The Flame That Always Burns 3 (Warning!!!!!: Lemon)

Warning!!!!!: Axel Lemon in this one. God, I had to wait until 11:45 to write all this.

Created by KHgamergirl on Monday, March 12, 2007


You opened your eyes sleeply and noticed Axel was still there. You turned to look at the clock. ' 12:00 am.' You thought to yourself. ' It's really late.' " Alvara..." You looked back at Axel as he pulled you closer to him. " Yes, Axel?" He opened his eyes before chrushing his lips on yours. " I've been thinking..." Axel said as he pulled away. " I wanted to show you how much I love you. Will you let me?" You thought for a second before blushing. " You mean....o-ok." " You don't sound sure." He whispered, his warm breath sending a shiver down your spine. You swallowed hard before saying, " I want you to, Axel." He smirked before pushing you on your back and crawling on top of you. He licked your ear before kissing your neck. You moaned as he kissed one spot. He smirked at this, noticing that he found your weak spot. Axel licked it, kissed it and even bit it lightly. You moaned again and felt his hands slip up your Pj top, rubbing your chest. (You forgot to put on a bra, you were too buzy thinking of Axel) Before you knew it, your top was off and Axel was kissing your chest all over. After a while he came back to your lips, kissing you once again. He bit your bottom lip making you gasp. He took the chance and sliped his tounge into your mouth. Soon both your tounges seemed to be dancing together. You quickly unzipped his cloak, reveiling his chest and pants, which at the moment seemed very tight on him. ' Just do it, Alvara!' You thought. You moved your hand and rubbed the large tent in his pants. Axel moaned at this. You blush even more as you feel him grow harder. Axel slips off your pants as you slip off his cloak. You look away as Axel slips off your underwear and looks over your body while rubbing your thigh. " Don't worry, your beautiful." He whispered to you as you looked back at him. You pull down his pants and boxers, blushing at his hard 8" cock. " Like what you see?" He asked noticing your blush. You nodded, not able to speak. He postioned himself above you. " Are you sure you want this?" He asked. " Yes." You said. He kissed your lips again before raming his cock into you. You shut your eyes from the pain that shot though your body. Axel kissed you, trying to calm you down. He started slowly pushing in and out of you and soon the pain was gone, replaced with an amazing pleasure. " Axel....Faster." You moaned. He pumped in a little faster, then even faster. Axel started voilently pumping inside of you. You met each of his thrusts, making him go deeper. You felt something build up inside you. " Axel..." You moaned. " Alvara. I love you!" He grunted as he trust into you again. You orgazmed, your walls tightening around him. Axel held back though. " Axel, you can do it if you want." " Alvara, are you sure?" He asked. " Positive." Axel pumped into you three more times before spilling his seed inside you. He colaped beside you, pulling you close to him and hugging you. " I love you, Alvara." He whispered into your ear. " I love you too, Axel." You said. You meaned it. He hugged you tighter before he fell asleep. You put your head against his chest. Again, no heart beat. It bothered you a bit this time. " I really love you, Axel." You whispered before falling asleep.

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