I Switched Bodies With The Hottest Guy In School?!?! [ oo7 ]

Here's Chapter 7. Sorry for the long wait!

Created by PredictMe on Sunday, April 08, 2007

I growled angrily, shoving and kicking at the solid wooden door furiously, succeeding only in creating a thumping sound the guys inside promptly ignored and bruising my various toes. The door was just too damn thick for me to listen through and Aiden had apparently placed something against the sliding door that made it impossible to slide even the slightest bit. I growled once more, wrathfully and extremely put-off. I stared out past the broken, splintered remains of the once magnificent front door. I wondered if we had to pay Theo the compensation. I hoped that he was a kind enough soul not to. He seemed kind enough towards me. I gripped my cell phone tightly in my right hand and carefully crept my way out of the house and hoping that none of them had the brains enough to draw the curtains of the windows to that room. I sneaked around under the windows, peering and peeking extremely carefully. All the windows had their curtains tied up neatly, all but one, which dark blue velvet curtains were draped heavily across the glass and shielding all from my view. I cursed. It must have been Aiden's doing.
I crossed my arms over my chest huffily and stalked over to the deck, my footsteps on wood echoing eerily across the empty, wide lake. I sat down at the edge of the deck, dangling my legs above the glassy, mirror-like surface. I stared down into the reflective, shiny surface of the water, examining my own image. My dark hair hung long and tangled down my front, framing my face which was pinched and troubled. My grey eyes seemed almost grotesquely huge on my pale, tired face. I sighed and rubbed my fists across my eyes, hoping that Theo was not going to be hurt at all. I found myself thinking back to what had happened before my brothers stormed in so quickly and suddenly. Did I trust Theo then? I briefly pondered as to how was it that they were able to get here so quickly. They must have broken all the speed laws just to get here and Blaze was after all, a major speed demon.
Blaze. I bit my bottom lip, speculating just as to what it was going on between him and Miss Irene Smith. She really was rather hot, in a quiet, bookish, librarian kind of way, with extremely light brown hair that was often tightly gathered up in a prim ponytail and observant bright blue eyes hidden behind thick lenses. She was rather daring too, thus being able to capture Blaze's attention so quickly. I wondered if he had asked her out that. I made a mental note to ask him. It would be such a cliche if they fell in love, the good girl and bad boy. I shivered, a delicious shiver running down my spine. However, it would be a cliche I would enjoy very much indeed as long as Blaze managed to find the girl he had been searching for so long now, one who was able to capture and tame the wild fire in his heart. Irene Smith looked as if she could be the one. I looked over my shoulder, hearing loud, angry and arguing voices, and saw my four brothers walking towards me, Theo behind them, hands stuffed into his jeans pockets and rolling his eyes in exasperation.
Watching all five of them like that, I wondered if they could have their own cliched romances, if they could find the one they truly need among all the many beautiful girls who threw themselves at them on a daily basis. I sighed and got to my feet, pushing my cell phone back into my pocket and crossed my arms, cocking my head and studying my beloved brothers and promising myself that I would find them their own cliches no matter what.
"So?" I called at them, raising my eyebrow in question and searching Theo's face and body for any visible bruise or injury.
"So what?" Chase retorted sneeringly, throwing a glare over his shoulder at Theo who was watching me in return. "If you're concerned if we had beaten up your little boy toy, don't worry. Aiden forbade us to lay a finger or toe on his fucking arse."
"Unfortunately." Blaze muttered, cracking his knuckles threateningly as he glared at Theo as well, who I would like to take note was pretty calm under all that anger from my muscle-bound brothers.
"Oh, shut up." I rolled my eyes, striding over to them and placing my hands on my hips. "What did you talk about? Tell me!"
"There's a reason we went into the room to talk, honey." Dylan said patronizingly, patting me on my head.
I glared at him, pouting. "Dylan! Tell me!"
"Yeah. Right." he said laughingly, rolling his eyes.
"You're coming home with us, Essa." Aiden piped up, eyeing Theo rather warningly as if daring him to say something different.
Instead, Theodore crossed his arms across his chest and planted his feet apart, rolling his eyes far more insistently. I smiled at him apologetically, saying, "Um, sorry about your door. I'll make sure they compensate you."
"You don't have to." he said, smiling tightly.
"No, we are going to." Blaze snapped, grabbing my right hand. "Let's go."
I had little choice but to follow my brothers along as I waved to Theo over my shoulder, much to Chase and Dylan's consternation as they were walking behind me. They glared at Theo, who returned my wave with a warm smile. He rolled his eyes at them and soon disappeared as Blaze pushed me into Aiden's Jeep. I yelped, glaring at him fiercely as he got in after me. He returned the glare fiercely and I knew that I was not about to enjoy this trip back. I licked my dry lips and leaned against the car door, staring sullenly out of the window as the rest of my brothers got into the vehicle. Aiden started the car and my brothers began their ranting. I kept my eyes on the trees outside, taking note of their rants only vaguely. There had never been another time when they were so pissed off at me. I had never disappointed them so before because I knew precisely the way they would react.
"I don't what so good about that guy!" Chase fumed. "He fucking pushed you down!"
Actually, that was me. I thought wryly. Dylan agreed vehemently, declaring that he was going to make that bastard pay for even daring to touch his little sister. Aiden added that he had kissed me, which undoubtedly outraged my brothers so much more. I had a feeling that the hottest news on campus was about to be that Tasha, long-time girlfriend of Theodore Townsend, captain of the soccer team, had slept with Dylan Brekedown, captain of the football team. I hoped they were going to use a condom. I tuned in onto their conversation momentarily; they were still deciding ways to make Theo pay for kissing me. I rolled my eyes and tuned out. Kissing... My fingers traced my lips momentarily. I didn't even know what kissing Theo really felt like, considering that technically, I was kissing my own lips, which was gross no matter how you put it. It made me feel lesbian. I shuddered and wrapped my arms around myself.

