A Double Dose Of Headaches [Harry Potter: Fred and George][1]...Tickled Red

Created by miss.destroyer on Tuesday, April 17, 2007


"Samantha!" You heard someone call your name. You turned around to George running down the hall after you.
"Sam, can we talk?"
"Sure, whats up?"
"Sam." He stared down into your vibrant green eyes.
"George what's wrong?" He didn't answer but cupped his hand on your cheek.
"Your beautiful Sam." You blushed and couldn't speak. He leaned in and...
"Sam! Samantha!" You flicked your eyes open to your oh-so-happy friend Melinda.
"How long was I asleep?"
"Well considering there is five minutes until the free period is over and you fell asleep five minutes into your potions essay, well I'd say, the entire period."
"Great I have one sentence done."
"Oh don't look so sad. So what were you dreaming about?"
"Why?" You snapped.
"Oh you weren't mumbling or moaning or anything like that. You were just blushing." Melinda reassured you.
"Geez Mel don't scare me like that! Anyway I don't want to tell you."
"Aw c'mon! Why not?"
"It's kinda emarassing." You bit your lip.
"I won't tell."
"I dreamt that George almost kissed me."
"That I almost did what?" George sat down in front of you, Fred next to him.
"That.. you.. must almost have your next prank planned." Melinda saved you. You sighed.
"Yeah, a few more days and we ought to have it ready! Huh George?" Fred nudged him and he slipped out of his trance-like state.
'Why is he staring at me?' You worried. The bell rang and you grabbed your stuff and almost ran out of the Great Hall.
"Sam!" Melinda ran after you.
"Did you see that?"
"See what?"
"He was totally staring at you."
"Who?" She grabbed your wrist and you stopped speed-walking.
"Are you ok Sam?"
"Im fine."
"Your a bad liar."
"I know. So what were you saying?"
"George was staring at you."
"Listen Mel, just forget that ever happened." And with that you walked away. Later on in the common room you were sitting in the corner trying to concentrate on your potions essay when Melinda and Angelina sat down with you.
"Hey Sam." Angelina greeted you.
"Hey Angelina, Mel."
"Sam, there's something that's been bugging me all day." Melinda started. "Why did you tell me to forget that he was looking at you."
"Because I knew he was."
"So you were trying to deny the obvious?" Angelina asked.
"No, its just that, well."
"Oh I see!" Melinda interrupted.
"You do?"
"Yeah, you know George likes you, but you don't want to ruin you're frienship! Right?"
"I hate it when you do that Mel." You crossed your arms.
"You know you love me!" She smiled.
"So Mel, you were telling me about her dream?" Angelina asked pulling out her potions book.
"You told her!" You yelled.
"Only bits." Melinda admitted.
"Well you might as well tell her the rest." You crossed your arms. Melida went ahead and told Angelina about your dream and you filled in the parts that were "foggy".
"And to think you hated Divination." Angelina laughed.
"What is that supposed to mean?" You snapped.
"I'm just saying, you have a dream about kissing-"
"Almost!" You interrupted.
"Ok, you have a dream about almost kissing him, and then right after he comes and gazes dreamily at you?"
"Gazing dreamily?" You raised an eyebrow. "More like staring."
"Yeah, Angie besides the only reason Sam hated Divination is because she failed." Melinda laughed.
"That is not the reason I hated Diviation!"
"Then what is?" Angelina asked.
"That woman is crazy!" You laughed.
"Who's crazy?" Harry asked now joining the conversation.
"Professor Telawney." Melinda told him.
"Your right she is absolutely nuts." Harry agreed.
"Oh Harry, before I forget, the first practice is Saturday." Angelina informed him.
"Right, thanks." He said and walked off.
"Sam what did you get for question four?" Melinda asked.
"What's the question?"
"Why don't you date George?"
"That is not a question!" You hissed.
"Sure it is!" Angelina agreed. "It starts with why and ends with a question mark." They both laughed hysterically.
"What are you ladies laughing over?" Fred and George sat down, on either side of you.
"They're just being idiots." You told them.
"If you ask me miss Samantha, you are the idiot!" Melinda stopped laughing and wipped a tear off her face.
"And why is miss Samantha an idiot?" Fred put his arm around you.
"Because there is a perfectly good guy who likes her, and she won't date him!" Angelina said getting back to her essay.
"And who would that be?" George asked.
"Some loser from Ravenclaw." You said before Melinda or Angelina said something they would regret later. And gave them a warning glance.
"Well your in your best interest not to date him." Fred said standing up. "C'mon George we're nearly finished with our prank!"
"Good bye ladies." George and Fred said and rushed off to their dormitory.
"Some loser from Ravenclaw?" Melinda asked.
"Well it was better than you two telling them that I like George." You spat out and covered your mouth.
"Did you hear that Angelina?"
"I did Melinda."
"No! No, I didn't mean to say it!" You said but it was too late they had wide smiles on their faces and before you knew it they had run off to George and Fred's dormitory to get them. You walked over to the couch and layed down and shoved your face in a pillow and screamed.
"Hello Samantha." Hermione came and sat down in one of the closer armchairs.
"Hello Hermione."
"Something wrong?"
"I accidently let it slip that I like George and now Angelina and Melinda are off running their mouths to him."
"If it makes you feel better, Sam, I read in George's diary over the summer, that he really likes you." Ginny joined the conversation." And I quote; "I never thought much of Samantha Remy, I just assumed that we would just be really good friends, but I've really grown to like her."
"Wait! George keeps a diary?" You asked.
"No, it was just one of his old Divination ones that he forgot to throw away." Ginny laughed and Hermione joined her.
the rest in results-->
"Ah!" You screamed and fell off the couch, unsuspecting someone to be standing right behind the couch.
"Sorry!" George offered you his hand and helped you up.
"So what's up?"
"Come with me." He led you over and out of the portrait hole, but not before you got a thumbs up from Ginny. You stood a few feet down the hall from the fat lady. "This should be good."
"What are we doing?"
"Mel and Angie just told me to take you out of the common room and that they needed to talk to Fred.
"Did you hear about what?"
"Nope." You looked down and realized that he was still holding your hand.
"Sorry!" He let go and blushed.
"It's ok." You laughed.
"Why are you laughing?"
"Because your blushing like mad."
"You must think I'm girly."
"No I don't! I think its cute!" You continued to laugh.
"Stop it!"
"I can't help it." You grabbed your sides.
"Well here, we'll make you blush like mad!" He grabbed you and started tickling you.
"What..are..you..doing?" You said between fits of laughter.
"I told you."
"What was that? I couldn't hear you? You're laughing to hard!"
"Because...your...tickling...me." You slid on the floor and he fell on top of you.
"You know fell pretty hard." He continued to tickle you.
"I...know..I....think...my head is bleeding!"
"Here let me see." He stood up and offered his hand, but instead of taking it you tackled him to the ground. "Oh you're good."
"I learned from the best." You now had him pinned to the ground.
"I know I'm the greatest." He smiled.
"You're such a dork."
"I might be the dork, but look who's laying on the dork." He smirked, and you blushed. "And that is what I've been waiting for."
"What for me to lay on you?"
"Yes and no."
"What have you been waiting for?"

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