The best detailed sex story ever!

Okayy... If you're reading this your just like me ;)

Created by Lyssagrl4eva1 on Monday, March 19, 2007


Valerie's phone rang. She opened it up to see that she recieved a new text message from her best friend, Sam, who she secretly though was kind of hot. Sher read it: Val, do you want to come over tonightt 5 to hang out. Val typed a quick yea back. At 5 on the dot, Valerie was at Sam's house. There were a couple other people there two, her best friend Ashley, who she had always wanted to look like, and Sam's best guy friend mike. Sam winked and motioned everyone to follow him into the closet. Once they were in the closet he closed the door and said " Who wants to play naked twister!" Ashley and Mike both screamed "I do!" When Valerie hesitated Sam stuck his hand up Val's shirt and whispered in her ear " Come on Val, It'll be fun." Valerie couldn't resist so they all began stripping. When Ahley took of her bra, Val's mouth watered. When Valerie had her underwear off, everyone smiled. When they were all butt naked they began to play, in the tiny hot closet. Sam spun the bored, Valerie, left hand yellow. Ash, Left hand blue. Valerie could feel Ashley's C sized boobs skimming against her back. Mike, Right foot to green. Now he was hovering over Ashley. Ashley changed her positon so she was sitting on Mike's lap. Mike brought his hand infront of her, then under her ass, and started humping her. Ashley cocked her head around and they started to make out. Then Valerie couldn't wait any longer. She got up and parked herself on Ashley's lap. Ashley started feeling Valerie up and down, still sitting on Mike's lap, Mike still humping her. Then Sam said I want some! He went over to Valerie and started to make out with her, then he grinned as he noticed her boobs dangling right infront of his face. Mike got up and turned the dial on the thermastat. Now it was literally 90 degrees in the closet. " ready for this?" He said to Valerie. "Bring it on!" He gently slid his dick right into Val's hole, and gently rubbed her boobs. He licked her up and down. Then Ashley came over and stuck her ass in Valerie's face. " Your so hot I've always wanted to tell you that I wanted to do this before but I thought you would think I was weird," said Ash. "Anytime!" Said Valerie and rubbed Ashley's butt. Then Sam slid his dick out of Valerie's hole and Started fucking Mike. Valerie went over and started climbing Sam and Mike licked her ass. Then Mike stuck his head between Ashley's legs and Ashley sat down on his back, humping him, and they were still sweating like crazy. Then Mike slid his dick into Ash's hole and screamed "My dick was made for fucking!" Find out what happens next in my sequel...
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