"Remind me why we're doing this?" Theo hissed, his hands holding me steady on my thighs as he braced himself against the rough, brick wall of the school library building.
I glared at him down from my perch on his shoulders, tightening my grip on the edge of the grimy window set far too high up in the wall for me to reach by myself. Thus I had enlisted Theo's help since he was having a free period like I was anyways. If I knew he would be so unwilling, I would have gotten Chase or Dylan to help me, although I knew they would demand the reasoning behind my breaking-and-entering in the school librarian's office and if I should tell them, they would tell me to just stick my nose out of Blaze's business since all of us knew just how much Blaze hated us messing with his love life. Seriously, none of my brothers knew what type of girl was perfect for them at all. I just had to step in.
"Because no one else would be able to help me but you." I replied, craning my neck to peer into the office and taking note that everything in the small, dark office was neat and in order, which meant that Ms. Smith was a tidy person, just what Blaze, the messiest person on Earth, needed.
Theo made a displeased noise and his hands on my bare thighs tightened. I knew it wasn't the smartest thing to wear a skirt. How the hell would I knew that inspiration would strike me the day I decided to wear a skirt just to spite my brothers who had threatened to beat up Theo the night earlier? It wasn't as if I was feeling all that comfortable with Theo's head between my thighs. God, that sounded so wrong on so many levels. I licked my lips once more, trying to beat the hot flush that suffused my cheeks. I wondered what Theo could have been thinking. It couldn't be too clean if I trusted my brothers' words on what turned them on. I pushed those thoughts away and pushed the window open. Slowly and gently, I eased myself into the office and off Theo's shoulders. I swallowed the scream on my lips as I landed painfully on the desk of the office, pens jabbing into my flesh.
"Are you okay?" Theo whispered.
"Yeah." I said, picking myself off the desk and starting to rummage through the papers on the desk.
I saw a daily planner and quickly rifled through the pages, searching for her number and something that could tell me she was a single. I didn't see anything that told me she dated. Then I saw something she had penned down for tonight. She was having dinner with her mother at Frost's, about the poshest restaurant in town. I smiled. I took out my cell phone and quickly took down Ms. Smith's, whose first name was Amber, numbers she had written in a neat, straight print on the back of her daily planner. Then I used her chair as a boost and poked my head out of the window. Theo was staring up at the window in anxiety. When he saw me, his face instantly relaxed and he grabbed my outstretched hands. I bit back another scream as I lost my balance and when he pulled, I went flying out of the window and straight into him.
"Owww..." I groaned as I lay atop him, feeling extremely bruised and battered.
For a moment, we simply lay there like that. I had my head against his chest and I noticed that his shirt was incredibly soft cotton and he smelled faintly of expensive cologne. His hands were on my back, holding me against him gently. I could hear his heart beating steadily in my ears and I was suddenly aware of the heat emanating from his body and flushed. I quickly pushed myself away from Theo, who by the way, wasn't looking all that uncomfortable. In fact he looked pretty disappointed when I removed myself from his arms. He sat up and looked at me.
