Would you fall for a Pure, Fallen, or Dark angel? Reunited! Part 81 (for girls)

That will be revealed now!!

Created by sunkissedmoon on Saturday, April 14, 2007


Hey everyone! Sorry this took so long to get out! Seriously! Between school and Drivers ED I was SWAMPED! I had no free time at all T_T This one will be uber super fun time exciting! XD I know you'll like it! ... Probably... Hm =/ lol So Flashbacks are kind of concluded for this season, but they'll pick up again later. I'm really afraid I forgot to add something in this one that I wanted to put in... It's not as epic as I had hoped T_T But that always happens to me! (You'll understand as you read) As a warning this is probably the longest chapter I've ever put out... Sorry! Oh, and if you're wondering, I am still writing Demonic Romance. I've just been preoccupied with getting this series finished =P Uh... W Juliet is amazing, just so you know! XD I love that coupling and Ito makes such a good guy >.> < .< Even though she's a girl :P I really like Toki-Chan too! Why? I dunno... He has a fun personality in a jerkish kinda way. Ahahah Well, enjoy you guys! Note: This is so long I'm tired and I'm gonna do one option and you can go to all results to see everybody! Yay!
Oh snap o.O;;
Recap: "Oh! Alterous! You're back. How wonderful." You laugh and gently tap your head. "Right, but I already knew you were back, how silly of me to forget." You frown in a puzzled, cheerful way. Alterous takes an alarmed step back. Something was seriously wrong here. You gently take his hand. "You told me to come with you, right?" He nods, still feeling slightly unnerved. Your eyes brighten. "Is it time for the ceremony already? I'm so happy!" Alterous frowns completely puzzled by your strange attitude. "Why?" You laugh slightly. "Why? Isn't it obvious? I'm happy because I'll become Dregon's bride and I..." You meet Alterous' gaze and he feels like someone's walked over his grave. "I just love Dregon so much!"

Alterous snatches his hand away from you. "What are you talking about?" You give him that same puzzled sort of look. "Why whatever do you mean? You're acting very strange." He stares warily at you. "I'm acting strange? What did Dregon do to you?" You frown slightly. "What did he to do me? Absolutely nothing. Why do you ask?" He begins to circle you. "You do not love Dregon." You recoil as if you've been slapped. "How dare you say that?! I love him very much!"

Alterous crosses his arms. "You were crying in my room earlier today because you felt helpless. He tried to molest you. You didn't know what to do. You're scared of him. You don't love him." You press your hands firmly to your ears. "That's not true!" Alterous grabs you roughly by the shoulders. "What did he do to you?" You close your eyes. "Nothing! What are you doing? Let me go!" Alterous shakes his head. "No. Something has obviously been done to you. You're unstable. I'm taking you for your own good." Your eyes open widely and you stare at him in horror. "NO!" You push roughly back and come loose from his grip, falling roughly to the ground.

Alterous raises his hand to create a portal when the door bursts open. Lilith glances from Alterous to you. "What the hell is going on in here?!" Alterous clenches his fist close and puts it casually at his side. 'Damn it Deris, couldn't have stalled her a minute more, could you?' Alterous is just prepared to say something when you respond. Very calmly you sit up. "Oh, don't worry about it. I just fell. Alterous tried to catch me but... I'm just so clumsy. It's a little embarrassing actually." Carefully you stand up and brush yourself off. Your features have smoothed back into that distant surreal look. "Are you here to take me to Dregon now?"

Lilith, who has been looking suspiciously at Alterous, suddenly turns to you. She is stricken by how calm you sound. "... That's right." You clap your hands. "Goody! Let's go then!" You hurry forward and take her hand. You throw a quick glance back at Alterous then turn away. "... You... you go on ahead dear, I'll be right there." You release her hand and dreamily walk forward. Lilith frowns, just as perplexed as Alterous. "What the...?"

