[He Wants You To Be His Tutor Because He Secretly Likes You]-[Chapter 4]

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Created by Finding.My.Way on Friday, April 13, 2007


[Chapter 4]

"This can't be right..." I mumbled to myself, shocked. Clair (she had a black eye that I gave her from the day before) laughed along with her group of friends during Gym class. We had the yearly check-up. Physical check. As in... height, chest width, hearing, eye-sight, and worst of all... weight.

Heather rubbed my back, understanding why I was feeling so bad. I've done the impossible. Something no mere woman can do on this earth. Bright numbers in red were flashing before my eyes. They were the reason why Clair and her friends were laughing so hard.


Fifty-eight kilograms... that would be approximately 127.6 pounds...

"Oh my God, Anderson! You're like... the fattest girl in class!" Clair clapped her hands once before shrugging her shoulders sympathetically. Her group started laughing again, but louder this time. I rolled my eyes and got off the scale that just proved that I was a lot heavier than Clair, and that I needed to go on a diet. Heather glared at Clair and her group as we past by. She and I leaned against the wall as we watched the rest of the girls being weighed.

"I knew I shouldn't have eaten steak last night..." I scolded myself. Heather laughed, she always knew how to lighten me up. "Forget what they say." she flipped off Clair who rolled her eyes and did the same. "Those are not human. Who on earth can be 5"7 and only weigh 102 pounds?" she scoffed.

"Clair..." I mumbled.

Heather rolled her eyes, annoyed and slapped me on the arm. "Exactly! That's why she's not human." she winked. I couldn't help but break a smile and Heather started clapping. "Yay! You smiled!" she then lightly hugged me. When she let go, she pulled me to the water fountain.

"Erin. You know you're more beautiful than that slut."

"Am not!" I denied.

Heather snorted. "Paah-leez. Clair is only a thin blond who has a brain smaller than a pigeon's." I giggled. This is why Heather was my best friend. She would always know how to make me smile and laugh.

After we both did our business, we walked out of the restroom with our hands washed. "Landon!" Coach Korman ejaculated from across the gym.

"Yes sir?" Zach quickly jogged up to the coach who was a foot shorter than him. Zach was wearing the usual. A white T-shirt with black basketball shorts. He was also wearing his "lucky" Nike basketball sneakers.

"Tell the boys to come to practice 30 minutes earlier." Coach Korman ordered, and Zach nodded his head before walking back to his waiting friends. Zach is the Captain in the swim team. He's also the Captain in basketball.... but not in hockey.

I watched Zach walk back to his group of friends who were waiting by the hoops (basketball hoops). He didn't seem to notice me and just walked by. Heather sighed dreamily as he past by and even battered her eyelashes. "He's so hott! For the past three years in this crummy school, every transfer student looked like crap. But woohoo! Look at his sexy as-"

"Heather!" my voice squeaked. My whole face was burning from what she had said. I don't know why I'm the own blushing, because Heather's cheeks were not red at all. So maybe I'm a bit immature... pff.

She grinned and elbowed me on the stomach. "Admit it, Anderson. He's incredibly HOT." her cobalt eyes twinkled evilly.

I frowned and shrugged my shoulder nonchalantly. Heather slapped herself on the forehead. "Gesh, Erin. His dad is your father's boss, and they even go golfing together! You've got to admit, Zachary Landon is pretty d*mn sexy." she crossed her arms across her flat chest.

"I guess... he's okay." I clearly and coherently emphasized the last word, Heather rolled her eyes and nodded. "Whatever you say. But I just GOT to say that he's got a really nice rear." she grinned childishly.

I was the one to blush. Again. How in the world did I become friend's with someone who is totally different from me? Heather is... to describe her with one word... I'd say... crazy. And I'm not. So I like sports and music. I exercise daily and I do my homework. I even get straight A's on my report card!

