Edward Elric Lemon

if you dont like lemons....DONT READ!!

Created by inuluvr4ever on Monday, April 02, 2007


In The Cave
Youve been traveling with Edward and Alphonse Elric for two years. You met after finishing two different missions. The three of you crossed paths on the train back to Central, when a group of thugs tried to blow it up. The first month was a little rocky between you and Ed, because you made some fun of his height, you got along with Al, but after that month you and Ed got along pretty well. Even if you were no ordinary young lady, no, you were a chimera. A fox chimera to be precise with auto-mail right leg & arm. You have your parents to thank for that.
Currently you where stuck in a cave with Edward waiting for it to stop pouring outside, so you could both go looking for Al. Hed gotten kidnapped during a fight with some chimeras. A gorilla looking type of chimera took him from where the three of you where fighting, and ran off into the forest with the cave that you and Ed where now in.
The both of you were looking around in the forest when it started to rain. But, saying that it was raining wouldnt justify it, it was pouring so hard that you couldnt see five feet in front of you.
We need to go find Al! Ed told you.
Ed, calm down! I want to find him just as much as you do, but its pouring out there, and if we go out looking for him well probably end up getting lost. We can barely see two feet in front of us! you told him.
What good would we be to him if we get lost? you told him, while trying to start a fire with the twigs and leaves that you found in the cave. You clapped your hands together and managed to start a pretty good sized fire.
Come on Ed, get over here by the fire and try to dry off so you dont get sick. Ed came over and sat down next to you. You started to take off your sweater and put it on some rocks by the fire so it could dry off faster, upon seeing this Ed did the same.
I really hope it stops raining soon. you said looking outside at the pouring rain, while going back to where you were sitting by the fire.
Yeah, we need to find Al.
Dont worry Ed, well find him. you reassured him, while shaking from the cold. Ed seeing this, pulled you closer to him and put his arm around you.