She suddenly turns back to Alterous. "What do you think you were doing?" He bows slightly. "I thought you might want me to retrieve her." Lilith's eyes narrow to slits. "No, I didn't." Alterous bows lower but says nothing. "... Very well then, let us go." Alterous nods and Lilith turns back, still reeling over your sudden enthusiasm. Alterous calmly follows. This was no real big deal. After all, he could create a portal at a whim. 'I will simply have to take her by force later.'
Oh man, this is getting weird!
You proceed to follow Lilith in that same dream like state. She throws you many unsure looks, but you don't even notice them. Actually, you don't notice much... She stops at a door and gestures for you to enter. You look around. Everything seems so distant. The room is somewhat large and filled with weapons. Tosca and Deris stand against one wall looking nervous. Alterous enters behind you and goes to stand with them. A stone (table) has a swordthe name Venorik Ap'za comes to mind for some reasonlying right in the middle of it. You shudder involuntarily and turn your mind away from it.

Against the other wall are three men... no, angels. One has black wings, one has white wings with some splotches of grey, and the third has dull grey wings. They are chained up to rings against the wall. 'I wonder why...' Their reaction is strong at seeing you. They're saying your name. 'How do they know it?' You give them a puzzled smile and wave.

Then your attention turns to your beloved and your heart begins to race. You walk forward to meet him. He reaches out and you take his hand, interested only in him. Everything else falls away. "Well, how are you feeling?" You smile shyly. "I'm so happy." Dregon looks genuinely surprised and gives you a cautious smile. "Is that so?" You beam at him with a look of pure adoration. "Of course." Dregon's guarded look drops completely. "... Why?" You laugh and press the palm of his hand to your cheek. "Because I love you so much." You bring his hand to your lips and kiss it softly, then gaze at him lovingly. You are not aware of the deathly quiet as everyone stares at you in complete disbelief and or horror. Lilith sidles up next to Dregon. In a soft voice she whispers, "I do believe she's gone insane." Dregon smiles softly at you. "If this is her insanity then I welcome it with open arms."

You tilt your head. "Is something wrong?" Dregon shakes his head and kisses your forehead. "Let the ceremony begin." You are only vaguely aware of the three angels calling frantically for you. For a moment it crosses your mind that you know them... but this makes you feel panicked so you drop the idea. Instead you turn your focus completely to Dregon. He removes a ring from his pinky finger and holds it up. A wave of unease passes over you and you try to push it away. But for some reason the thought of that ring touching your flesh revolts you... "_____," Dregon says gently. You quickly focus your attention on him again. He wouldn't let anything hurt you.

"______, do you give yourself to me completely? Your will, mind, body, soul... heart?" You smile. "It's all yours. Everything. My will, my mind, my body, my soul, and especially my heart. I give to you freely and willingly." Dregon reaches for your hand and takes it, his eyes never leaving your face. "Then from this moment on you belong to me alone." He takes the ring to slip it on your finger when the door suddenly bursts open, making everyone in the room jump.
*dies at how close that was* X_X
"Keep your filthy hands off of her!" You jump back and gasp. 'Toreck!?' Tosca cries out at the sight of her brother. Toreck glances at you. "____! Don't give in to him!" Your brow furrows. 'What?' Toreck turns his dark gaze back to Dregon. "You! I won't just stand by and let you do this to _____!" Dregon regards Toreck with impatience. "Don't be so full hearty boy, it very well might get you killed." Toreck smirks. "Lets see what you have, old man!" (laughs) Toreck makes a sign quickly and a gust of wind makes you stumble back. It doesn't seem to affect Dregon at all though. His hair brushes back but he doesn't seem to even notice it.

He smirks. "Is this really the best you can do young Toreck? These are the same old tricks from before. You can never hope to win this way."

'This isn't right...'

Tosca looks desperately from her brother to Dregon. "Stop this at once you little fool!" Toreck grits his teeth and ignores her completely. "Try this then!" He makes another sign then sweeps his arm in a sharp arc, as if throwing an object and six sharp blades fly towards Dregon. Dregon looks bored, his patience wearing thin as the blades come towards him.

'It's not...'

