Twilight- Edward and Bella (LEMON!!)

ok so this is my first lemon AND my first story, so bear with me..!

Created by Alysha82991 on Saturday, March 17, 2007


Ok so your in the Cullen house, up in Edwards room, chatting and making out.  Edward smiled down at you lovingly, his twany eyes shining  mischievously . "bella my love" he whispered "want to have some fun?"  you grinned widely. "of course."  he chuckled at your egar responce, picking you up and carrying you to his bed.  laying you down gently, he slowly began unbottoning your blouse, teasing you with his fingers on the skin he exposed.  you sighed in pleasure as he removes the shirt, running his hands up your torso untill he finds your black laced breasts.  you giggle at his hungry stare, sitting up and reaching behind you to unclasp it.  his mouth starts watering as your full, porcelin breasts are revealed to him. you smiled "you like?"  he nodded rapidly, lifting his hand to toy with your taunt nipples.  "ooooh" you moaned closing your eyes and lying back on the bed.  edward moved his hands down your body again, this time tracing the low cut edge of your mini skirt.  you gasp as he suddenly rips it off of you, leaving you in only your black lace panties.  he grinned wolfishly, sliding his hand under the black silk.  "edward" you moaned as his seeking fingers pushed into you "yes!"  he smiled again, pulling away from you to undress.  you watched him silently, stripping off your panties.  edward climbed back onto the bed, coming up between your knees, nudging them farther apart as he advanced.  you closed your eyes as his fingers slid into you again, gasping as his tongue found your clit.  crying out, you buried your fingers in his hair, pushing his seeking mouth farther into your heat.  you push your hips up off the bed as you reach your first climax, screaming out as you do.  edward chuckled and withdrew, licking his lips. "mmm" he murmered "you taste good"  you laughed breathlessly as he moved up your body, teasing you with his tongue.  you smiled at him as you wiggled out from under him. "my turn" you said.  he froze as you took his rock hard manhood into your mouth, inch by long, full inch.  you felt his muscles tighten as you swirled your tongue around the tip, teasing him.  you took him farther into your mouth again pulling back and pushing forward untill you finally felt him cme in your mouth.  you withdrew, swallowing.  edward grinned and closed his eyes.  you smiled as you slowly moved up his body to straddly him, your wet  heat inches from his swolen shaft.  his eyes flew open as you took him into you in one deep thrust.  grinding against him, you moaned his name, suprised at how good he felt inside of you.  edward lifted his arms to draw you down to his and rolled over so he was on top.  lifting your legs and butt off of the bed, he drove himself even deeper.  "OH EDWARD!" you screamed "YES! OH YES!" his pace quickened as you both neared your climax, and he moaned your name.  "yes" you panted "YES!" you felt him pulse inside of you, quivering as he reached his climax, you screamed in pleasure as you came together, gasping for air as you lay in a sweaty heap.  "wow" you managed after some time. "just wow"  he chuckled "i agree."  you sighed, running your hand up his stomach. "i love you Edward" you whisper.  "always and forever bella" he whispered back "always and forever."  soon, you had drifted off to sleep, a smile on your face.

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