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This is for teamsatomi and anonymous029...Both of whom requested a Byakuya lemon at practically the same time. O_o

Created by x0xstories-and-alibisx0x on Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Note: This character is kinda emo...compared to my others. ^^; And Byakuya will most likely be ooc and emo as well. Actually, this whole story is emo. -^0^- Oh and the first part is a flashback in third point of view...It'll change to your POV once it's over.

Name: Kaede Meiyo

Age: Appears 17-19

Status: Head of the Meiyo clan, captain of hidden division 0.
"Bya-chan! Look what I found!"

A young girl with green hair like the dark forest ran towards her raven haired friend.

"Sugoi! Kay-chan, where'd you find such a perfect shell?" The child version of the Kuchiki heir asked stroking the smooth, pearl, surface.

The presumed 'Kay-chan' giggled and crossed her arms smugly.

"If you like it that much, then I guess it can't be helped..." She trailed off and dumped the small treasure into the boy's hands.

"Oiii!!! Kaede-chan! Byakuya-kun! You two lovebirds come on already!!! It's time for tag!"

Kaede blushed and Byakuya immediately began chasing the slightly older dark skinned girl around screaming about her 'presumptions'.


"B-but Yoruichi-chan! You can't--"

Yoruichi shushed the girl that had been like a sister to her.

"Please don't make this hard, Kaede...Things'll turn out for the best, ne? Just promise me something..."

Kaede stared up at her childhood friend, tears forming at the edges of her coral eyes. The purple haired woman embraced Kaede and whispered a simple yet emotional phrase.

"Don't give up..."


"What's this about?" Byakuya asked the flustered girl.

With Yoruichi's words echoing through her mind, she choked down her fear and spoke.

"I have something to tell you..." The shy girl began while fidgeting with the collar of her kimono.

"That's good, because I have something to tell you as well." Byakuya seemed to have sighed in relief, like he had a secret he wanted to shout to everyone.

Kaede kept her back to the boy, no, man she'd grown to love. Her hands continued to nervously tug on the purple fabric of her clothing.

"I-I see...You go first." She stuttered quickly.

"I've met someone."

With those words Kaede felt her world shatter.

"Oh?" She whispered hoarsely, waiting for him to continue.

"Hai. She's called Hisana...We're to be married."

The wind rustled their hair...A rigid silence filled the air. Kaede turned her head around as she held the hair out of her delicate features. A mask of a smile was worn.

"I'm glad...During this joyous time you should be with your fiance...Ne?" She teased.

Byakuya smirked and nodded before disappearing from her sight...Her life. Maybe if he'd have looked, he'd of seen the pain that shown through her hazed eyes. Maybe if he'd of stayed...He'd of seen her collapse to her knees...Maybe he'd of noticed the puddle forming by her slender hands....Maybe.

"Ojou-sama, Kuchiki-sama is asleep."

With a curt wave of your hand, you dismissed your head maid. Once the young woman disappeared from your sight, you stood up and strolled out of your library.

Your footsteps echoed throughout the halls, a frown seemed to be permanently etched across your ivory face. You stopped to stand stiffly in front of a door, your hand lay motionless on one of the panels.

After mentally preparing yourself, you breathed deeply and slid the traditional door open. Inside was a room fit for a king...The floor was marble, the furniture made of rich cherry wood and all the fabric made from the best silk. Everything was perfect, except for one thing. The depression that coated this room was overwhelming.

Did he really love her that much? You mused.

You involuntarily bit your lip as you stared at the aristocrat's face. His raven hair, usually held up kenseikan, was strewn about of his pillow. You clenched your eyes shut and turned around.


Steam rose all around you...You were in the onsen of the Meiyo home. Your back, pressed against the marble wall, slid down until you were completely submersed.

A loud splash resonated through the chamber once you felt the need for air.

"Why?" You gasped out.

"Why did I agree to this?"

Tiny dripping sounds were heard as the tears you've been able to hide for months finally broke through. Yes, Byakuya had been staying there for months. Eight months and thirteen days, to be exact. Hisana died, and you took on the responsibility for caring for him. Why?

You had never stopped loving him.

"Ojou-sama...He's awake."

You turned to face your silver haired maid. You stepped out of the scolding water and was immediately draped in a white kimono.

Why was he like this? If a maid tried to bring him food or speak with him...He grew violent. He was just...silent around you.

Things weren't supposed to be like this...YOU were supposed to be chasing him, trying to confess your feelings, and Yoruichi was supposed to be here cheering you on.