Suddenly he lets out a startled, "Urk!" Slowly he glances down at his shoulder where one of the blades has deeply embedded itself. He stares at in stunned disbelief then snaps his head towards Toreck. "How...!?"

'... right...'

Toreck laughs suddenly looking exhausted. "Your arrogance is your weakness. Five of the blades were illusions of the sixth, true image."

'It's wrong... Something is...'

Dregon snarls and uses most of his last bit of remaining energy to hurl at Toreck. '...wrong...' It hits him squarely on the chest and slams him against the wall. Toreck cries out in pain and you scream.

'This isn't right!'

Suddenly you snap out of your self induced hypnosis and look around.

'It's not right!'

You watch Tosca run towards Toreck, the guysoh how had you made yourself forget them?struggling against their shackles, Alterous' observant and reserved face taking in everything, Venorik Ap'za waiting patiently if you hadn't proven to Dregon you would love him, Dregon's fury as he pulls the blade from his shoulder...

'None of this is right!!'

Lilith catches the look on your face and seems to recognize the shift in your mental state. Toreck calls weakly out to you, "Run... I don't actually have enough energy to protect you.. ______ run..." Then he passes out. You hear Toreck's words, but you can't make yourself move. You feel frozen to the spot. 'What should I do...?' You take a hesitant step forward and Lilith jerks at the movement, grabbing you roughly. You try to push her away. "No!" She hits you hard in the stomach and you gasp in pain.

Grasping you firmly by the hair she yanks you towards Dregon. "Do it now Dregon!" Dregon turns his attention back to you. Tears well up in your eyes. 'Why is she doing this to me?'
"Lilith... I know that you hate mom for killing herself... but do you hate me so much? Please Lilith. You understand better then anyone. Please..." Dregon takes your hand in his. Lilith mutters, "With this ring I do thee wed." A tear slides down your cheek. You know what you're about to say will fall on deaf ears. In fact there's no real point to saying it and for a moment you almost don't. But at the last second, just as Dregon is about to slip the ring on your finger, you decide to say it anyway; a final act of desperation. "Please Lilith, help me."

Suddenly something warm spreads from your chest to your whole body, and you are suddenly encompassed in a soft blue light. 'What the heck?' But you don't get much farther in thought then that because the next moment you have passed out. Dregon jerks back as does Lilith. The lightly glows brightly for a moment then seems to form a second figure over your own. The figure is still for a moment then opens her glowing blue eyes and turns them squarely and hatefully on Dregon. "Keep your filthy, disgusting hands off of my daughter you bastard!"
*shock* Say wha?!
Lilith throws a hand over her mouth and falls to the ground. "Narianna?!" Dregon raises an eyebrow. "Narianna? As in _______'s dead mother?" Your mom crosses your arms. "Damn straight I am, and there's no way I'm going to let you have my daughter!" Dregon tilts his head to one side. "So once I've defeated you there will be no one standing in my way to have your daughter." Your mom stops and considers this. "Hm... well, no, I guess not! I mean, that's not the point!" She gets into a fighting position again. Dregon calmly reaches up and pulls a sword from the wall and gets into a fighting position himself. "Very well then."

Your mom pulls back. "Hey! No fair that's cheating!" Dregon swings at her warningly with the sword and she falls to the ground. "Yaaah!" She crawls on her knees and stumbles away to her feet. "Nn, careful!" Lilith stares at Narianna in shock and everyone else seems as clueless as to what's going on anymore. Dregon raises his sword again. "Well?" Suddenly Damian calls out to her. "Narianna!" Narianna looks up at him and suddenly hurries over to him. "Damian?!" Damian nods. "Narianna, grab-" Narianna suddenly slaps him.

"You bastard, how dare you try to rape my daughter?! You came back for her just to spite me, didn't you!? You sicko, you pervert, you little-" Damian: *anger vein* "Damn it Narianna, b*tch at me later! You don't have time for this! Grab the sword for Lucifer's sake!! Damn!" Narianna taps her fist on her palm. "Right! Good idea!" She turns around again. Dregon looks grim but patient. He was willing to spend a little time if it was to be his last obstacle to what he wanted. Narianna points to him. "Right! Don't think you're so great 'cause I'm about to even things out a little bit!"

