The Bad Boy Falling For The Good Girl? [5]

The bad boy falling for the good girl? [5] Rate and Message! Make me a banner if you want to.

Created by Shadow-of-the-dark on Friday, April 06, 2007


It was the weekend, about four days since the incident.

Over the past few days..

Part of the college congratulated me for standing up to Jamie.

Part of it pitied me and wished me luck.

One particularly high pitched girl came up to me and asked me which flower I like.

Part of the college stayed away from me as though I myself was Alexander Struxon.

And the rest of them ignored the fact that I even puched Jamie and carried on life like normal.

Needless to say, Regina and Lucy belonged to the last category.

Stay away from Alexander Struxon!

That's what everyone told me when I came to this college.

And what did I do?

I bought a one way ticket into his bad books.

Right on day one!

Lifting my Calculus book by merely blowing at it should be a piece of cake now.

How do I get myself into all this trouble?

The answer is simple really, I ask for it.

And it so graciously accepts my invitation.

oh! I'm so lucky!

Note the sarcasm.

Apparently Blondie told me very animatedly that Sarah from adv.Psychology told Mark who told his cousin Jeff who told her that the guy I punched the other day was indeed one of bad boy's cronies.

And that his name was 'Jamie'

And that he told Bad boy.

And that Bad boy is mad at me for it.

And that he's waiting for "payback time" with me.

I'm soooo scared that I peed in my pants when I heard the news.

I knew that I would eventually have to face him and allow him to threaten me and hold my mouth tightly shut while he's at it.

But I never thought that the time would come so soon.

Rest in Results.

We get the weekends off and only sometimes we would have saturdays half day.

We had today off so me, Regina and Lucy thought that we could get our minds off some stuff by taking a break.

We had spent the day outdoors screaming, laughing, drinking coffee, practising our blowing skills and making fools of ourselves.

Just when I thought the day couldn't get better.

I met him.

The three of us were minding our own business, walking towards our rooms, wanting to rest seeing that we were exhausted and what happened next ruined my whole entire life.

About seven bikes at the least made their way towards us and encircled us like a Boa constricter encircles its pray before Seizing its life.

For what seemed like eternity they whirled and whirled around us making me dizzy.

And finally they stopped.

One particularly glamorous Black bike with red and orange stripes around it stopped directly in front of me.

I looked around

The whole campus was empty except for us.

Great! oh how lovely. We can have so much fun together. Maybe I should should invite them to our tea party.

All the riders were wearing helmets so I couldn't make out who was who.

Something told me that the person in front of me was The Bad Boy

One could feel the tension filling the air.

It was thick enough for a knife to cut through.

And the world through my red tinted sun glasses made it even more disturbingly tense.

Note to self: Must buy green tinted glasses.

The Blazing sun rays showered the rider in front me, making him seem like a mighty beast eyeing its pray hungrily .

I stared at him.

He slowly lifted his hands to the buckle of his helmet.

My pulse was beating a hundred times faster and I felt like my heart could come right out of my chest if I wouldn't clutch it.

It was as though a hundred thousand butterflies had somehow made their ways into my stomach and had made it their goal in life to destroy the inner walls of my intestine by fluttering constantly.

My eyes twitched and my eyelashes seemed to be competing with the butterflies at which can flutter faster.

It seemed like my whole body had gone out of control.

Now what magical powers did this guy possess that my body seemed to get a mind of its own without even laying eyes on his face?

He slowly removed his helmet as though he had tampered with time to move slower than usual.

And when the helmet was completely off his face, I saw a sight that caused my heart to stop beating.


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