Lesbian sex.::.Hardcore

Created by sugary53 on Monday, March 19, 2007


Anna sat on her bed, fingering herself thinking about her.
Her name was Pam. She was the hottest girl at school.
She had platnuim wavy blonde hair, was tall, blue eyes, DD tits, round ass,
And probably a tight shaved pussy.
Not that I'd no, thought Anna thought as she drilled her finger into her tight shaved pussy.
And then, thinking about the slutty outfits she wore, she slid another finger in her.
Pam wore, micro-minis, tight jeans, tank tops, tube tops, belly shirts,
even in winter.
"Ohhh..." Anna gasped, she hadn't realised how fast she was going.
She rubbed her D34 tits. Hard.
"Fuck, uhhhhh" She moand loudly.
Shit, she had to be quiet, or else she'd be heard.
Finally she came, all over the bed.
Anna bent down and licked it up.
She rose from the bed.
She had to get dressed for school.
She picked out a pink, tight tanktop and
a loose white mini-skirt and black flip-flops.
She walked over to the mirrior to put on makeup.
When she was done, with her lipgloss, she looked din the mirrior and studied her face.
She had long black straight hair, that went to right above her nippple.
She had sparkling green eyes, cute ass, round face and a love for pussy.
Anna pulled her car up into the school parking lot, she was rich.
Anna drove a silver convertabl.
As she got out and walked into the school.
It was unusually empty.
She looked at the clock. It was 6:13!
She was 2 hours early!
Her brother mustv'e set her clock ahead...dumb idiot.
She didn't feel like going home.
So she walked around looking for other kids.
In room b11 (her math class)
there was Pam.
Anna got wet, remembering this morning.
"Hi." Anna said shyly, to the girl of her fantasies.
Today Pam was wearing a white, and tight turtle neck...wierd for her to cover up.
And a very tight black micro mini with flip flops.
"Sit down...Anna." Pam said. Anna was shocked Pam knew her name!
Anna sat next to Pam.
Anna started imaganing Pam's bare boobs, as she said, 'whay are you here so erly, Pam?"
Pamela smiled and pushed her desk closer. So close that the two desks were connected.
"I always come early" She answered in a silky voice.
Anna smiled at her goddess, 'For what?"
"This day."
Before Anna cuold ask her what she ment she went on,
"I waited for the day you would come early, you are so sexy
I love you."
Anna was speechless.
So Anna kissed Pam on the lips, in a hard, furios manner,
but she was happy.
Pam pulled back and took her by the hand,
And lead her to the desk. She pulled
off the things on the desk, and threw Anna down on it.
Pam climed on top of her, And ripped off her turtleneck,
showing off her boobs, enclosed in a pink bra.
Anna got wetter.
Anna sat up, so Pam was in her lap.
Pam took off all of Anna's things.
Anna hugged and frenched her, while undoing the clasp. Pam pushed
Her down before she could do anything, though.
"Don't rush, you are my slave, call me master, you do as I say or else you will be punshed." Pam told her sternly.
Pam got up and closed the door, she walked over to her backpack, and go out handcuffs, now Anna knew why they were in The math room ,Mr. Daymon had holes in his desk.
Pam handcuffed Anna to the desk.
"You need to be punishd."
Anna shok her head, "No"
Pamme slapped her across the face
"Don't say no to me." Pam told her.
Pam took off her skrit, she had no panties.
Then she ground her pussy into Annas.
Right before Anna came she stopped.
Pam laugehd at Annas attempt to free her hands, so she could finger herself.
Pam licked and sucked Anna's hard right nipple, and then bit down hard,
making her bleed.
"Oww, stop."
Pam got mad. "Call me master." She said in a undercrontrol voice.
Pam walked to her backpack getting out a whip. And a dildo.
Pam put them aside and fingered Anna.
'More..baaaabby." Moaned Anna.
Pam stopped. Pam sat on Annas face.
"Lick' Pam instructed.
Anna did. Anna's tounge dove deep into
The tight pink, shaved pussy.
It was throbbing.
"Anna! OHMIGOD! ANNA!" Pam screamed in pleasure.
Pam lay down and they 69'd.
"Anna couldn't stop moaning, Pam was skilled.
Pam got off her.
Pam hopped onto Anna's boobs and tittyfucked her.
Then she peed.
Anna was shocked.
Pam didn't notice.
She licked up her urine.
"Lick my ass, babe" Pam ordered.
Anna did, whil Pam stuck the dildo in her, set on high.
They were both moaning and screaming, when Mr. Daymon walked in.
He quickly stripped off his clothes.
And moved Pam away from my pussy, he inserted his dick in me.
"No, stop!" I yelled.
He luaghed, and went harder.
I struggeled to free myself, when
suddenly a sharp pain hit my tits.
Pam whipped me.
"Shut up, whore, me and him fuck all the time. He's the best." Pam informed me.
Daymon, found the dildo and shoved it in, so him and the dildo stretched me.
"Anna, I'm going to stop now, and u

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