She rushes to grab the sword. "Now take tha-" *thunk* "Eh!? It's heavy!!" The angels, Tosca, Deris and Alterous: *sweat drop* (lmao, she's such a ditz XD) Kyo shakes his head. "Mind over matter! If _____ is able to lift it then you can too!" Narianna quickly nods. "Right! Okay! Here I go!" Gritting her teeth she lifts it awkwardly and holds it in a fashion that is very... not good. "Come at me then!!" Everyone: *sweat drop again*

Dregon considers her with contempt. "You are not even worth my time. This will end now." Dregon suddenly moves forward more quickly then Narianna expects. She cries out and holds out her hand instead of using the sword. A blast of blue energy comes from it hitting Dregon square in the chest and knocking him to the ground. Tosca raises an eyebrow. "Why didn't she just do that in the first place?" Narianna pants and falls to one knee. She takes a moment to rest then stands again shakily.

Gabriel suddenly realizes what is going on. "She can't... Every time she does something like that she runs out of energy and she only has so much." Dregon pushes his way back to his feet, a bit angrier this time. Blood gushes from the wound on his right shoulder. He holds out his own hand and blasts Narianna squarely with his own black electricity, using what was left of it. 'Damn, I shouldn't have wasted it on Toreck!'

She cries out and goes flying, sliding all the way out the door. Dregon grabs his sword and quickly follows. Narianna struggles to her feet and does what she's best at: she runs. She had enough sense to grab your sword before going but it really slows her down. She turns a corner and suddenly trips, sprawling on the ground. "Ouch! Nnn..." She hurries to her knees. '... mom...?' Narianna jumps. "______? What are you doing? You should be sleeping!" Narianna hears Dregon approaching and begins to run again. 'Mom, what's going on?'

"I'm trying to save you! I... I'm sorry, I'm afraid I'm not very good at this sort of thing... But I'll fight my very best!" You think for a moment. Suddenly Narianna cries out in despair as she finds herself at a dead end. She whirls around and lifts the sword clumsily. "I'm so sorry _____... I'm just as useless to you now as I've always been..." Dregon suddenly turns the corner, holding his sword up. "Let's stop playing. I don't have time for you." That's when you get your idea. 'Mom! You have energy, but you can't use the sword. I can use the sword but can't use any energy. Let me help! We'll work together!'

Narianna gasps. "That's a great idea!" Dregon glares at her. "What, are you mocking me now?" He suddenly lifts his sword and swings again. Narianna gasps but you take over just then and lift the sword blocking his blow. "Stop... picking on my mom." Dregon's eyes widen but then he pulls away. Your arms shake from the force of the blow. "Mom! Help me!" Narianna gasps again. 'Right!' Suddenly Venorik Ap'za is encompassed in the same soft blue light that surrounds your own body. You hold up the sword. "Let's go Dregon. This time we're playing for keeps."
I'm gonna kick your @$$!
Dregon hesitates a moment. "Either way, fighting you or your mother, in the end I will win you. You grit your teeth. "We'll see about that." Then the real fight begins. Your swords begin to clash violently together. There was no foreplay in this battle like there had been the first time you challenged Dregon. Both of you realize that in this fight to the victor goes the spoils. Winner takes all. It was much harder then your first battle, but your mother's energy helped dull the blows from Dregon and empowered your own. It's fierce and one wrong move could easily mean the end of the battle.

Despite Dregon's fierceness you still have the feeling he's careful to keep from injuring you too badly. 'After all, he doesn't want to win only to have me stabbed through the heart by his own blade.' Suddenly Dregon hits hard. The strain of keeping the blow back causes a flare of pain in your shoulder and bright lights dance in front of your eyes as your wound reopens and begins to bleed. You stumble back wincing. '_____! We should stop!' You shake your head. "No!" Your mother tries to protest. 'But you might die if this continues!' You raise your sword again, every movement agony. "Something worse could happen if we stop. I'll lose... and live."