Youre cold a.. and I dont want you getting sick. Ed told you with a small blush on his face.
Thanks. you told him while blushing a little and tried to get more comfortable. You both stayed like that for awhile before you started to shake again. Ed pulled you onto his lap and put both of his arms around your waist. You didnt expect this, and you looked right at Ed with surprise after he place you on his lap. Both your faces were only inches away, both blushing. You were just staring into each others eyes. You couldnt look away from each other, the both of you getting lost in the others eyes. The fires glow making you both look more irresistible to the other. Ed started to close the small gap, slowly coming closer to your face, until both your lips touched. He couldnt stop himself, not that you minded. The fires glow, you blushing and on his lap, of course Ed couldnt resist. The kiss only got a little deeper as you moved to straddle him. When you both were out of breath you parted to get some air.
Im Im sorry, I I I shouldnt have don. Ed stuttered out, but you cut him off with a heated kiss of your own. Edward wrapped his arms tightly around you and moved so that you were now under him. The kiss only deepened from here, the both of you couldnt get enough of each other.
(_ur name_), II I love you. he said, after you broke the kiss to catch your breath. His forehead leaning on yours.
You you do? you asked.
Yes, with all my heart. he said looking into your eyes.
But how could you, knowing what I am. you said looking away. Ed shifted his weight onto his right hand and made you look at him by placing his left hand on you face.
It doesnt matter. Thats not what makes you who you are. he told you. And it won't change the way I feel about you. I love you.
Ed I love you too. you said smiling up at him as you moved your hands to cup his face. Ed moved his face closer to yours and started another passionate kiss. Only this one went a lot further. Ed smirked against your lips before he opened his lips and dragged his tongue across your bottom lip. You shuddered beneath his body, but you gladly opened your mouth to him. Both your tongues fighting for dominance, until you let Ed win this little battle. You both kissed each other with need, you and Ed couldnt get enough of the others taste. Your hands moved from Eds face to his neck, and moved to go under his shirt. You could feel his muscles tightening as your hands roamed over his chest. He could feel the coolness of your left hand on his body. You moved your hands to unzip his black shirt. Ed stopped kissing you so you could take off his shirt.
(_ur name_), are you sure you want to do this? Ed asked trying to get his breathing back to normal. He wanted to make sure that you really wanted to do this.
Yes, Im sure Ed. and so you took this chance to push Ed off you and pin him under you.
(_ur name_)?
Ya Ed.
Be mine?
Only if youll be mine. you leaned down to whisper in his ear, which made him shudder.
Deal. Ed said before he started to kiss you again. Damn, this belongs to me now. You thought as you roamed Eds upper body again with your hands. Ed placed his hands on your waist before he stopped kissing you to pull your shirt off. To say the least, Ed liked the site. You, sitting on top of him with only your bra on, with a light blush on your face, trying to catch your breath, and the fires light hitting you just right.
You look beautiful. this only made your blush deepen a little more. Ed took this time to put you back under him and start kissing you again. A moan escaped you from the feel of his tongue roaming the inside of your mouth again. You heard him make a sound of approval and your blush deepened even more when you felt him press his hips against yours. You needed to turn your head to break the kiss and catch your breath. Ed didnt seemed to be effected by this as he moved from your lips to your neck where he began to kiss, nimble, and suck on your heated skin. Your eyes closed and your breathing heaved as you grabbed a hold of his shoulders with your hands.
His left hand had made its way onto your sides and stomach, and began running over your skin. He let it rest on the spot over your lower abdomen. Ed looked up at you, his glazed eyes meeting your now open eyes. Your face was more then flushed as you looked back at him. His breathing was slightly heavy but not as much as yours. You moaned again and your eyes fluttered shut as his hand began to massage your lower stomach. His hands began to make its way lower and now started to unbutton your pants. He began to pull them off slowly, to slow for your liking and you decided to help him. After you both took off your pants he ran his left hand up your leg slowly and softly. You moaned into his mouth and he loved it. Once his hand was back to where it was, his fingers ran across the hem of your panties. He stopped the kiss so he could leaned back and watched your face for your reaction as his hand began to go lower again to take your panties off. A deep moan escaped your lips as his fingers came back up the inside of your leg and began to slide over your wet folds. Your hips bucked against his hand as a finger slipped deep inside of you. Ed groaned approvingly as he began to pump his finger in and out of you, earning small moans from you. Another finger was added as he began to get you ready for something much bigger and better. You moaned out Eds name as you released all the tension that had built up in you from his actions.
You moved your hands to his pants line and started to undo his pants. Ed noticing this stopped what he was doing and helped you take his pants off and you accidentally brushed your hands against his aching member, which caused him to let out a moan. You brought your hands onto the hem of his boxers and started to pull them off, again you brushed your hands against him and made him moan even louder. At seeing Ed like this, you couldnt take your eyes off him. He was to say the least, extremely hot and pretty big. Ed was leaning over you wearing, nothing and staring at you with love and lust in his eyes. You put your right hand on his chest and ran it down his body to his length.