"Why are you doing this?" he asked curiously.
I stood and noticed his eyes trailing over my legs hungrily. I blushed further and tugged my skirt down my thighs. He looked away from my legs and stood as well, dusting his jeans off. He raised his eyebrows, questioning me.
"For Blaze." I said, starting to walk back to the main school building. "I think that she would be pretty perfect for him."
"How would you know?"
"He's my brother. I know all of them extremely well and the type of girl who would be perfect for them." I informed him as he stared at me rather disbelievingly now. "Really, I do!"
"Well, what about yourself then? What type of guy is perfect for you?" he asked. "Would your brothers know?"
I shrugged. "I don't know. Boyfriends aren't really huge on my list at the moment."
"Your brothers are more important." he stated flatly.
I nodded, squinting at something in the distance along the long walls at the back of the school. There were two figures, which were distinctly male and female.
"So you're doing all this because of your brothers..."
"Yeah, I want them to find their own cliched happy endings." I told him, beaming happily.
He rolled his eyes at me and crossed his arms. "It's stupid. What about yourself?"
"Um." I said, pointing at the figures which became obvious who exactly they were. "You should be worrying about yourself now."
That was because the figures were Tasha and Dylan, and he was pressing her up against the wall, his hands venturing under her short, short skirt, as his lips explored her bare breasts. I felt myself throw up a little in my throat as I looked away and at Theo, who was looking particularly disgusted as well. He didn't look angry at all. I don't blame you if my tires are slashed, or if Tasha sleeps with Dylan or Chase. I guessed that Tasha never really meant a lot to him at all if he didn't care whether or not Tasha was currently being ravished by Dylan. Theo cleared his throat significantly and the two tore apart, Dylan dropping Tasha instantly onto the ground as he spun around to look at us, a guilty look on his face. When he saw Theo, his triumph suffused his face before he saw me next to Theo and the triumph disappeared into fury.
"You had better not laid a fucking finger on Essa or I swear I'll make you wish you had never been born." he hissed, reaching out to grab my arm when I skipped out of his range.
"I'm not letting you touch me until you get a bath." I informed him. "That was just gross, Dylan. On school grounds too?"
"Well, I was hoping to make him pissed off." he said sheepishly. "He doesn't seem so."
"Well, if she's willing to sleep with you, she isn't worth much anyways." Theo pointed out matter-of-factly.
"If you don't stay away from my sister, I'm going to make you pay far more!" he growled and stalked off.
I glanced at Theo, ignoring Tasha's whimpers and faux embarrassed screams. That felt strangely anti-climatic. Then I saw the look on his face as he looked at me. He was smiling, with the freedom of something just being released from his bonds. Tasha must have really meant so little to him.
Okay, fine. I won't say "Thanks for reading" anymore. Lol. >_< What do you expect me to say really? Ummmm... Well, leave me a message in the cbox below. I had a fight with my friend. :( She isn't happy that I'm spending less time with her and a couple of other friends 'cos I have new friends now.

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