Your mother is silent and sends more energy coursing through the blade. 'We have to end this fast.' You nod. "Right." Dregon raises his own blade. "You might as well give up. There's no way you can win." You grimace. "We'll just see about that!" You rush forward and swing your blade hard. Dregon meets your blade with equally jarring force to block it. The two of you push with all your might. Beads of sweat run down your face and your mother pours even more energy through the sword. 'I can't lose... I just can't. If I do...' You feel a surge of determination. 'I refuse to let myself be defeated!!'

Deep within you it feels as if something shatters slightly. The effect is excruciatingly painful. But the pain is neither physical nor mental. Rather somewhere else you can't quite name... As you gasp in agony a new rush of energy that is fresher and somehow distinct from your mother's flows through Venorik Ap'za. You grit your teeth and keep pushing, Dregon holding up despite the bright aura surrounding your sword and the immense strain it is now creating. Suddenly there is the sharp sound of cracking and Dregon's sword shatters towards the middle, fragments of it flying everywhere. Your sword finishes its arc to the ground rather then hitting Dregon.

Drenched in sweat, drained, shaky, and weak you drop the sword. You hold your chest, even though that's not quite where the pain lies. Dregon slumps slightly after your surprising attack, shocked and more then a little hurt. By now his whole shoulder is drenched in blood. Wavering slightly Dregon raises the fragmented sword. "Surrender... Neither of us can go on." Your vision blurs for a moment and you blink. "Nn, no... No you give up..." You try to raise your sword again but pain jolts through your shoulder and you drop it back again. Dregon stumbles but catches himself. "It's over..." Breathing heavily you shake your head. "No..."

Dregon sighs and moves towards you. You close your eyes and wince, knowing there is nothing you can do. Suddenly you hear a sharp clanging sound and open your eyes. He instinctively raised his shattered blade to block a sword that was coming down on his shoulder. You tilt your head just as Dregon is turning. Before he can recover he lets out a surprised gasp as a second sword is thrust deeply into his back. Lilith hisses from behind him, "Leave my Narianna alone!" Both you and your mother feel a jolt of surprise. 'Lilith!?'

Dregon roars in fury and reaches back with his free hand grabbing her wrist. He crushes it until she drops her sword, crying out. He pulls away and shoves her violently to the ground. Her second sword, covered in blood, falls to the ground. "... You ungrateful whore!" Dregon pulls her up by the hair and shoves his shattered blade into her chest. She takes a sick, sharp intake of breath. He shoves her back down to the ground and turns to be met by the tip of your sword. Your eyes meet for a moment. 'Do it ____!' You hesitate... and realize that you can't do it. You can't kill Dregon, and you know he sees that in your eyes.

The two of you stand frozen in each others gaze for what feels like forever when your mother suddenly takes control again. "Then I'll kill him!" She stabs your sword deeply into Dregon and he coughs up blood. You find yourself screaming for a moment, completely shocked by your mother's sudden violence. She glares at him and Dregon smiles at her. "A mother's fury knows no bounds, eh?" He starts to tip forward.

Your mother yanks your sword back out and drops it, hurrying to Lilith's side, no longer mindful of the collapsing Dregon. Narianna takes Lilith in her arms. "Lil!" Lilith's eyes flutter open and she touches Narianna's face. "... Nari? I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry..." Tears spring to Narianna's eyes. "Oh Lil, why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell me about him? Then maybe I could have tried to help you." Tears slide down Lilith's cheeks as well. "...I always thought... you would be disgusted with me if you knew the truth.. But... don't you hate me?"

Your mom kisses Lilith's forehead. "Of course not. You're my best friend. You're life was so hard and I'm only sorry that I killed myself and that I never knew..." Lilith pushes her face to Narianna's chest. "I love you so much Nari! I love you... So don't cry. After you died there was nothing I wanted but one thing.. and I'm finally getting it. I finally get to die."