You leaned against the window sill opposite Byakuya's bed. The only sound was chopsticks clinking against a bowl when he picked at his rice and the steady beat of raindrops tapping at the glass.

You pondered whether or not you should speak to him...He hadn't spoken since he arrived, aside from screaming profanities at the maids. You sat in the chair just behind you and rested your chin in your palm.

The clinking of chopsticks had ceased and was replaced with shuffling of the covers.

And now his back off to bed...How redundant.

You cocked your head to the side when heavy footsteps were heard. You casually moved back to stare at the window in case Byakuya wished to sit in the chair.

"It's raining." You mentioned to the aforementioned man whom you were sure was behind you by now.

Your entire body grew tense once you felt yourself being crushed from behind in a tight and desperate embrace.

"Kay-chan..." He breathed, burying his face deep into the crevice of your neck.

Your hands moved to grip his arm in a reassuring way...Afterall, it's what a good friend would do. Friend. Your face scrunched up momentarily, but immediately softened.

You gasped when he slid your kimono down your and revealed your soft skin. Putting your desires aside, you knew that if anything happened, there would only be regret later.

"Kaede?" He asked once he felt warm droplets hit his arm.

"You don't want this..." You murmurred while unraveling his arms from around you.

He reached out to grab your arm, but you remorsefully brushed him off. The aristocrat once again made a grab for your arm, and this time succeeded.

"Don't. Just...don't." You bit down on your lip.

If you stayed. If you stayed...

"I know what it is you think...But I really do love you." He whispered.

A bittersweet smile graced your lips.

"You love me?" You almost mocked.

"Then why did you marry Hisana?"

He released his hold on your arm as if he'd been burned. You should of run out of the room, but instead of listening to your side of reason...You listened to your emotions.

"I'm sorry...I-I shouldn't of said that." You shamefully confessed.

You turned to face him only to see him disrobing his upper half.

"W-w-what are y-you--" You choked and couldn't even finished your sentence while blushing brightly.

Once the front was open he stopped and you saw what he was doing. A necklace had been revealed, the nostalgic charm at the end.

You reached forward and brushed the pale grooves with your fingertips. However they moved to Byakuya's pale and muscled chest. How it stayed so firm while he'd been in bed all this time was beyond you.

Byakuya felt warm upon seeing the glazed and loving look in your eyes. Not wanting to miss his oppurtunity, he pulled you tightly against his body.

Tilting your chin upwards, he crushed his lips against yours. Seeming to have lost what little control you had left, your arms wound themselves around his neck and entangled with his raven hair. His tongue pushed it's way through your lips and coherced your own into a sensual dance. All the while his hands roamed your curvy form seeking to memorize every detail.

"Byakuya..." You sighed against his lips once he'd allowed you to part.

Said man sneakily slid your kimono down your shoulders, enough to reveal the top half of your generous breasts.

Your eyes fluttered open and widened at his smirk, a lively expression you had not seen in a long while. Anticipation began growing within you and you could feel your inner body heat up. Every touch he gave you suddenly became torturous. By now Byakuya had fully disrobed you and was occupying himself with teasing your breasts and lapping at your neck.

Your nails dug into his back and your mind was a complete haze. Before you knew it, Byakuya had shed his kimono and was stroking your inner thigh with his hardened member.

His hands sensually massaged your sides and moved back to your breasts. His tongue soon followed and moved from your breast to your neck. Releasing a moan you'd been keeping in for a long while, you rolled him over onto his back and sucked at his clavicle. You straddled his hips and placed your hands firmly on his chest. You pressed your lips to his and let your tongue flick about his lips and into his mouth eroticly.

With a husky moan he grabbed your hips with brusing force and shoved himself deep within you. You cried out...You were to old for this to be your first time, but it had been a while.

He began moving in and out of you slowly until you moved your hips to meet his. His thrusts began to get more erratic, and it became difficult to keep pace with him. But it was worth it when you finally met your release while moaning his name. With a call of your name, Byakuya emptied himself inside you.

You collapsed onto his chest which was heaving just as much as yours. You moved to get off of him, but he clasped his arms around you and pulled you back down. Your arms slid under his shoulders and you buried your face in his neck.

It didn't matter what would happen in the future, or what had happened in the past...All that mattered was the now. With that in mind, you slipped into the best night's sleep you'd had in years.
*bows* Thank you for reading! ^//^ *runs off to work on Gin one shot...which will NOT be emo* =3

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