But how on earth did I become friend's with Heather Green; who doesn't like sports and doesn't do her homework that often? Maybe it's the music we both like. Our personalities did seem to fit one another. It was like a puzzle piece.

The bell rung, indicating that eighth period was over. Everyone started to leave the gym as so did Heather and me.

I was out of my gym clothes and back into my jeans and the sweater I had on. Everyone was walking out of the school building and walked to wherever they needed to go. Some went to the school bus, some walked, and some rode their cars home. I was one of the ones who walked home. The school bus was off-limits since my mom. She thought it was unsafe ever since she saw the news of the school bus crashing against a tree.

So I'm stuck walking all the way back home. If I walked in normal speed, it'd take me about twenty minutes to reach home. Twenty minutes later I'd be sweating from head to toe and be panting like a dog.

I was making my way out of the school campus when I heard a car honk behind me. I was going to turn around and flip the person off, but only got to the part of turning around and failed to flip the person off. The blue Ferrari that belonged to Zach shinned. The car itself was a scene maker. Girls would swoon over and lean against the car and ask Zach if they could get a ride. Whores.

"What do you want?" I snapped.

Zach had the window down and was leaning against it. One hand on the steering wheel, and the other on top of the rolled down window. "You walkin' home?"

"Don't you have practice today?" I managed to change the subject.

He simply shrugged. "Ditching. So are you walking home or not?" he rolled his brown eyes. I shuffled my feet against the gravel before nodding my head. Zach grinned, showing off his perfect straight teeth. It gives him brownie points of having perfect teeth since his mom was a dentist.

"Oh, okay. See ya, loser." he laughed with mischief glowing in his eyes and even in his voice.

I clenched my fist tightly as I watched the blue Ferrari drive out of the student parking lot and into the freeway. So most stories I've read would have a hot nice guy ask the girl if they were walking home. And she'd say yes. Well, God d*mn it, most of the stories have the guy say, "Hop in." or something between the lines! Oh, right. This is Zachary Landon we're talking about. My mistake.

"If that won't be a problem..." Mr. Landon said to my dad.

I had no idea what they were talking about, and I wasn't too interested. Probably some business thingy I wouldn't understand anyways. I was at Zach's house, and for the last hour I have been admiring the entire house. The rugs were soft beneath my feet, the wallpapers had a clean feeling to them, and the furnitures made the house look alive. It was the complete opposite from our house.

This was my second time coming here, and it still felt new to me. Thank God, Amber didn't come along today. She had some fashion show she wanted to attend and couldn't come. She even cried over the phone when I told her that we're going to Zach's house. She was planning to ditch the show and come here. But poor Amber, she's in New York. Ha. Ha.

"Gesh, Anderson. Did you just have to come? I see you enough at school already." Zach snorted.

I couldn't blame him. Out of eight classes, we had five together. And that did suck. Heather was practically groaning over me when she found out. "Let's trade classes!" was what she said. "If only I could, I'd give you my classes right now," was what I answered.

"I didn't want to come. I was dragged all the way here." I sneered through gritted teeth. Zach merely smirked and leaned against the red sofa. "Where's your sister?" he asked.

"New York." I answered.

"Pooey. She's a lot funnier to talk with." he grumbled and slouched even more.

My mouth was half opened and ready to shoot dirty insults at him when both of our dad's came in the living room. They were both glowing and I didn't like the looks on their faces. Zach seemed to notice, and he was eyeing his dad suspiciously, as was I.

"Good! You're together." Zach's dad clapped his hands together and rubbed them. Zach and I met eyes for a second before looking away to opposite sides. My dad was the same height as Mr. Landon and was smiling so big, I was afraid that his lips might tear.

"Zach! Be a gentleman and ask Erin to sit next to you." Mr. Landon snapped at his 17 year old son. Zach kept his face blank, trying hard not to look bad in front of my dad. He shifted his eyes towards me and it had 'Sit. And Die.' written all over it.

