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Yep...I changed the story's name. XP

Created by x0xstories-and-alibisx0x on Saturday, March 17, 2007


In case you're one of the people that read the info before I changed it...Your attitude is different, you still have a split personality, but your normal personality is different than what you read...You'll find out. ^^ And if you're curious as to how your voice sounds...It's like Asa Shigure's from Shuffle!. *huggles Shigure-sempai ^^*
"Damnit!" Sasuke growled leaping through the trees.

"Shut up, this is your fault!" Neji snapped glaring at the shadow of the giant faux bird.

~How did it end up like this?~ The lavender eyed jounin wondered.

~*~4 Nights Ago~*~

"Hellooooo~!" You exclaimed while smacking Naruto in the back.

"Gah! Why do you hit so hard?!" Naruto yelled once he regained his balance.

You just gave him a cheesy grin and scratched under your infamous hat.

"I wanted to know if you'd join me for some ramen, but if you don't want to..." You trailed off while walking away from your best and only friend.

"Wait up, Akai-chan! I didn't mean it! You can hit me whenever you want!!!!" Naruto cried worrying he'd lost his free dinner priveliges.

You snickered inwardly and ran from him and towards Ichiraku's. This was just about the only place you and Naruto could eat.

"Oh, good to see you two, what'll it be?" Teuchi asked.

"Miso/5 beef ramens!"

Me: Guess who said what? =3

"Geez Nana-chan, I'm gonna be broke one of these days. ~<3" You teased.

Standing next to your blonde haired friend, you gazed in the sky...It was nearing sunset.

"Kayumi Akai. Your prescence is requested by the Hokage." A chuunin suddenly appeared and then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Now, you must be curious as to why he called you Kayumi Akai instead of Yuurei Akai. Sorry. Some things are best saved for later. ^0^

You bid Naruto farewell and disappeared from his sight and reappeared in front of the Hokage mansion.

Me: I think it's called that. =/

Ignoring the nervous glances everyone was giving you, you literally skipped to your former sensei's office. You knocked hyperly on the door and you were immediately told to 'enter'.

The first thing that caught your attention was the fact that two other jounin were there. One was Hyuuga Neji, though you'd never talked to him personally...You'd seen him around. You could vaguely remember him fighting against Naruto in the Chuunin exams from 2-3 years ago.

Next to him was Uchiha Sasuke, you knew him slightly more, but only from Nana-chan's rants. Also, his name seemed to pop up at one moment or another in a conversation with any female.

"Good for you to join us Akai-chan...Now we can begin..." Tsunade trailed off and pulled out an unravelled scroll.

"This message arrived this morning from the village Reimei. Young women have been disappearing for about a week and the count adds up to 47. There were no bodies, cloth scraps, or blood found anywhere. This is possibly linked to the neighboring village of Kanna where, recently, there have been strange animal attacks."

Tsunade folded her hands in front of her face and glanced around to see your facial reactions before continuing.

"You three will be undercover. It's better if you don't use a henge because we're assuming the person behind these events are at least two high ranking nin. Needless to say, they could pick out a henge. Akai, you will be the bait--"

"Eh? Why not him? He looks pretty girly!" You exclaimed pointing at Neji who, in turn, glared at you hoping you'd roll over and die.

Tsunade twitched while trying to keep herself calm by reminding herself you were an idiot and Sasuke was just smirking and trying to act cool...Because he's Sasuke. -_-

Me: I don't like Sasuke! He's a pansy! >.< Naruto: Yaaay, you agree with me! =^^=

"Neji can't be the bait because he's going to be your husband. Sasuke's the only one allowed to wear a hitai-ate because he's the bodyguard." Tsunade sighed once she finished explaing and let the information sink in.

Then, she explained the plan. =3


"Ahh! This outfit is kawaii!^^" You cooed while taking the clothes out of the bag Tsunade had given you last night.

Yes, it was the next morning 5 in the morning to be exact, and you were to leave in 45 minutes. You were walking towards the bathroom when a sharp pain shot through your body. Your hand automatically clutched your chest while you pressed your other hand against the wall for support.

~*Your attitudes to light...It's not beautiful like you, Akai-sama.*~

"Shut up." You snarled outloud.

You heard her chuckle darkly in response while you tried to control your breathing.

~*That's more like it. You know sooner or later the real you...Real US will come to play. It's just a matter of when and where.*~

"Leave me alone!"

Relief swept over you once you felt her laughing prescence fade away. You usually managed to forcefully keep Byakko locked deep within your mind, but...when she got out. She made sure her prescence was known.

You grabbed the clothes you'd dropped during your little episode and walked in the bathroom to put them on.

It was a knee length yellow skirt, a short sleeved pink turtleneck shirt with a red ruffle sleeved tank top over it, purple boots with white lining that come up a few inches above your ankles, and finally a weird green hat with two long 'tails' that had pompoms on the end. (It's an outfit Lucy wore.)

You frowned at the green hat and put your beanie on under it. You never went anywhere without that hat.

"Frick!" You snapped upon seeing the clock.

You scurried out your door while grabbing your duffle bag on the way.

"You're late." Neji pointed out calmly.

You quirked an eyebrow at him he was wearing the same traditional robe outfit, but minus all the ninja gear. You mentally noted Neji still had bandages around his forehead.


Sasuke was wearing his normal Jounin wear.

Me: Seeing as I told you they dressed like how they did in Shipuuden and Sasuke was in sound wear...He's wearing clothes like Jounin...At least until I think of something better. ^^

You ignored Neji and Sasuke looking you over.

"Let's go." Sasuke mumbled and walked out of the gates.


Your face scrunched up making it obvious you were unhappy. 3 hours. 3 HOURS! And nobody had said a thing. You knew by word of mouth Sasuke and Neji were both quiet types, but this was ridiculous.

What to do? What to do?

You grinned childishly and made a 'pop' sound with your lips. Neji and Sasuke merely glanced at you and nothing more.





By now Sasuke was twitching and Neji had his hands clenched tightly.

Time for an encore! ^^

"Are we there yet?"

"No." Neji said shortly.

"Are we there yet?"

"No." This time it was Sasuke.

"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"

"No! Now shut up!"

".......Are we there yet?"

"My God, woman! Are you really a jounin?" Sasuke finally snapped.

"*gasps* How dare you, a duck wearing emo kid, question my super sexy and mad ninja skills!" You hissed finally showing your obnoxious 'self love'.

Me: I told you were you narcissistic.

You placed a hand over your chest feeling a familiar pain there. Your vision flashed red.

Oh no...

"Can't we rest?" You asked making it look like you were tired.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and mumbled a 'fine'. Neji, on the other hand, eyed you curiously. Having the Byakugan he's learned to see through things even when it wasn't activated. He saw that you were pained, not tired.

~I wonder what she's trying to hide.~ He thought and watched you sit on a tree root and face away from him and the Uchiha.
Sorry, no romance as of yet...Just getting the story started. ^^; I promise a bit in the next one. ^_~

This picture is just for funsies. =3

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