You know Ed, big things come in small packages. you whispered into his ear as you grabbed his length and stroked him gently. Ed bucked into your hand and buried his face into your neck as he moaned out your name.
(_ur name_) Ed moaned out.
Ed, I need you. you moaned as well.
Are you sure? Ed asked, hoping that you wouldnt say no.
Ed, I told you, I love you and I want to be with you. Now please Ed, I need you. you reassured him and pushed your hips into him. And in one smooth glide he was inside of you. At first it was painful.
Im sorry (_ur name_), Ill never hurt you like this again. Ed said to you while kissing away the tears that had run down your face from the pain. After a couple of minutes you moved your hips to let him know that you were ready. When he gently pulled out and trust back in, the feeling sent a rush of pleasure from your entrance to the tip of your hairs and you shuddered under him.
He placed his face into the curve of your neck, and kisses your frantic pulse. You wrapped your legs around his waist and gave a louder moan as he reached into you further and hit your spot.
EEdward. Faster. you moaned out. You wrapped your arms around his torso and try to bring him closer to you, as he moves faster within you. As Ed continues to trust into you, you put your hands on his back and dig your claws into him. All of these actions were making your inner fox come out.
Finally, the built up tension was to much for the both of you and you both released and moaned out each others names. Ed leans on his hands as to not put his body weight on you. You smile, stroking his face gently, while Ed was kissing your neck and moving out of your warmth.
Ed, you say, as he looks up at you, with his eyes slightly glazed over from the aftermath.
Yeah? he says trying to catch his breath.
My turn. You said with a smirk on your lips.
You rolled him onto his back, and you moved slowly down his body, trailing gentle little licks and kisses in your wake. The feeling of his hot skin against your lips made them tingle, and the low growl youve been feeling inside of you rolls out of your lips against his heated skin. By the time you reach his length, hes hard once more. A feral smirk on your lips as you swirl your tongue over the tip of him.
Ed shudders and moans out your name as his hands dig into the ground.
Relax, you said, and as you straddled his waist and you slide yourself over him slowly, loving the new depth. This way, you could have control and you can keep him from finding release until you were ready.
You moved over him, eyes locked upon his face as it contorts into pleasure, running your hands over his well built body. Mine. Kept running through your head. You could feel your own release in the distance, moving slowly closer. Leaning over him you press your lips to his. Ed puts his hands on your thighs, and needles your heated skin. Ed applies more pressure to your legs as he trusts harder into you.
Ed... you moaned out his name as you stop kissing him and looked at him.
Yes, my fox? he says a little out of breath, as he opens his eyes to look at you. And when he did he almost went over the edge by trusting really hard into you.
You were looking straight at him, smiling and with your fangs showing, naked and with fox ears and a tail that had sprouted some time ago, your human ears now gone, flushed, and panting. Ed had to admit, he more than loved seeing you like this. You started to lean down again but instead of going to kiss his lips, you went for his neck. You started to kiss and nip at him were his neck joined his shoulder.
Scream for me. Without warning you bit into him, and he trusted into you hard and suddenly. So sudden that the both of you release your tension. His and your name, yanked from the others lips and some how Eds name turned into a howl, echoing through the inside of the cave. You couldnt support your upper body weight with your arms any longer, and so, you let yourseld fall onto Eds body and he wrapped his arms around you protectively.
Once the both of you get down from cloud nine, Ed noticed that you were licking were you had bitten him.
(_ur name_), wwhy did you bit me? Ed asked trying to catch his breath.
Now everybody will know that you belong to me my mate. you told him once you were sure that his wound had stopped bleeding.
Alright. Ed answered, as he clapped his hands to start an alchemic reaction and place his right hand on your lower back. When he removed it, the symbol that is on his red jacket appeared.
Now people will know that you are mine as well, my mate. he said as he got said jacket and put it on top of you. You were running your right hand on his sweaty chest, loving the feel.
You should get some rest, (_ur name_). he said as he kissed your forehead and rested his head on the ground. The light of the fire still going and making you look like you were glowing.
You mean, WE, should get some rest. you corrected him and wrapped your arms and tail around him. Loving how the light of the fire hit him and loving how he felt under and inside of you.
You know, those fangs, the ears, and the tail look good on you.
Oh, so, I guess you like what you see. you said with a smirk on your face.
You want to start another round? you said as you moved your tail from his waist and ran it sensually along the inside of his legs.
With you, Id love to any day. and so another round with you riding Ed began again. And again you howled out when the both of you released the tension that had built up from your actions.
Ok, now we should really get some rest. Ed panted out and pulled his jacket onto you again.
Al.. right, love. you panted out as well. And once again you wrapped your arms and tail around him, and kissed his neck and mark that you had given him, while Ed wrapped his arms around you tightly and protectively. And so, thats how the both of you fell asleep. You on top of Ed and both dreaming of the other, with the fires light burning brightly, like that love you both had for one another.
Hope you liked!!
if you didn't like it then ed is going to hate you!!
Ed is SO happy that u got him to do his happy dance!!!

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