Swim Team Lust (Gay)

The stories I write have nothing to do with me or anyone I know. I simply use my imagination to create stories for your pleasure...enjoy!

Created by FYP999 on Thursday, April 19, 2007


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This story is about a guy named Eric. He's about 6'1", blonde hair & blue eyes. He has an athletic build and is apart of the swim team at his highschool where he is currently a junior. Eric is one of those "thought to be straight guys". He has his "flings" with other girls but never really got serious yet. He's well dressed and sensitive. Eric has always fantasized about this one other guy on their swim team. His name is Jason. Jason is just like Eric except has darker hair and is a little more muscular. Eric and Jason have been friends ever since their childhood. Unfortunatly Eric's thoughts were always thrown off because Jason had a very steady girlfriend. Eric always worked his way into staying after practice with Jason so they'd be the only ones in the shower but nothing ever happened. Eric just looked at the water run down Jason's smooth body as his dick slowly became semi-hard. One day Eric asked Jason to spend the night after a huge swim invitational. They stayed up, watching movies and talking about girls. Jason slowly dozed off after the long day of swimming and Eric waited until he was in deep sleep. He poked his arm but nothing. He slid his hand up his shirt to feel his beautiful toned body. Felt his huge pecs and his slowly hardening nipples. He then moved his hand down onto the crotch of Jason's pants. He slowly rubbed around his awesome packaged and slipped his hand through the pouch in the front of his pajama pants. Jason and Eric were so used to wearing speedos they wore bikini cut underwear that showed the defiance of they're "man junk". He noticed Jasons cock was slowly growing and that turned him on. He decided it was finally time, time to touch his cock and feel what he's been wanting to feel for years. He slowly began pulling his pajama pants and underwear off when Jason woke up. At first he seemed surprised and Eric's stomach dropped...stared stiff. Then Jason said, "I know you've wanted this for a long time...do you finally want what you've been waiting for?". Extremely surprised, Eric didn't know what to say at first. He simply nodded and Jason eagerly removed all of his clothes as did Eric. Jason began to pasionatly kiss Eric and moved to his neck until he was extremely hard. Eric then moved down to Jasons erect 8" dick and began to suck it. He swirled his tounge around the throbbing head and took it all in. Jason moaned and pushed the back of Eric's head. Precum began to drip from Eric's hard cock. Jason left out a huge moan, tensed up and shot a warm load of his cum into Eric's mouth. Eric swallowed as much as possible...leaveing only a few drops hit the floor. Jason then pulled a condom from his dresser drawyer giving it to Eric. Eric knew what to do. He put the condom on as Jason got into a doggy style position. Eric began to slowly put his cock into Jason's tight, virgin ass. Leaving a few moans at first Eric was able to hump faster and faster until he came and Jason came for a secod time. The two layed naked next eachother, embracing for the rest of the night. The two didn't talk much of it, but it wasn't their last time.

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