A Story Made Of Song Titles

Yessums. I shuffled my iPod and fit the first 24 songs that came up into a story.

Created by Qiyue on Thursday, April 05, 2007


One day a few Teenagers were walking down by the mall.
"This Is the Best Day Ever!" said one.
"I liked it better when we went to the Forest," said another.
"Those moments are Figments of Your Imagination," said still another. "I want some Chop Suey!."
"Move On," said the first one. "Our Lady of Sorrows is Dead!"
"I want to go back in the mall and get a Red Dress for the senior prom tonight," said the second.
"Not until the Eulogies and Epitaphs have been read," the first one said. "But in the House of Wolves, anything is possible."
"Now that I can't get my dress," moaned the second girl, "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)! It's Now Or Never."
"No," the third one said, "we're not going back in there."
"It's just Me vs. the World today, isn't it?!"
"I'm fed up with The Greed in You!" the first one said. "I'm leaving."
"Okay, but you'll never be a Jet Pilot if you don't hang around."
"You have Geek Stink Breath, so just shut up!"
"Oh yeah? Well, you're a Chump, and you're Stuck With Me, because I'm the one with the car keys."
"But Tonight We Dance," said the third one, who just wanted to Walk Away (Maybe).
"Well, The World is Black," said the first one, "so too bad."
"I was just Dreaming," said the third.

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