Narianna begins to weep harder. "I'm sorry for all the trouble I've ever caused you and all of the lies. You too, ____. You especially... I'm so sorry." Narianna holds her tightly to her. "I loved you too Lil. I really did." Lilith closes her eyes. "Thank you... Thank you." Weakly she leans up and kisses you softly on the lips before lying back. And with that... she dies with a sad, content look on her face.
Aw.... (feels she sorta deserved it XD)
You leave your mother to her grief for a moment as she holds Lilith's body. "... _____?" You come back to attention. 'Yeah mom?' She laughs weakly. "Oh baby, you're so beautiful... You are and I never even got to see you grow up or anything. I hate myself for committing suicide. I was a coward, always was, and now... Look at all the trouble I caused you and your father!" She buries her face in her hands and weeps. "I'm so sorry! Before I died I made the Soul Shard Amulet for you but..."

'Soul Shard Amulet?' Narianna nods. "Yes, a Soul Shard Amulet is an artifact that is a protection amulet with a piece of someone's soul embedded into it. It was very difficult to make and I left as large of a fragment as I could, but I'm afraid it's almost all used up. I thought I would be able to protect you for a long time. I never guessed something like this would happen... Not to mention you never use the activation word."

'What activation word?' Narianna smiles wanly. "To activate a Soul Shard Amulet you must use the activation word. The one I set into yours was the word 'help'. I never imagined it would be the last word in your vocabulary." You can't help but laugh a little. 'Damn... I feel like a total idiot...' You actually feel like you're in total shock and slightly numb... and in pain. 'It's so... I'm so happy to talk to you mom. I mean... I feel like there's so much to talk to you about but I don't know where to start or... I'm sorry about Lilith.' Your mom looks down at Lilith's limp body. "... I am too. I never knew she was in so much pain. I feel like I failed her. I feel like I failed everyone..."

'Oh mom...' She shakes her head. "No, I did! Not only did you have to deal with this because of me the Tear of the Eclypse... Thankfully I don't think I left any other messes for you to deal with. I'm afraid I'm fading though dear." You feel panic. 'No! You can't go yet! I'm just now getting to talk to you! I-!' Narianna hushes you gently. "I'm so sorry... I love you darling and I'm so proud of you. You're so much stronger then me. Please tell your father I love him very, very much... and please take care of yourself baby. I worry about you... Not to mention that Damian boy hanging around you!" Even though you're not in control of yourself you can feel yourself crying. There are things you want to talk about, need to talk about with your mom... but you don't even have time to think of what they are. 'I... I love you mom... and I'm really sad you decided to kill yourself because I miss you."

Narianna hangs her head. "I'm sorry I decided to do that too..." You feel her presence fading. 'Mom... Don't go...' She sighs again. "I have to... But I'll always be with you darling. My precious _____... I hope... you never have to feel this kind of pain again." You suddenly feel yourself gain control again. 'Goodbye my love...' Tears are coursing down your cheeks. "Goodbye mom. Thanks for everything. I love you." Then just as abruptly as she had been there she was gone.

It felt too abrupt. It felt like something that should have been said hadn't been. It felt like a million things, but mostly it felt like losing your mother all over again. 'The others... they're still waiting.' You wipe your eyes and get control of yourself. You pull yourself to your feet to go to them to tell them it was all over. "Leaving... so soon?"
0_0... I hate you sunkissedmoon.
You freeze in your tracks and turn around. Dregon is barely supporting himself against a wall. A thick black trail of blood surrounds him. You feel the air leave your lungs. "No... Need to be so scared. I ... assure you there is nothing I can do to you at this- Nn!" He doubles over and nearly falls to the ground again. You reach forward then stop yourself. He shudders then leans even more heavily on the wall.

"*Huff*... Well... between Toreck, that traitor Lilith, and your mother I must say this is worse then when Hell came after me..." He shudders again. He gives you a weak smirk. "Are you really still afraid of me? Are you going to leave me to die alone?"

