Fated Love for a Dog Demon Lord (Sesshomaru Story) Part 59

Created by PurplePlayboyBunny on Tuesday, March 27, 2007


As you drifted back into conciousness, you heard voices talking over you. You squinted your eyes open to see on blurs. You shakily lifted your hand and rubbed your aching head. "She's awake!" an excited voice proclaimed. You blinked and rubbed your eyes as the blurriness slowly cleared. You found that you were in Akina and Jiro's hut, laying on a cot. Akina, Rioko, and Umeko sat around you, looking down at you curiously. "Liane? How do you feel?" Akina asked softly. "Horrible..." you whispered, your voice hoarse. "I'm not surprised. You have a hole in your chest and you're covered in scratches and bruises," Rioko said as she lifted the wet cloth off your head and replaced it with a cooler one. "H-how did I get here...?" you asked. "I found you! Kiyoshi and I were walking through the woods when we heard the commotion. We found you and Yuri both laying on the ground. I thought you were both dead!" Umeko answered cheerfully. Memories of what happened came crashing back to you at the mention of her name. "Yuri..." you growled angrily. You tried to sit up, but Akina and Rioko immediately pushed you back down. "She's not pregnant," you said, struggling to get up. "Yes, we found out not long after you left. Sesshomaru is very upset," Akina said. "I could care less!" you snapped. Pain shot through you chest and you curled up, whimpering. "Liane...calm down...you're still really hurt. Don't worry. If you don't want to see Sesshomaru then we won't let him come in here," Akina said soothingly. You looked up at her, tears in your eyes. "Why didn't you just leave me to die?" you asked. "Liane! How could you say that?!" Rioko yelled. "Death is better than what I'm going through right now..." you mumbled. Akina sighed and stroked your hair gently. "I know it's hard, but you'll make it. If you'd just talk to Sesshomaru..." she started. "No," you interrupted,"I don't even want to see him." Akina sighed again and Rioko stood. "I'll go tell the others she's awake," she said as she walked out of the hut. Just seconds later, the flap on the door flew up and Jiro stepped in, smiling brightly. "You are awake! Great!" he said cheerfully. "Jiro! I told you to stay out! She isn't decent!" Akina snapped, pulling the cover up to your chin. "Oh...sorry..." Jiro said, blushing brightly. You looked up at him, the usually emotionless expression returning. The flap opened again and Sesshomaru stepped into the room. He was paler than usual and his eyes were clouded with worry and guilt. You hissed angrily and Akina jumped up, walking quickly over to the men. "Um...Sesshomaru, Jiro...could you two...um...go get some water for Liane?" she asked nervously. Sesshomaru sighed and looked down at you sadly before turning and stepping out of the hut, Jiro right behind him. You relaxed back, sighing unhappily. Your eyes glistened with tears, but you refused to let them fall. "Liane..." Akina started. "Please...can you just leave me alone for a little while?" you asked quietly. Akina frowned worriedly, but nodded and turned, stepping out of the hut. You closed your eyes and felt the tears escape down the sides of your face. "I'll never be happy again..." you thought to yourself.
*tear* that's all for now
I'm still working on the next one. Any ideas?

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