like his dating Hermione would make me jealous. Nope. Ok...
So are you two going to Hogsmeade, tomorrow? I asked. Harry nodded.
Yeah, we were planing to go. said Hermione, blushing. She was so cute, you would of thought this was he first date not her third. But this time she was with someone that she really liked.
Well, I got to go, see you later. I said as I went back over to where Draco was. He was done packing our book bags with our stuff.
You have a nice chat with Harry? I see he is finally dating Hermione. said Draco, handing me my bag. We then went out of the Library.
Yeah, well, she was really nervous and stuff. She really likes Harry.
Why would she like him, form what I saw and what you told me, he is a control freak.
He is, but it could of just been because I didnt show him affection. Draco raised a brow.
I didnt show him affection? he said.
Well, no I didnt, I mean... Draco was laughing, he was joking around. I playfully slugged him in the arm. Draco laughed even harder, I laughed too, as we walked, hand in hand, down the hall.
We past some fifth years from Hufflepuff and Draco put his hand on my waist. I felt the warmth coming off it and going up my side.
You ok? he asked, taking his hand off my waist.
I was, until you moved your arm. I like having your arm around me, it makes me feel all warm inside. I giggled and Draco put his hand back. Victory!

o how cute!!! (me: shut up!)
can i kill her? (Me: i'll help you)
YOU CAN NOT KILL HER!!! (me: you are no fun)
We came to the hall where we normally said good bye before dinner. Draco and I stopped, and Draco pulled me into a hug.
It was full of warmth and it wasnt anything like the one I gave Harry back at the Leaky Caldron, I hugged back in this hug. I even put my head into his neck, Draco then rubbed my back. It was a PERFECT hug, the best in the whole world!
I even forgot about all the crap that I had done to this guy when we were kids and all the stuff he had done to me. I didnt even think that Draco was a user either (the second story, talks about this, if you havent read it).

I was about to pull away, when Draco kissed me lightly on the cheek. I blinked at him.
What? he whispered.
You kissed me on the cheek, I stuttered. That is so cute! Oh my merlin! I think he likes me! *jumps for joy* (in your head, not with your body, of course).
Is that ok? he asked. I nodded and gave hin another hug before I started to walk up to the Gryffindor Girls room, or whatever you want to call it.
The whole way up, I thought of the kiss Draco had given me and then about sitting with him tonight at dinner. I even wanted to shout on the top on my lungs, DRACO MALFOY KISSED ME, ~~~~, ON THE CHEEK!!! YES!!! I THINK HE MIGHT LIKE ME!!! DRACO MALFOY LIKES ME!!! ~~~~, YEAH YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT!!!
At dinner...
Why cant I sit with him? There cant be some rule against it, is there? I demanded Professor McGonagall, who had just informed me that I wasnt allowed to sit with Draco, at his House table.
Well, now, ~~~~, it has always been that way. she said, lamely in my opinion. I crossed my arms and glared at her. This sucks...
But I thought Professor Snow wanted change this year. Shouldnt this be a good change? I continued to glare at her. Dinner had already started and Draco was standing next to me, waiting for McGonagalls final decision on the matter.
Yes, she did say that, so you should go to her to talk about sitting with Malfoy at his table. she said, but you could tell she didnt want me sitting with Malfoy, at the Slytherin table. She must think that I am on crack or something, to be dating a Slytherin, not to mention Draco Malfoy.
I turned on my heal and marched up to the Teachers table. Snow was helping herself to some more ham when I stood in front of her. She looked up and smiled.
Good evening, ~~~~, Draco. Is there something I can do for you two? she said, putting her hands in her lap. I nodded and told her all about me wanting to sit with Draco at dinner and how McGonagall told me to talk to her. Snow nodded.
I see, you are dating Draco right now, arent you? I nodded, Well, I think it is alright to sit with him but you have to sit with your House for special occasions. All right? Is that agreeable with you?
Yes, maam. I said nodding my head. She smiled and Draco and I went down to the Slytherin Table and started to eat.
I was totally having a great time, when I noticed Harry sending daggers at me again. I smiled and waved. He blushed and pulled Hermione closer to him. I feel so bad for Hermione, she likes him so must and he is using her to get to me. But that was the plan, wasnt it...
You ok? Draco asked into my ear. I nodded and started to eat dessert.
You sure? Cuz you dont look happy, he said, pulling me closer to him.
Well, its just that Hermione likes Harry so much and well, he doesnt show her that he likes her. He only using her. I said.
Well, you have to admit that you are doing it too. I looked at Draco, he was playing with his peas.
Thats not true.
Yeah, it is. he said, looking me back in the eyes.
Yes, it is why you are dating me. To make Harry stay at school.
Well, yeah, I was but now, well... thats not how it is any more.
Really? asked Draco, smiling a little. I nodded and he pulled me closer. I put my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes.
Was that all true? Was I no longer doing this for Harry? Did I really like Draco? YES!!! why even ask that? I mean, I think of him ALL day now, it is almost scary how much I think of him.
Hey, you want to go now? asked Draco. The hall was empty and it was getting late. I nodded and Draco and I started walking up to the stairs.

* pulls a sword out form under her chair*
We stopped for our fare well hug.
I wrapped my arms around Dracos neck and put my head on his shoulder. Draco wrapped his arms around my waist and put his head next to mine. I breathed in, and listened to his heart beat.
I then felt his lips on my cheek, a jet of warmth went down to my toes. I lifted my head and meet his lips. He kissed me lightly at first then he slowly started to kiss me harder. I kissed him back, my hands going to his hair and playing with it. Draco then pushed me against the wall and kissed me even harder, I wrapped my legs around him. He started to rub my thigh and I moaned into his mouth and I felted him grin. Meany, Ill show him... I then started to kiss him on the neck. This time it was Draco who moaned. Score... I went back to his lips and kissed them with passion. Dracos hand went to my hips and then he started to ...
Um, shouldnt you be in your Houses, right now. said a voice, that seemed miles away. I broke away from Draco and saw Professor Taylor. He was holding in laugher. I smiled and ran a hand through my hair. Draco just stood there, like he didnt know what to do.
I promise not to tell, if I dont see this again. said Taylor, smiling. I smiled and Draco started to breath.
Thanx Professor, I owe you. I said. He laughed.
Hey, all I ask is that when you see me kissing my girl, not to tell my boss. He winked and started to walk away. I looked at Draco and smiled.
Like Snow would care, I said. I so loved Snow as being our new Headmistress. She totally understood what it was like to be in school and with a boyfriend.
Good night, ~~~~. he said before he quickly kissed me on the lips and started to walk towards the Slytherin House. I smiled.
Night, Draco. I said, he turned and smiled at me. I was totally beaming. I then went up to the Gryffindor Tower to tell Hermione all about it.

o my... *passes out on floor* (me: i guess we should wait till she's awake to kill her)
darn!!!! *puts sword away*
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