"Errm... I'm fine real-"

"No dear! Sit!" my dad's boss pushed me down and was forced to sit next to his son. I squirmed uncomfortably as I tried to get some more space without anyone noticing. But Zach seemed to notice my strange behavior right away. So instead of giving me more space like a good boy, he pressed his side even closer to me. I choked.

I glanced at him and shot him a look that could kill anything. But not him. He merely smirked and wiggled deeper into his seat. I rolled my eyes and leaned against the cushions. My dad seemed to be lost in his own thoughts when Mr. Landon started speaking.

"Son." he said.

"Yeah?" Zach had his arms crossed and was arching an eyebrow at his father.

"We've been looking for a tutor that's right for you for some time and-"

"Let me guess? You want Anderson to be my tutor?" he snorted, and if I wasn't it such a bad mood, I'd be snorting with him.

His dad frowned, taking notice of the expression on his son's face. My dad shrugged and sat down on a couch next to us. Wait? So is he telling me that Mr. Landon wants me to be Zach's tutor? Pfft! You've got to be kidding me.

"I thought that would be a good idea." Zach's dad shrugged. "I honestly don't like that Clair girl teaching you. She doesn't look..." he drifted off, looking for the right word and said, "fit".

I couldn't help but laugh. It seriously was funny. Clair McCarty, the captain of the cheerleading squad, the blond idiot (no offence to blonds!!), and most of all... the stupidest person on this planet is tutoring Zachary Landon?!

"What on earth do you learn from her?" I giggled hysterically.

Zach glared at me for some time before getting off the couch, making me feel so much better. Oh right, there is one thing you can learn from Clair McCarty and get better at it.

S. E. X.

I giggled even harder at the thought. All three men were staring at me as if I was a donkey on the spotlight. I must have looked odd. I was holding my stomach and laughing to myself. I didn't get to see the glance my dad and Zach's dad traded, but I did catch the look of Zach smirking at me. That made me stop laughing, pronto.

"Hey dad."

"Err, yes son?" Mr. Landon looked baffled from my sudden outburst and was still recovering. Most of the people I meet for the first time sees me as a "calm, shy, and innocent girl. I must have broke that bubble.

"I don't wanna learn from Anderson." he gave me a look as if I was filth. That as*hole. He doesn't know who he's picking on.

His dad sighed dramatically and nodded his head, as so did my dad. They both got up and started talking into light whispers as they walked out of the living room. There was a sudden silence roaming the room as I sat indian style on top of the couch. For a second, I thought Zach was going to walk out the room himself. Instead, he did something I wished he'd never did. He sat down next to me, and of course, I was going to get up and run away. Key word: was going to get up.

Zach wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me back down when I was halfway up. "Let go of me, you perv!!" I squealed like a pig, getting the feeling that my cheeks were starting to turn pink. I was scratching his arm when I met his eyes and saw what I didn't want to see in them. Playfulness.

"I like it when you squirm. It's cute." he cooed into my ear.

I shivered from the closeness, getting goose-bumps from the experience I've never gotten from the opposite sex. This is what he enjoyed. He enjoyed making me feel small and weak. Bastard.

Rest in Results

I squirmed away and got off the couch, this time I wasn't pulled back down. Zach had this look of triumph on his face and I didn't like it at all. And I didn't like the feeling I got when he was near me. I was halfway out the living room when I heard Zach calling me.

"See you tomorrow at church, lurve." he teased. I then spun around and shot him a glare that slowly turned into a grin. He wants to see me cringe. That gave me an idea. I winked at him and blew a kiss. "See ya, sweetheart." I mocked a cherry voice most couples use when they talk to each other. Zach looked disgusted and shocked all together as he got off the couch and walked towards me.

"Freak." he mumbled before bumping his shoulder against mine. I looked back at him and saw him grinning back at me. I did something incredibly scary, something no girl or woman can do to Zachary Landon. I flipped him off while sticking my tongue out at him.

Scary, don't you think?

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