This sends a powerful shock through you. He was awful and he probably deserved it... but nobody should have to die alone. Feeling faint, weary, and in pain yourself you groan slightly and take a few steps towards him. Dregon smiles again, but there's less smirk in it. "How noble of you. But then again you couldn't kill me either." You hesitate then cross your arms. "Do you want me to stay with you or not?" Dregon nods meekly. "Stay..." Feeling like you're walking into a trap you walk over to Dregon. "You have quite a bit of stamina, you know that? I can't believe you're still alive. But then it's always the terrible people that are harder to kill, right?" Dregon laughs. "You know it."

Suddenly Dregon moves away from the wall, falling on top of you. Your battered body collapses immediately and the two of you fall to the ground. Dregon wraps an arm around you and rests his face next to your own. His weight is crushing you. "Get off of me!" He nuzzles your neck slightly. "Never. Besides, my weight might help stop your bleeding... I think. Or make it worse. I'm sorry I hurt you." You feel yourself blacking out. "You are not." He shudders again. "Would you tell me one more time?"

You blink, his words getting harder to understand. "Say... what?" He pauses. "That you love me." You close your eyes. "It's always been a lie. I hate you." He chuckles again and you feel a trickle of blood go down your neck. "I don't care. You just have to say it. A dying man's last request." You sigh tiredly. "Do you promise to finally die if I say it?" Dregon's hand clutches your dress slightly. "Sure. Just for you." For a moment everything darkens then focuses's again. "... Dregon?"

"Hm?" You turn your head slightly, looking into his face. His bangs hang in his face, stuck to the blood that trickles down his chin. His sharp, cold green eyes gaze curiously into your own. "You're a horrible person." He simply blinks slowly and you suddenly realize he's having as much of a hard time staying aware as you were. "... I'm sorry." He raises an eyebrow. "Why?" A tear slides down your cheek. "I don't know. Does it hurt?" He closes his eyes. "What do you think?" You stare at him for a moment longer.

His eyes don't open again. "... Dregon? Dregon?" Very slowly he looks at you again. "Mm?" His breathing is becoming shallower and less frequent. You can actually feel his blood soaking through your dress, his weight on you becoming heavier. "... I love you." He barely has the energy left to move enough to barely kiss you. It tastes bitter and metallic. Not quite the copper of normal blood though. His voice is faint and far away. "You're really... too kind... It's not a good thing. But it's one of the reason's I like you. She was too kind too." You turn your face away and begin to fade.

A horrible thought strikes you so strongly you know deep in your gut it's true. "You're really not going to die are you?" Dregon doesn't respond and he is no longer breathing. You don't cry. You're actually angry. "You lied to me... I hate you. I will always, always, always... always... alw..." You pass out from fatigue and blood loss and the two of you lie together silently in a bloody embrace.

That's not the end! But that was the climax XD I hope it was okay... =1 weren't too disappointed were you? But I'll do wrap up in the next quiz or two, so tune in again! =D Oh, and just so you know, with Soul Shard Amulets, once it's activated it will only use as much energy as is necessary. Such as when you were almost crushed when getting Venorik Ap'za it created a force field around you (that incident wasn't obvious so it's okay if you don't remember this). But in the case of extreme danger, the soul shard projects the spirit of the person. So it's in levels. Does that make sense?
Uwah! What happens now?! Me: You'll find out! XD
Ahaha, go to all results if you wanna see all the options and pics!
Oh no! What will happen? Where is Damian? Your mom really doesn't like him.... lmao
Ah, I bet Kyo was hurt when you said you loved Dregon... But where is he now?! Will you get saved? Or be crushed to death? lol
Poor Gabriel, he knew about the Soul Shard Amulet (too bad he didn't recognize it while you were still with him...) But where is he now? Is he safe? Are you?
Toreck came to try to save you! How sweet!! And he sure pulled one over on Dregon! But is he okay? He seemed like he got hit pretty hard!
In memoriam to Dregon... Lived hard and left a pretty corpse! But is he really dead? He sure seems like it... but I guess you'll have to see, won't you? (not a very good picture >.>;;)

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